How to have an easy erection?

How to have an easy erection?

It may happen that you have a soft erection and this prevents you from having proper intercourse with your partner. Erection problems affect a lot more men than you might think. And in reality, it is above all the taboo that surrounds erectile dysfunction that prevents us from talking about it calmly. And sometimes to find a solution for an easy erection.

In this article, we will take stock of the different causes that may explain why you cannot get an erection easily. But also on the different solutions to find a strong and lasting erection.

1 What is an easy erection?
2 What are the causes that can interfere with an easy erection?
3 How to improve erection?
4 How to help a man get an erection: the role of his partner

What is an easy erection?

Having an easy erection means being able to have a hard-on easily following arousal but also maintaining this erection for the duration of sexual intercourse. But the man does make do with erectile dysfunction which harms these erections. It is essential that he understands how to improve his erections.

Erectile problems in men are common. Whatever the age, a man can present this dysfunction during his life. Having erection problems means that a man has had trouble getting a hard erection, getting a hard erection and most importantly maintaining an erection long enough to have sex.

Statistics show that about 70% of men are affected by erectile difficulties before the age of 70. These disorders are also common in younger men: up to 40% of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction before the age of 40. (source)

For an easy erection, it is essential to find the cause that may be at the origin of your erection problem. And address it appropriately. Because if age can intervene and make your erection softer, there are actually many factors that can affect your blood circulation, your erections and your libido.

You will see that while medication may be an option, there are natural alternatives as well. Very simple changes in your lifestyle that can also make all the difference.

What are the causes that can interfere with an easy erection?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to get an easy erection. Generally, it is your testosterone levels that can be the cause of your soft erection.

This hormone is indeed linked to your virility, your libido, and therefore generally to your sexual performance. When your testosterone production is high, you generally have a harder erection. And your sexual desire is probably much more powerful.

Testosterone also plays a role in your energy levels and your muscles. And we must not forget that your penis remains a muscle. With age, or due to specific medical conditions, your testosterone levels may drop.

Results: you risk losing your erection more quickly, not being able to have an erection easily, or even ejaculating prematurely.

Psychological disorders

Certain illnesses, whether physical or mental, can prevent you from having or maintaining your erection long enough to satisfy your partner.

Anxiety and stress can especially affect your erection. This is also the case for more serious disorders such as depression. The problem is that by causing temporary impotence, these fairly benign mental problems can lead to a vicious circle.

You risk losing all self-confidence. Which will make getting an erection easy even more complicated.

Stress is closely linked to erectile dysfunction and a host of sexual performance issues. When you're stressed, your body goes through hormonal changes, which speed up your production of cortisol (source).

This affects everything from your ability to think to your ability to get and keep an erection (source).

General health issues

Your sexual health also depends on your general health. If you are not in good shape or do not take care of yourself, you may have difficulty getting an erection easily.

The first factor to consider is your blood circulation. To have an easy erection, blood must flow to the corpora cavernosa of your penis. However, blood clots or vessels that are too narrow can delay or prevent this blood flow. Result: you have poor erectile functions.

People with obesity may also struggle to achieve easy erections (obesity is one of the strongest risk factors for erectile dysfunction in men (source).

Other physiological disorders may explain your difficulties in obtaining an erection. Starting with blood pressure issues. But also diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, thyroid-related diseases or even overweight.

A bad lifestyle

Finally, your impotence can be explained by problems of alcohol consumption, tobacco, but also drugs. Excessive intake of its substances can indeed block an easy erection.

If you drink alcohol often, reducing your intake may help improve your erections and sex life. Studies show that there is a real link between chronic and persistent alcohol consumption and sexual dysfunction. (source)

For its part, smoking causes atherosclerosis, in other words an accumulation of plaque inside the arteries. This weakens your cardiovascular health and impairs your blood circulation, increasing your risk of erectile dysfunction (source).

How to improve erection?

Exercise more

As we have seen, the lack of physical activity can explain that your libido is at half mast. And difficulties in having an easy erection. For a stronger and longer erection, it is advisable to resume sport.

Running or weight training would not only improve your heart health, but also give you the energy and stamina you need to “perform better in bed”.

Exercising also helps produce dopamine. This hormone linked to the feeling of well being will allow you to be more relaxed and happier. So many factors that will make you more sensitive to the sexual stimulation of your partner (source).

Try pelvic exercises

Pelvic exercises help tone the muscles of your sex. The perineum is the muscle that connects your penis and your anus. It will come into play in your ability to have an easy erection. But also in your ejaculation. Muscle building would also allow you to have and maintain an erection for as long as possible.

For these exercises, all you have to do is contract your muscles (as if you wanted to hold in flatulence) for five to ten seconds. Relax your pelvic muscles for the same amount of time. And repeat about several times (10 repetitions). Kegel exercises are very effective in improving erection.

According to the University of the West in the United Kingdom, pelvic exercises would help 40% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction to regain proper erectile function. They are also said to have helped 33.5% of men to significantly improve their erectile function. (source)

Change your diet

A healthier and more balanced diet can also help you achieve an easy erection. Indeed, your general and sexual health largely depends on what you eat every day.

A diet high in fatty, fried, or processed foods can affect your sexual health and overall well-being (source).

Change underwear

A much lesser-known tip, but one that could help you get an erection easy and fast, is to change your underwear. Indeed, by avoiding boxers that are too tight, you promote your blood circulation. And therefore have less difficulty having an easy erection since your blood can flow more quickly to your sex.

Be careful, this does not mean that wearing underpants that are too tight can make you impotent. However, by cutting off your circulation, they remain an aggravating factor.

So try to wear boxers on the days you plan to have sex. But also a little looser pants, which will leave you space at the level of the groin. Also remember to stay hydrated.

How to help a man get an erection: the role of his partner

To achieve an easy erection, your partner also plays a key role. The latter must in particular be attentive, show you that she likes your sex (erect or not) and agree to change your sexual habits to spice up your sexual relations.

Below, find out how your partner can help you get an erection more easily.

Communicate with your partner

Communication is important to achieve an erection easily. While it can be intimidating to reveal your weaknesses to your partner, it's usually a necessary step to breaking the ice and regaining your self-confidence.

If you are having difficulty broaching the subject, you can do so with a sex therapist who will allow you to understand what may be causing you difficulties and preventing you from having an easy erection.

Change your sexual habits

You may have difficulty getting an erection easily simply because of a libido disorder. And in most cases, it's the routine in bed that's to blame.

To avoid this, you can start by spicing up your foreplay. Instead of just giving up after a soft erection, try pornographic films, naughty scenarios or accessories.

It will also allow you to avoid the pressure you may feel about penetrating (or failing to do so) your partner. By focusing on foreplay, you will let the desire build gradually.

One last tip: try naughty games, caress your partner's erogenous zones and let yourself be aroused by his own desire. You can also relax completely by playing games of hide and seek in the nude or offering your other half to do the cleaning in Adam's outfit.

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