How To Measure Your Penis: Size And Circumference

How To Measure Your Penis: Size And Circumference

Not all men know how to properly measure their penis in terms of length and width. It's easy to see why so few men know how to do this. It is not something that is easily tackled.

However, if you want to increase your penis size, you need to measure it correctly. The reason you need to do this isn't just about starting the process.

There is a serious need to be able to accurately track your progress when trying to increase your penis size.

How to measure penis length?

To properly measure the length of your penis, you must be erect. You should also use a ruler and avoid using a tape measure because the ruler is quite hard and can be properly pressed against the bone.

The bone in question here is the pubic bone at the base of the penis. The ruler should not be placed on the side of the penis, but on top of it so that the recorded length is that of the average penis.

Questions may arise as to why you should use a ruler pressed against the bone method instead of just measuring the flesh at the base of the penis. The reason is that there can be different levels of fat deposits above the pubic bone.

These fat deposits can end up distorting the results. So no matter how much weight you gain or lose, you can always get consistent measurements using the ruler-to-bone measurement method.

How to measure penis circumference?

The circumference of the penis should also be measured when you have a full erection. Circumference is measured with a measuring tape. The tape should be wrapped around the shaft of the penis.

Do not let the tape bend. Make sure it is wrapped around the penis. A crease can lead to skewed results. This will not be beneficial for anyone who is concerned about getting good results.

Why is a full erection so important when assessing penis size?

The reason why the penis should be measured while erect is pretty obvious: you need to have consistent results with every measurement you take. If the erection is in varying degrees each time you measure your penis, you simply won't be able to effectively judge how much it has grown.

As a result, you're not able to track your progress in the most efficient way, which can lead to a lot of frustration. This, in turn, creates the potential urge to give up too soon.

For those who wonder how they can be sure that their penis is fully erect every time they seek to measure their penis, using pills to produce erections might be the best plan. This way you can be sure that the penis is not flaccid when it comes time to measure it.

Do not measure males too often

A final bit of advice that can be offered here would be to not measure the penis too often. It takes a long time for the penis to grow and measuring too often can lead you to believe that no results are happening, even when they really aren't.

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