How To Increase Sperm Count

How To Increase Sperm Count

A small, almost insignificant creature, the sperm is the beginning of the process of life. It is the cell capable of perpetuating an entire generation. This sustainability is only possible if the man is fertile. Indeed, the fertility of the man is measured through the quantity and the quality of the spermatozoa that this one produces. Thus, we will explain the reasons that could reduce the number and quality of sperm in men.

Fragile cell, at the heart of births: the spermatozoon

A male reproductive cell, the sperm unites with a female egg during fertilization. From this union will result a human being. This human being can also generate a new being from a certain age. However, this man's ability to produce sperm is not automatic. Clearly, it is not uncommon to find that an adult man finds himself unable to produce sperm. Also, he can produce some, but in small quantities. This does not promote reproduction. Have sperm in quantity and of good quality by natural practices. Several factors prevent men from releasing sperm in quantity during sexual intercourse. Indeed, through nutrition, man obtains foods that stimulate fertility. Thus, it would be necessary to switch to a healthy diet because a healthy body promotes the multiplication of spermatozoa and enriches them. Indeed, it is necessary to take food rich in proteins, in vegetables and also to take a lot of water. In addition, you must take dairy products, raw vegetables and fruits that provide your body with vitamins B9, C and B.Vitamins which constitute antioxidants and fatty acids favoring the richness of your spermatozoa but also allowing their increase. In addition to nutrition, there is also the lifestyle that could slow down the growth of sperm. Indeed, a man looking for a child must avoid taking alcohol, drugs, nicotine (cigarettes)… Even clothing behaviors can also prevent the man from producing good quality sperm in sufficient quantity. Thus, it would be necessary to put underwear that would let the testicles breathe, that is to say ventilate their environment. In addition, stress constitutes a blockage for the hormones allowing the production of sperm. Sperm are very fragile and cannot withstand emotional shocks. Also, it is important to rigorously get 8 hours of sleep each night. This helps in the production of sperm because the ideal time for sperm to multiply is when the body is at rest. Clearly, to increase the quantity and quality of sperm, one should ensure healthy and rich nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, rest well and avoid stress. Adopt adequate hygiene and nutritional behavior to promote and stimulate the production of sperm in sufficient quality and quantity.

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