How To Get A Strong Erection: The Secrets For A Big Erection

How To Get A Strong Erection: The Secrets For A Big Erection

Abuse fatty acids

If lipids are not your best friends if you follow a diet, some have very interesting properties for your libido. Omega 3 and 6 (as long as you consume them in moderation) would boost your testosterone levels. You will find it in good quantity (and of good quality) in animal proteins such as eggs, meat, or even dairy products.

Boost your vitamin intake

Magnesium, zinc but also vitamin D are essential to produce your sex hormones. Of which testosterone is a part.

2. Have a better lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also have a beneficial impact on your ability to achieve a strong erection. Here are the good habits to put in place for a hard erection.

quit smoking

Good sexual arousal requires optimal blood supply. However, tobacco is harmful for this irrigation. This is because smoking can clog your arteries, which prevents the tissues from being properly irrigated.

Nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes, cigars and other products can damage blood vessels and reduce the effectiveness of nitric oxide (source).

Nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily when you are erect. By reducing its effectiveness, nicotine can make it harder to get and keep an erection.

If you are a smoker, try to stop this habit: the earlier you stop smoking, the lower the risk of developing erectile difficulties.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol has the effect of dehydrating the body, a phenomenon that decreases the volume of blood. In addition, alcohol increases angiotensin, the hormone linked to erection problems. From 2-3 glasses, this hormone begins to act.

For hard erections, it is therefore essential to drink in moderation.

Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with a higher risk of sexual dysfunction. A drink or two usually doesn't hurt. But there is a direct correlation between the number of glasses you drink and the frequency of your problems in terms of sexual performance (source).

Do not forget! Smoking and drinking have a negative impact on your circulation. And if the blood can't flow quickly to your penis, you'll have trouble getting a hard erection. If you are having erection problems, it is therefore advisable to limit alcohol and cigarettes. On the other hand, you can "abuse" coffee, which is a very good stimulant.

Do you like coffee or tea? Caffeine has been shown to be a reliable source for improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles helping to achieve and maintain an erection. Studies have shown that drinking between two and three cups of coffee a day can prevent erectile dysfunction. This is due to its main ingredient: caffeine. Caffeine is proven to improve blood circulation by relaxing the arteries and muscles of the penis. This leads to stronger erections (source).

Play sports

Bodybuilding, at the level of your abdominals is another solution to consider for a hard erection. In general, physical activity allows you to gain confidence, to have more energy, but also to fight against stress.

Research suggests that physical inactivity can have a detrimental effect on erectile function. Doing 20 minutes of exercise a day can improve your circulation and help you manage your weight; two key factors in overall erectile health (source).

Release the stress

Stress is bad for sex! It is also the cause of erectile dysfunction (in 29% of cases).

Studies show that psychological factors are the most common cause of erectile problems. Psychological causes, such as emotional and environmental factors, can usually be cured. These include stress and anxiety. (source). Stress and anxiety can also make you more susceptible to other ED-related conditions such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity. To reduce your stress, you can try listening to music, doing yoga, diffusing essential oils…

3. Do pelvic exercises

Feel free to try pelvic exercises (or Kegel exercises). They allow you to strengthen your sex. These exercises will build muscle in your perineum, which may help you have an easier, harder, and longer erection. For these exercises, contract your muscles for 5 to 10 seconds, relax your pelvic muscles and repeat these steps 10 times.

According to "the University of the West in the United Kingdom", pelvic exercises would have helped 33.5% of men to significantly improve their erectile function (source).

4. Try abstinence temporarily

Temporary abstinence might help you get a strong erection. Indeed, if you are the type to plan your intercourse, and you have planned to have sex with your partner or a potential target, the best thing to do is to avoid masturbating and climaxing for 48 hours. which will precede your reports.

Indeed, sparing yourself will allow you to have a stronger and longer erection. Warning: because to be effective, this technique assumes that you manage to control your sensations and your ejaculation. Also, remember not to masturbate too often.

For some men, the problem may also come from porn movies. Even though it's perfectly normal to watch it once in a while (porn being very healthy to diversify your sexual imagination), watching it too regularly can reduce your desire for the women you will meet in real life. Indeed, if you have become accustomed to being stimulated by extreme practices or very specific scenarios, the reality will automatically seem much less exciting to you. Hence your difficulties in obtaining a strong erection (even if you feel desire).

5. Local treatments

You can also bet on a local treatment such as a cream, which will allow you to have a strong erection. These creams work as such: they widen your blood vessels and facilitate the flow of blood to your penis.

Also take precautions if you are planning oral or anal sex. In this case, the cream can be harmful for your partner. And it will therefore be necessary that you wear a latex condom. You can also only use it once in 24 hours.

If you have major erection problems (male impotence type) or if you expect more regular intercourse, oral treatment will be more appropriate.

6. Natural alternatives for a harder and stronger erection

To have a strong erection, you can also turn to natural alternatives that help boost erectile function and libido. Here are the most effective:


It is a mineral that would regulate sex hormones and boost libido. It would work for both men and women. But for men, boron would increase testosterone levels.

As for the dosage, it is advisable to take it in the form of a dietary supplement. No more than 100 mg per day, as part of a one-week course. It is a treatment that could prove effective in men of a certain age (in whom the production of testosterone gradually decreases).

Apple cider vinegar

This grandmother trick has been used for many years. Consumed on a regular basis, you should see the first effects on your libido and sexual performance within a few days. Apple cider vinegar would indeed act on the physiological causes of impotence.

And in particular on cholesterol, prostatitis, and high blood pressure by allowing blood vessels to be cleared and by repairing nerve fibers in the sex area, but also by boosting testosterone levels. Against erection problems, apple cider vinegar would therefore be a beneficial natural remedy. Being overweight can also hinder your ability to have a hard erection, the fat burning properties of apple cider vinegar are a very relevant plus.

Being overweight can lead to erectile dysfunction. According to a 2009 study, apple cider vinegar may help reduce weight and body mass in obese people ( source). Heart disease can also cause erectile difficulties. A 2012 study showed that regularly consuming apple cider vinegar can lower blood lipid levels. Lowering lipid levels helps prevent heart disease ( source).A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2011 showed that apple cider vinegar could help lower cholesterol.Lowering cholesterol can help prevent heart disease (source) .

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