How To Get A Big Penis: The Most Safe And Effective Methods

How To Get A Big Penis: The Most Safe And Effective Methods

If you are wondering how to get a big penis, this article is for you. Indeed, many men would like to have a bigger or bigger sex. And are complexed by the size of their penis, which can have negative consequences on their sexual relations. But also more generally their self-confidence.

Today, we offer you a tour of the different safe and effective solutions that really allow you to enlarge your penis. Indeed, by changing your diet, but also by regularly performing certain exercises, you can already gain penis size. But for your penis to be visibly bigger and wider, you will have to opt for really effective techniques, such as taking dietary supplements.

1 Pills to have a big penis
2 Extenders to enlarge the penis
3 Penile surgery
4 Natural methods to have a big penis
5 Why do you want to have a bigger penis?
6 How to get a big penis? What you must remember

The pills to have a big penis

Dietary supplements also exist to help you have a bigger penis. However, beware of the phishing techniques used by certain unscrupulous sites on which you will generally only find counterfeits.

At best, these pills will have no effect. At worst, they can be dangerous to your health. To take no risk, turn only to the solutions presented in this article. And sold directly on the official website of its manufacturer.

Member XXL

Men who want to know how to have a big penis certainly already know Member XXL. This formula composed only of natural ingredients, and available without a prescription, will allow you to gain several centimeters in size. And to increase the circumference of your sex, by more than 30%.

Distributed legally in France by a recognized laboratory, its effects have been tested on thousands of men who have testified to its effectiveness. In less than a month, they had indeed gained a centimeter in penis size. And 5% circumference.

So how does Member XXL work? (Discover our opinion on Member XXL) This natural supplement will concretely promote the influx of blood to the male sex (and in particular the corpora cavernosa).

This will automatically increase the size. By filling them with blood, Member XXL will stretch the tissues of your member, and allow you to have a bigger penis. But also a more rigid erection.

But that's not all, this pill indeed acts on several aspects of your erectile functions and your sexual health. In particular, it increases your androgen secretion. This will act on your nitric oxide level and help you get a hard-on.

Member XXL, by improving the circulation of blood to the penis, also makes it possible to be more enduring and therefore to have more satisfying sexual intercourse. Not only for you, but also for your partner.

Member XXL is currently offering 1 bottle for every 2 purchased. By taking 3 bottles, the results are considerable

To buy it, go to the manufacturer's website. On which you can avail the discount and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Go Manly

Go Viril is another excellent alternative to enlarge and enlarge the penis. This food supplement with a 100% natural composition (pomegranate, potato starch or Maca powder) has the main effect of boosting your sexual desire (and sexual pleasure).

But also improve your erections, or gain several centimeters in size and circumference for your sex. (source) Its active ingredients will indeed act on your nitric oxide concentration.

Result: Go Viril will improve your blood circulation and promote the flow of blood to the male sex. By expanding the tissues of the corpora cavernosa of the penis (as part of a course of several months), this pill can also help you to have a bigger penis.

At the rate of 3 capsules per day, you should observe the first results after a few weeks. These are more durable, and will therefore persist even after you have stopped taking Go Viril.

Moreover, containing only natural ingredients, this supplement does not pose any serious risk to your health. (Discover our complete opinion on GoViril)


PeniSizeXL is an effective penis enlargement pill. This supplement makes it possible to enlarge and widen your sex, thanks to natural ingredients that promote the production of testosterone.

This virile hormone par excellence is indeed responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men during puberty. And will therefore allow you to have a larger penis.

With active ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, l-arginine or maca roots, PeniSizeXL also improves your erections and boosts your libido. Like all the solutions presented in this article, it is legally distributed in France. And safe for consumption.

Extenders to enlarge the penis

You can also turn to mechanical devices, effective but quite restrictive. These are penis extenders, which allow you to enlarge your penis.

These small devices must in particular be used daily. They will stretch the muscle fibers of your penis. Or inflate it artificially by inserting air into it. Gradually, these different methods will manage to make it longer.

But you have to be patient enough since for a relevant and lasting effect, it generally takes 6 months.

On the other hand, this technique to have a big penis is completely painless. You'll have to activate it manually, much like balancing two legs that aren't the same length.

The most popular, but also the most effective remains Phallosan, which you can buy on the official website of the manufacturer. (discover our opinion on Phallosan).

penile surgery

Men really complexed by the size of their sex can also opt for penis surgery. Such an intervention, although far from benign, can allow you to gain up to 5 cm in size, both at rest and in erection (if you opt for enlargement, not lengthening).

The first, enlargement therefore), consists of injecting fat directly into the sex. The latter is generally extracted from the belly, before being purified. It leaves no trace on your penis (no scars).

