How to Measure Your Penis Length and Circumference

How to Measure Your Penis Length and Circumference

What man hasn't tried measuring his penis to find out its size (length and girth)? Even though the vast majority of women say it doesn't matter, penis size remains one of the big concerns for men.

In this article, we give you different methods to know how to measure your penis. They will be different depending on whether you want to know the size or circumference of your sex.

We also provide you with data on the average height of the male sex in France so that you have an objective point of comparison. Finally, natural and effective tracks if you want to gain a few centimeters and obtain larger erections are detailed for you.

1 How to measure your penis?
2 Why measure your penis?
3 Are you average?
4 Why is it useful to measure your penis?

How to measure your penis?

To measure your penis correctly, you will need to take into account 3 aspects (source):

The length of the penis at rest The size of the erect penis The circumference of the erect penis.

Techniques for measuring penis length

Be aware that the length of the flaccid and erect penis varies. Thus, it is important to measure the size of your flaccid and erect penis. Indeed, if the dimension of the penis at rest can vary according to several conditions (for example the cold), the size of the penis in erection varies only very little (source).

So, to know how to measure your penis you will need (source):

1. Start by getting a measuring tape. Note that a rigid ruler may skew the result, especially if your penis is a bit curved. 2. Place the top of your tape measure at the end of the glans so that your measurement is as precise as possible. 3. Take the measurement up to the level of the pubic bone (end of the pubis). 4. Take the measurement from above the penis. Indeed, by measuring from below, this could distort the result because the limit of the yard is not clearly defined. Thus, you could count the perineum in addition to your sex.

How to measure the circumference of your penis?

To measure the circumference of your penis, you must be erect. This time again, you will need to use a tape measure and not a rigid ruler. To be as precise as possible, the technique consists of wrapping your ribbon flat on the base of your penis, when you are erect.

Be careful because when we measure the circumference of the penis, we do not measure the width (source). To obtain the width of it, or its diameter, you will have to divide the circumference by the number pi, or 3.14.

How to measure your penis quickly? The toilet paper roll method

This technique does not really allow you to know the size, but rather to compare you to the average. Attention, it is not a question here of having a precise measurement, but of knowing if you do not have a micro penis.

Concretely, if your erect penis does not protrude from the roll of toilet paper, it means that it is below average in size and that you have a small penis. If it sticks out a few centimeters (about 2), you're average.

More than 4 cm, you then have what is called a big penis. If your phallus does not protrude from the roller, you can consider having a small penis.

As you can see, this method is not precise. But it allows you to reassure yourself quickly.

Why measure your penis?

The normal size of the penis is an important point for many men. Indeed, the size and width of the penis can play a role in the appreciation of sexual intercourse (source).

Indeed, some men feel the need to know the size of their penis and allows them to regain self-confidence and flourish in their sex life (source).

However, while many men care about the size of their phallus, be aware that women are less observant, especially with a long-term partner (source).

Are you average?

Men who wonder how to measure their penis usually do so to find out if their sex is part of the average size of a penis. But also because they think it is essential to satisfy their partner.

Once you know the size of your penis, you can then compare it: know that the average size of a penis in France for an erect penis is between 13 and 14.5 cm approximately.

The penis width or the average diameter of the erect penis is 12.2 cm globally.

If your penis is small, it is not inevitable. There are indeed many techniques to enlarge your penis. In the most problematic cases, penis surgery can be considered. You can of course consult a sex therapist to talk about your problem.

Why is it useful to measure your penis?

For men, virility is closely linked to the size of their sex. This is why measuring your penis and comparing it to the average reassures and allows you to have more self-confidence.

But besides comparing yourself, why is it useful to know the size of your penis?

Measuring your penis is also essential for choosing the condom size. Several sizes of condoms are available (small, medium and large in general). It is therefore necessary to choose the right one according to your sex for well-protected sexual relations.

Indeed, a condom that is too small is uncomfortable. It also risks tearing during penetration and therefore no longer effectively protecting you against STDs, STIs or unwanted pregnancies. Conversely, a model that is too large will not adhere correctly to the size of your penis and may move.

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