How To Improve Your Penis Size?

How To Improve Your Penis Size?

Firmer! More enduring! Everyone knows that size doesn't matter but all men still want to enhance the size of their penis.

We will study the reasons that can encourage you to improve the size of your penis at the end of our article. We will first detail the methods and products that can help you achieve your goal:

Trim your pubic hair

Your penis will appear larger if you trim or completely shave your pubic hair. This hairiness can hide the true size of your penis!

Watch your weight

Men who are overweight or who have bulges in the abdomen usually have trouble seeing their penis well. Your penis will seem to shrink gradually if you allow fat to accumulate in your abdomen and thighs. This method is based on an optical illusion but you will manage to improve the size of your penis by losing a few pounds.

Do not assess the size of your penis facing the mirror

Most men underestimate the size of their penis. The latter seems smaller when you lean over to look at it. If you want to fully appreciate its true size, we recommend that you examine it in the profile mirror and stand up straight.

Penis Pumps

These devices have been used since the beginning of the last century and they can effectively treat impotence. Unfortunately, the manufacturers realized that they would be able to sell more of them by marketing them under the name 'enlargers.' To use them, you must slide your penis inside an airtight plastic container and use the manual pump to evacuate the air it contains. The vacuum thus created allows blood to flow into your penis to cause an erection. A rubber ring should then be attached around the base of the penis to trap the blood there. All that remains is to remove the plastic container and voila! You end up with a gigantic erection!

Penis Rings

These accessories can often be combined with penis pumps or used to extend the duration of your erection. These constriction rings improve the quality of erections by blocking the circulation of blood to retain it in strategic areas. You can slip it behind the testicles for up to 20 minutes. Experts say these accessories can increase the risk of clogged arteries and tissue damage if used for long periods of time. Ouch.

'Enlarger' Creams and Sprays

There are several types of creams, sprays and balms that penetrate the epidermis in order to dilate the blood vessels located inside the penis. These products optimize blood circulation and help men achieve impressive erections. Other creams have been designed to increase penis sensitivity and many users claim that these products improve sexual pleasure.

Find all your insurance

You probably prefer to avoid this subject but this method will allow you to fully appreciate the size of your penis. Why? Because the quality of your sexual performance is not proportional to the size of your penis. You will manage to satisfy your partner by showing sensitivity and attention. So you just have to relax.

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