How to Masturbate Well?

How to Masturbate Well?

Masturbation (in both men and women) is a beneficial technique for sexual fulfillment. Practice alone or as a couple, it allows you to give pleasure thanks to the stimulation of your genitals, which leads to an increase in excitement and which allows orgasm to occur. But how to masturbate? Why is this practice essential to sexual well-being? Method, frequency… We tell you everything about this less and less taboo practice.

According to research, approximately 63% of men and 32% of women between the ages of 57 and 64 masturbate in the USA.


1 What are the erogenous zones to be stimulated?
2 How to masturbate well when you're a man?
3 How to masturbate when you are a woman?
4 The benefits of masturbation
5 9 tips to make your orgasm last
6 Does masturbation have negative effects?

What are the erogenous zones to stimulate?

In men, sex is the most erogenous part. The glans is the area most reactive to pleasure, as it is rich in sensory sensors, while the shaft of the penis and the testicles are excitable areas.

In women, the clitoris is a sensitive erogenous zone just like the breasts, regardless of their size. But other parts can also provide pleasure: the neck, the lips, the nape of the neck, the hands, the buttocks, the thighs, the ears or even the ankles. Stimulating them is also essential!

How to masturbate well when you're a man?

Each person stimulates themselves in the way they want. Masturbation can become a habitual practice, but it can also be a way to discover your body. However, masturbating is not a must. Indeed, if some people decide to have fun alone, for others sexuality begins and continues by living in relationships as a couple.

In many men, masturbation is done manually. But some opt for the technique of rubbing against an object.

To stimulate sex with the hand, the man caresses his penis and accompanies his gesture with erotic thoughts. When his penis goes erect, he grips it in his hand, then moves back and forth, more and more quickly a few times.

Regarding the friction method, men here decide to rub their sex against an object (like a pillow). When they reach a certain level of arousal, they ejaculate and reach orgasm.

At puberty and during the first masturbations, orgasm can occur without ejaculation.

Masturbating techniques for men

– Manual sex stimulation. – Caresses on the body, the lips, the breasts… – The jet of water or the vibrator resting on the penis. – The use of one or two toys. – Anal penetration. – The friction mentioned above.

Additional tips for even more fun

– Ask your partner if he has any particular desires. – Use both hands. – Take your time. – Vary movement and speed. – Move your hips. – Do not overtighten. – Go after what you do. – Vary the actions (caressing, licking, etc.).

How to masturbate when you are a woman?

Manipulation of the clitoris is the most common technique for achieving arousal. This is accompanied by caresses at the level of the breasts for example, but also by the introduction of an object or fingers into the vagina. In addition to rhythmically rubbing her clitoris, the woman uses her saliva or vaginal lubricating products to avoid irritation.

For some women, the contraction of the muscles of the buttocks and thighs is the essence of masturbatory activity and represents the rise of arousal. This rise ends with orgasm (source) which is sometimes accompanied by involuntary contractions of the perineum.

For pleasure at its highest level, stimulate your G-spot – a pleasure point on the vaginal wall – with constant, strong pressure. This can also lead to ejaculation (source). Note that you can also indirectly stimulate the G-spot through the wall between the rectum and the vagina. But remember: you must use a lubricant, because your anus does not naturally self-lubricate.

Another source used: this NCBI study.

Techniques for masturbating

– Lying on your back: this is exciting for the clitoral area. This position also gives more pleasure. – Masturbate while lying on your stomach or using a soft object such as a duvet, a sex toy, etc. – The jet of water on the clitoris accompanied by a massage of the genital area. – Masturbate while holding her thighs together.

And if you feel like you won't climax, don't pressure yourself.

Tips for even more fun

– Judge the right moment: during the four days following ovulation, the testosterone level is at its maximum. During this period, the pleasure is therefore at its highest level. – Get ready to indulge yourself mentally and physically. – Touch everywhere (clitoris, lips…). – Remember a good time. – Make the pleasure last: approach the phase of enjoyment, then release just before by touching a less erogenous zone.

The benefits of masturbation

As indicated, masturbation consists of stimulating one's penis in order to give oneself pleasure and sometimes, induce an orgasm. By masturbating, the person creates endorphins, happiness hormones secreted by the brain.

Masturbation also has an “educational” side in the sense that it allows you to get to know your body better and to better understand the phenomenon of arousal. In men, this practice can also help them improve their sexual performance. Indeed, they can learn to better manage their breath as well as their excitement in order to prolong their erection and sexual desire.

But masturbation has many other health benefits (source):

– Decreases anxiety. – Orgasms different from those felt during coitus. – Reduces sexual tension. – Helps maintain a healthy libido. – Beneficial for having correct sexual relations with your partner. – Vector of well-being in single people. – Causes the release of a number of hormones by your body such as dopamine, oxytocin or even testosterone. The latter is also released during sex and when you have sexual fantasies (source).

However, there is no evidence that regular ejaculation protects against advanced prostate cancer (source 1 and 2).

9 tips to make your orgasm last

Masturbation is a good practice for the body and the mind. So, after discovering how to masturbate, here are our tips for more enjoyment:

Choose a quiet place : when you masturbate, do not be anxious. You need to have peace of mind. It is therefore advisable to choose a quiet place where no one will come to disturb you. – Create a special atmosphere : concocting a special "solo pleasure" atmosphere will allow you to get more pleasure from it. – The friction method : the contact of a pillow on your penis is very exciting. No matter what position you choose, such rubbing (starting slow, then increasing the pace as you go) will allow you to achieve some climax. – Use of water and soap : in the shower, water and soap offer an incredible feeling. By masturbating in the shower with soap and speeding up the pace of your movements, you will achieve intense pleasure. Variant of water and soap: saliva. After coating your hand with saliva, masturbate. – Explore other erogenous parts : when they masturbate, few people caress their body, that's a shame. Indeed, touching and stimulating other erogenous zones increases arousal. – Make the pleasure last : masturbation is not a race against time. This practice, synonymous with pleasure, must last to obtain maximum enjoyment. Before you start, check that you have enough time in front of you. – Variety for more pleasure : by innovating, you can vary the pleasures and avoid falling into a certain routine. – Alone or in pairs : if masturbation is a solitary pleasure, nothing prevents you from practicing it with your partner. You will be able to please each other and engage in naughty games. Two, masturbation is also ideal to increase the excitement. – Practice : starting over and varying is beneficial for achieving self-control. By managing to control yourself, you will be able to increase your pleasure and that of your partner.

Does masturbation have negative effects?

Some people may feel guilty about masturbating because of their cultural, spiritual, or religious beliefs. However, masturbation is neither bad nor immoral. It is a natural act. If you feel guilty about masturbating, talk to someone you trust.

A study published in the journal Sexual Medicine of 4,211 men attending a sexual medicine outpatient clinic found that 8.4% of men felt guilty after masturbating.

People can become addicted to masturbation. And this can harm your romantic and friendly relationships, because you don't spend as much time with your loved ones as before. If you are concerned about becoming addicted to masturbation, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or a counselor so that they can help you find ways to reduce your frequency of masturbation.

Masturbation is a natural practice with interesting benefits on health and mind. But if the stimulation of sex is important, the exploration of other erogenous parts is just as important in order to increase the excitement and multiply the pleasure felt. Now that you know how to masturbate, all you have to do is practice and start again for longer and more intense enjoyment.

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