How To Increase A Man's Desire?

How To Increase A Man's Desire?

At some point, men may also not feel the slightest desire for sex. It is a rather embarrassing problem in the couple, especially when the woman has a higher sexual appetite compared to her man. These relationships can even turn into a disaster if the gentleman lacks or has almost no sexual desire. Fortunately, there are solutions to get around this kind of problem. Efforts to regain sexual desire are the responsibility of both men and women. Therefore, communication, understanding and mutual aid must be essential. Here are helpful tips to increase a man's desire.

Relaxation, relaxation…

Sometimes the man finds it difficult to feel sexual desire towards his partner because of different problems and pressures. These can be family, professional or marital. However, anxiety and stress are the enemies of a fulfilling sex life. Before resorting to the various methods known to be effective in increasing a man's desire, it is first important to feel good about yourself and your mind. For this, we must allow ourselves a moment of rest and relaxation. The man must thus put aside all the worries that weigh on him, and spend activities as a couple that allow him to unburden himself of his problems. Going on vacation or spending a romantic weekend is the ideal solution. Otherwise, practicing sports regularly, having a spa or massage session for two, walking in pleasant places are all ideas for activities that allow you to unwind and relax. When the body and mind feel good, it is much easier to feel desire for your partner. Pleasure and sexual performance will also be there.

Changing sexual practices

Sometimes all it takes is getting out of the routine and changing sexual practices to increase a man's desire. A new sensation in touch, sight, hearing and smell can perfectly stimulate the hormones responsible for the libido and make it want to take action. Thus, his wife must ensure that her senses are fulfilled. Before taking action, the woman can make him crack by stimulating his excitement through the visual. Since men are very sensitive to a naked body, the woman can provoke his desire by undressing in front of him with deliberate slowness. It is best that she put on a sexy outfit before taking off her clothes one by one. Offering him a striptease session would be better in this kind of situation. Side touch, the caresses on the body are always effective to increase the desire of a man. You just have to know how to go about it so that they are more sensual. Languorous kisses, intimate caresses, erotic massages, fellatio… the couple must dare everything to obtain the best results. The partner should also not forget to reassure him with words so that he can concentrate on the act. Foreplay is therefore an important step in arousing a man's desire. In addition, adopting new positions other than the traditional missionary position can also have its effect. Sometimes making love in an unusual or unusual place and using sex toys during your antics can contribute to convincing results. In short, a couple should not hesitate to live out their fantasies.

Prepare him aphrodisiac dishes

The decrease or absence of sexual desire in a man is often linked to hormonal disturbances, in particular that of testosterone. To increase a man's desire, preparing him succulent and aphrodisiac dishes can be the ideal solution, knowing that certain foods are known to be allies of desire and pleasure. They contain essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the sexual organs and the production of hormones. Oyster with banana, small dark chocolate fondant with ginger, Thai-style prawns… you just need to know the sexual stimulating ingredients to concoct a good dish for your man. Among these aphrodisiac foods, seafood is known to spice up romantic evenings. Moreover, they are very delicious. Oysters are known to be stimulating because they are rich in iodine and phosphorus. Its milt is also known for its virtue of increasing desire and promoting reproduction. The same is true for caviar, sea urchins and lobsters. As for vegetables, artichokes, parsley, onions, truffles and asparagus are the most recognized in this area. Feel free to garnish your starters or main courses with these foods. Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, saffron… are also not left out. And the list is endless. For dessert, you can prepare dishes based on chocolate, this exceptional euphoric and aphrodisiac at the same time. It promotes the release of endorphins and pleasure hormones, which gives it a stimulating power on the brain. In small doses, alcohol can also boost desire. Drinking champagne together is therefore a good idea to toast to love and end an evening in style.

What about commercial aphrodisiac products?

Some commercial aphrodisiacs are also effective in increasing a man's desire. It is only necessary to choose products based on natural plants such as ginseng or banded wood. In powder, liquid, in the form of capsules, or tablets… these sexual stimulants go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle (healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, non-abuse of alcohol and tobacco…). They should also be consumed in moderation. Once it is no longer difficult to get excited and you want to make love, it is advisable to stop the treatment. However, you should always keep all the other stuff that can spice up your sex life. The couple must absolutely avoid falling back into routine.

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