How To Increase A Man's Sexual Desire?

How To Increase A Man's Sexual Desire?

In a couple's life, sex is undoubtedly the main bond that unites the two spouses. However, for millions of couples, problems often arise behind closed doors, and they are not always talked about. It is estimated that one in three couples encounter complications in this area, because at least one of the spouses has a sexual desire gap. In other words, it happens that one of them wants sex much more often than the other, and sometimes also, we observe a loss of desire in one or the other. A medical examination

To determine the physiological causes of a lack of desire, a visit to the family doctor or gynecologist may be necessary. The latter can prescribe the appropriate treatment depending on the case, such as hormone replacement therapy such as testosterone. It will also need to be assessed whether the patient's problem is due to medication side effects or medical conditions. In some cases, herbal remedies or changes in eating habits may help. You can also consider 0requesting an appointment for you and your partner with an experienced sexual therapist. If you are one of those men whose sexual desire has dropped due to impotence or performance anxiety, a certified sex therapist can teach you different techniques to overcome these difficulties. You can also consider taking a drug like Viagra to help you get and maintain an erection, all under medical prescription. Obviously, it's very hard for a man to admit that he's concerned about his declining desire, and even harder to ask for help about it, but you have to put your pride aside to get your life back. sex on the rails.

Experience with novelty

Sex often becomes boring when it becomes routine. You can try poses you've never done before to see if you find them comfortable. Consider exploring or experimenting until you find exactly what excites you. If you like back massages, hot baths, sexy lingerie, certain types of touching or certain positions more than others, slow or accelerated movements, the possibilities are endless. Be open about your preferences once you start to understand what you really like. You must agree to discuss this openly with your spouse. Don't be embarrassed. If you don't talk about it directly, you won't get very far. It is not enough to want it and tell your partner. You must be able to translate this need into action, and undertake innovations in this area to surprise your partner a little more every day.

Improve your self-esteem and outlook on life

If personal issues are keeping you from feeling good, it's time to give yourself a helping hand. Your marriage is not the only source of your happiness. Various factors also contribute to your development. Each person must be able to take responsibility for their own mental health. If you think you've let yourself go, do something, take action, take care of yourself. Spend time with friends. Choose a new hobby, not forgetting to do regular exercises. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and tobacco altogether. Read a good book. Be kind to yourself. Take time to nurture your spiritual side. Often, when a person no longer feels good about themselves, they are no longer interested in sex. She has a poor image of her body or of herself, and sometimes she is embarrassed by it. In the end, she will avoid everything related to it. These people will have to change their way of seeing and their way of being in order to cope better. If you're not in great shape, it's time to start eating better and exercising. Your sex life will improve. You'll feel better, and increase your chances of staying healthy. You have to decide to change things. Start by understanding the steps you need to take to feel more passion and desire. Talk to your spouse, tell her that you understand the reasons for her sexual dissatisfaction, and that you intend to take action to remedy it. Have the will to change everything.

How to improve your relationship as a couple?

If the dip in your sexual desire is due to negative feelings about your marriage or your partner, it's time for a change. Stop blaming your partner. You have to take responsibility for doing better so that you can show more love to him. Enroll in a marriage education course and learn new skills and other communication methods for better conflict management. Find a qualified marriage therapist to help you discover real solutions to the difficulties you have had. Again, if your partner can't go with you, go alone. Think back to your first time, when your relationship was at its peak: pats on the buttocks, a wink, a furtive kiss in a crowded room, a suggestive smile, a timely compliment, and all the little gestures caring people who favored your love. This kind of playfulness is important to maintain the passion. Don't wait for the problems in your marriage to be resolved to tackle the restoration of your passion. Once you decide to do this, you will notice that all the relationship issues and issues you were struggling with will disappear. This is the secret of a successful marriage: having the will to admit your wrongs and wanting to change everything, whatever the problem. Show your spouse more affection and attention. The results will only be miraculous.

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