How to Increase Glans Size (Glans Thickening)

How to Increase Glans Size (Glans Thickening)

It's a fact, what man doesn't want a bigger penis. If you are a man, you must have typed on Google the words: “How to enlarge your penis? Although this topic has been discussed many times, there are not many articles that talk about increasing the size of the acorns. In common parlance, glans and penis have become synonyms, which is true to some extent. In reality, the glans refers to the part at the end of the penis. As with the penis itself, this part can be increased in different ways.

Penile exercises: the ultimate solution to increase the size of the glans

In addition to the shaft of the penis, the glans, which is in the foreground, influences the perception of your sex with your partners. Among the solutions to give size to your glans, some penile exercises are to be done regularly. If you have notions on methods to enlarge the penis, you must surely be familiar with the term "Jelqing". It is one of the most famous penile exercises in the world. To enlarge the glans with Jelquing, you must focus your actions on the glans. We can therefore consider this as a mini-Jelq.

In practice, you must first put your penis in a position of attention. It is not necessary that the erection be stiff, it is simply necessary to circulate the blood in the sex. Once at attention, you must put yourself in the Jelq position by grabbing your penis with your hand from halfway up the shaft. Do not squeeze too hard or too loose, you must keep your penis semi-erect. During this time, you use the other hand to practice the Jelq on the glans. Do a series of 10 Jelq before tightening the shaft for 5 seconds. This action will allow the thickening of the glans which is already in swollen mode. You can do the exercise until exhaustion, however, 5 minutes is enough to have an effect. The advantage of this technique is that it produces results quickly and visibly. You will be surprised to see the size of your glans double during a strong erection.

Otherwise, there is also the “Mushroom Maker” or the mushroom exercise. As the name suggests, the glans enlargement result comes in the shape of a mushroom. First, do exercises to contract the PC muscle. Also called the pubococcygeal muscle, it is a set of muscles that lies between the testicles and the anus. Working on this muscle can allow you to hold an ejaculation much longer. To do this, it is enough to do daily series of contractions lasting 2 to 5 seconds. Then, get into a Jelq position, your penis in your hand. With each contraction of the PC muscle, you must squeeze the base of the penis in the Jelq grip in order to prevent the blood from leaving. Slowly slide your fingers towards the glans when the PC muscle is swollen. Once you get to the glans after 5-30s, you release the pressure. You have to prepare yourself mentally, because this action is intense. Repeat this exercise several times and finish by slapping your penis to circulate the blood. As with the Glans Jelq, the results are immediate.

Nutrition and its effects on the glans

More subtle than penile exercises, your diet can also influence penis enlargement. This is due to the fact that certain foods affect blood circulation. Blood circulation is one of the major keys to enlarging your sex and at the same time making the glans bigger. This method does not cause immediate effects, but in the long term, the difference is felt. In addition, the foods to consume for thickening the glans are convenient to be healthy. Among the foods to favor in your diet, watermelon is at the top of the list. Watermelons contain citrulline which allows the dilation of the blood vessels of your penis. You can also put ginseng in your savory dishes. This ingredient improves the function of your nervous system and it increases blood flow to sex. Thus, your penis will be at attention longer. If you are looking for a fruit allowing the increase of your glans, choose bananas. Its shape is always assimilated to that of a farm, it is not surprising that the banana has virtues for the magnification of the glans. Salmon and onions are also essential for blood circulation and for strong/stiff erections. This food is accompanied by a diet promoting good health. Certain practices can affect its proper functioning, such as smoking.

Medical solutions for glans enlargement

If penile exercises or a healthy balanced diet are not for you, there are other less to enlarge the glans. Modern medicine has developed many devices relating to the theme of penile enlargement. There are devices available on demand like penis extender, penis pump and penis ring. Sold at a good price online, you can place orders discreetly. However, if you are more attached to the thickening of the glans, the most effective method is the injection of Hyaluronic acid. This injection has several advantages over other methods. Specifically designed to increase the size of the glans, it reduces the hypersensitivity of the glans. This injection also helps to treat premature ejaculation problems and considerably increases sexual pleasure. To make the injection, you must go to a specialist who will operate on you in a medical unit. Painless thanks to an anesthetic cream, you get the glans size you want after 30 minutes of surgery. In general, it takes 5 injections per syringe to achieve the final result. You can already practice sexual intercourse 2 days after the intervention. Nevertheless, local care and antibiotic prescriptions are to be followed for 5 days. This injection is made to last 18 months and can be renewed at your request.

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