How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

Every man would like to have a bigger penis, stronger erections and better libido. If you have a healthy body and good blood circulation, then you can have a bigger, firmer and stronger penis.

Having a bigger penis totally depends on your overall health.

how to increase penis size at home?

If you eat healthy foods and exercise, your blood circulation will increase and your heart will be healthy. All of this will make your penis bigger. The smooth muscles of the penis must benefit from good blood circulation to enrich themselves with oxygen, which will then allow them to generate stronger erections. Penis exercises can also lengthen the size of your penis. This can be done by having frequent erections. They will also tone the muscles of the penis.

Penis size cannot suddenly increase. First you need to improve your general health. Foods for better and longer erections are the best safe natural remedies to lengthen and enlarge penis size.

Here are some of the best home remedies to increase penis size.

The watermelon

To increase penis size and prolong erections at home, eat watermelon. It contains a substance called citrulline. It is then converted into arginine which causes the blood vessels in the penis to dilate.

Avoid smoking

The size of your penis depends on the blood flow to it and the amount of blood in it. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and as a result the blood flow in the penis is constricted resulting in penis shrinkage.

Penis Ring

This device will help your penis grow and stay big during sex. You can achieve firmer erections without drugs by using a penis ring. It retains and helps you retain blood in the penis during erection.

The Penis Pump

It covers the penis and works on the principle of vacuum suction. It draws blood into the penis and prolongs an erection. It is a harmless device and it temporarily increases penis size.


It increases blood circulation and hence it sends more blood to the penis. You need to do some exercises for at least an hour in order to grow your penis.


Ginseng improves nervous system function and increases the size of your penis. It increases blood flow to the penis and promotes longer erections. Ginseng also improves sexual performance.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb increases blood flow to the penis making it bigger and firmer. It also improves sexual performance. It can also help men who take antidepressants that lead to erectile dysfunction.


Research has shown that men with a healthy heart can gain a few inches in penis size. Bananas are rich in potassium which is good for your heart. They also increase blood circulation which thereby increases the size of the penis.

The onions

A study showed that onions increase blood circulation and prevent blood clots from forming. Onions improve the circulation of blood to the penis which therefore increases its size. This is one of the best foods to increase penis size.

The salmon

To make your penis grow big and strong, eat oily fish. Salmon is rich in omega 3, heart-healthy fatty acids. It helps in thinning the blood, which results in increased blood flow to body organs including the penis. If you have good blood circulation, you can get stronger and stiffer erections.

Enlarge your penis: solutions exist.

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