The problem is that this option is not always very effective. Many men lose 30-80% of injected fat. And must therefore return to the block to be reoperated. Count around 4,000 euros.

As far as lengthening (or enlargement) is concerned, it is done under general anesthesia and must therefore be performed on an outpatient basis. This time, the surgeon will cut the suspensory ligament, causing the penis to fall back and thus allowing it to be lengthened.

Expect this time to have a scar (at the level of the pubis). The effects are however more durable (visible from the next day). However, the lengthening will only be seen at rest, and not in straightening. Such an operation will also cost around 4,000 euros.

In which cases to have surgery and at what cost?

Such an operation requires the advice of a doctor because it is far from without consequence. Not only for your wallet, but also for your sexual health.

Indeed, it takes at least 48 hours to recover from surgery, during which time you will not be able to smoke. In addition, social security coverage is only possible if you do indeed suffer from a small penis. Otherwise, it will be entirely at your expense.

By severing the suspensory ligament, penile surgery can also have harmful consequences on your erectile functions. And cause difficulty in erection.

Natural ways to get a big penis

If you are wondering how to get a big penis, the first step is to start by trying these natural methods. They will allow you to increase the size of your penis by several centimeters, without going through an expensive or invasive method.

1. Food

To get a longer or wider penis, you can start by changing your diet slightly. Indeed, certain foods have virtues that make it possible to enlarge sex, in particular by improving your heart health and your blood circulation. This is particularly the case with bananas, because they contain a large amount of potassium. But also salmon and onion, which will promote the flow of blood to the male sex. (source)

2. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a method developed in the 1940s and practiced by Chinese monks to allow men to have a bigger penis without going through penis surgery.

It will consist of relaxing the male sex, in particular by lifting the testicles and by strengthening the muscles of the penis and the anus to have a more imposing sex.

To reproduce them at home, you must start by locating the muscles of the pelvic floor. Which you can do very simply by learning how to stop your flow of urine.

Then, it will be enough to contract the muscle of the perineum for 5 to 10 seconds, and this several times. To be really effective, this natural method to have a big penis must be reproduced at least 3 times a day, and for several weeks.

The bonus is that in addition to enlarging your penis, these exercises will also allow you to have better blood flow to your penis. And therefore to fight effectively against male impotence. (source)

3. Jelqing

This method, whose name comes from the Persian word for masturbation, consists of manually stretching your penis in order to lengthen it. Performed daily, it allows you to fracture the internal tissues of your sex (these are indeed micro-fractures, benign therefore) and therefore to have a visibly longer sex.

To use the Jelqing method, sex for a few seconds only. But by renewing this movement up to 200 times a day, then up to 500 in the coming weeks (source).

Be careful though, because it is decried by many specialists who consider that it can be dangerous. And even cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is quite complicated to perform, since you have to manage to maintain an erection that is neither too hard nor too soft.

4. The Twist

The twist is another effective method if you want to know how to get a big penis. Concretely, you will have to twist your penis and block the flow of blood to your penis to enlarge it naturally.

Again, the crucial point is to perform this exercise with an erection that is neither too hard nor too soft. And for faster visible results, the frequency and regularity of the twist is essential.

Beware, however, of the risk of injury, since twisting your penis can cause injury.

Why do you want to have a bigger penis?

The size of the penis is very important for many men, because the male sex remains a symbol of virility. And since some women may find that their breasts are too small, it is natural for these gentlemen to feel complexed by a micro penis, or even a small penis.

If you compare the size of your penis to that of others (relatives, actors in X movies), you may indeed have the feeling that your penis does not have a normal size. And lose confidence, until you find it difficult to seduce, or even get a hard-on.

Some men fear that they will not be able to satisfy their partner if their sex is not the right size. To avoid this vicious circle (which can cause erectile dysfunction), there are fortunately safe methods to increase the size of your penis. And you feel more manly and better about yourself.

How to get a big penis? What you must remember

If you want to know how to have a big penis, it is certainly that this situation weighs on you and that the size of your penis is a source of shame and complex. For many, bigger is better.

In reality, size has nothing to do with how much pleasure you can give your partner (and your propensity to give them orgasms). That said, a complex is still a complex, and if the size of your penis is preventing you from thriving sexually and romantically, it is important to do something about it.

In our opinion, the best solution remains food supplements, in particular XtraSize, which is the most effective solution on the market. Affordable, safe for your health, and allowing visible and lasting results, it is the best way to have a bigger penis.

In any case, pay extreme attention to the different solutions that may be touted to you by email or on the Internet. There are a lot of scams in the market and one counterfeit can at best cost you money. At worst turn out to be dangerous to your health.

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