How to have more sperm and abundant ejaculation?

How to have more sperm and abundant ejaculation?

However, with the impact of the rhythm of life and daily life, the volume of sperm can be seen decreasing. Although this is not very serious at first, it can cause problems if you are in the desire to have a child with your partner. We therefore share with you all the advice and solutions to have more sperm and abundant ejaculation with each sexual intercourse.

1 How to increase semen volume and have abundant ejaculation?
2 Testosterone, the regulator to increase semen volume
3 How important is the amount of semen?
4 Some additional tips to have more sperm naturally

How to increase the volume of sperm and have abundant ejaculation?

Here are our tips for increasing semen volume.

Have an irreproachable lifestyle

Sperm production is like everything: its quantity depends on your lifestyle. To have an abundant ejaculation, start by eliminating or reducing your dose of stress. Indeed, just like depression, stress inhibits the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for triggering the process of erection and sperm production. The more you lead a fulfilling life, the more serotonin you produce, it is not for nothing that it is also called the hormone of happiness. And then of course, to obtain an abundant ejaculation, you will have to comply with the 3 pillars of a healthy life:

1. Have a varied diet, low in fat and sugar. 2. Practice a sport regularly: at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. 3. Get enough sleep : at least 8 hours a night.

Stay hydrated as much as possible

The amount of semen also depends on your fluid intake. The first step to take if you want abundant ejaculation is to drink between 1 and 1.5 liters of water. I imagine that you suspect it, alcohol is not part of the list of liquids that promote abundant ejaculation. Indeed, remember that alcohol dehydrates.

Similarly, avoid coffee and soft drinks. Some studies have shown that their excessive consumption can decrease sperm production by 30%. However, you can consume certain beverages that will provide the antioxidants necessary for sperm production.

– Green tea is one of the best antioxidants. (source)- Lemon juice, orange juice and coconut juice.

Choose a better diet

To make sperm, your body will draw the necessary nutrients and amino acids from your diet. Following a balanced diet will allow you to increase your sperm production. However, if you favor certain foods, you will certainly get abundant ejaculation. (source)

– Consume sufficient amounts of zinc. Oysters contain large amounts, as do beef and eggs. (source) – Vitamins, and more particularly vitamin B9 that you will find in cereals and vegetables. If you want to be sure that you are consuming enough vitamin B9, you can consume folic acid. Don't forget vitamin D, which is found in dairy products. (source)

To have abundant ejaculation, you must also eat foods that promote blood circulation. Consume garlic, watermelon and citrus fruits. In addition to having abundant ejaculation, you will benefit from a better quality erection.

Indeed, we find these foods in many product recipes to get a hard on. Moreover, if you have some erection failures, consume aphrodisiac ginger, your libido will be directly stimulated. (source)

Avoid too frequent masturbation

The closer you ejaculate, the less time your body has to renew sperm. The man is able to ejaculate again within 5 minutes. However, if you wait more than 24 hours between two ejaculations your quantity of sperm will be maximum and you optimize your chances of obtaining an abundant ejaculation.

Testosterone, the regulator to increase semen volume

The main player in sperm production is testosterone. The more testosterone, the more sperm produced.

While it is natural to see your testosterone levels drop with age, many factors can also influence its production. Like any hormone, testosterone is subject to your lifestyle.

If you notice a significant drop in the amount of semen you ejaculate, then you may want to have your testosterone levels measured by a lab. There are solutions to fill this lack of testosterone: Testo Ultra allows you to fill the lack of hormones and find sperm with a normal appearance.

How important is the amount of semen?

It is important to note that the quality of sperm has nothing to do with the quantity produced. If you want to analyze the quality of your sperm, you can carry out a spermogram which will give you the pH, the quantity of spermatozoa, the composition of the sperm and its volume. As a result, the doctor will be able to establish a diagnosis, whether or not you are subject to one of three scenarios:

– – Aspermia : this is ejaculation without sperm, – Hypospermia : when the volume of sperm is between 0.5 and 1.5mL. – Hyperspermia : when the volume of sperm is greater than 6mL.

In the majority of cases, the volume of semen is largely sufficient and even in the case of hypospermia, the spermatozoa can function perfectly.

Abundant ejaculation and virility

Like the size of the penis, the quantity of ejaculated semen can be seen as a sign of virility or power. This explains why men seek to increase the volume of their ejaculation. But it is important to remember that the amount of ejaculate has nothing to do with fertility. You can have an abundant ejaculation but poor in spermatozoids and conversely a weak ejaculation but fertile.

The influence of porn

As so often with sexuality issues, pornography has a role to play. Indeed, porn actors use fake sperm made from condensed milk or egg white ejected by a pump hidden by the penis. Such abundant ejaculations are very rare.

It is therefore appropriate to compare with real ejaculations. It should also be noted that the sperm showers seen in such films are therefore pure fiction and that few women would like such a treatment.

Some additional tips to have more sperm naturally

Last point to have an abundant ejaculation and increase its volume of sperm: take care of your testicles.

Avoid heat : sperm are afraid of it. This is why the testicles are outside the body. Avoid hot baths and prefer lukewarm showers. (source) – Do not wear clothes that are too tight and prefer boxer shorts rather than briefs. If your testicles are cramped, they may lack oxygen. And for fans of tight jeans, try to wear loose clothes from time to time. (source) – Don't smoke.I imagine that you will not have missed the prevention messages found on cigarette packets. (source) – Prefer underpants : just like for clothes that are too tight, the testicles do not like to be compressed. So prefer underpants to briefs. – Manage your stress : last but not least, stress greatly interferes with hormones, whether in men or women.

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