How To Perform A Healthy Testicle Massage: Tips

How To Perform A Healthy Testicle Massage: Tips

The testicles are the two balls located below the penis. Overhung by the epididymis and the vas deferens, it is man's main tool for the production of male sex hormones and sperm.

What is the use of massaging the testicles?

If you're having trouble having children or feel like you're not producing enough sperm, it's important to massage your testicles regularly. Massage of the testicles has the effect of improving testosterone in men, thus the production of male hormones will be greater and conception will be more likely to take place. In addition, it allows to tend to a good production of spermatozoa, increasing their quantity as well as their quality. By increasing the flow of blood to the reproductive organs, this allows men to benefit from a long erection. This massage stimulates your sex life with longer and controlled erections. The health of the testicles correlates with that of the penis. They should therefore not be neglected.

How to give a good testicular massage?

The first step is to wrap his testicles in warm sheets for ten minutes. The scrotum will be more apt to be massaged. You must then use lubricant to apply it to the testicles. It is important, before the massage, that the scrotum is perfectly relaxed. To do this, gently massage each testicle, while passing your fingers between the two and on the ends.

When the area is densely lubricated, you can begin the massage gently for four minutes. It is important not to feel any pain, pressing too hard can be very bad for this weak organ. You can use your thumbs to determine the pressure force. You can also tap your testicles (without causing pain) to get the blood flowing. Tap each testicle lightly to stimulate them and cause blood to clot from the body to the testicles. Push them in several positions so that the blood clots for about two minutes. Do not hesitate to knead them and pull them slightly, you will feel a lot of pleasure if the softness of your massage remains present. For the perfect massage, combine all three options while being very careful with your strength.

Then you need to squeeze your testicles lightly, wait a bit, and massage them again using the techniques previously described.

A video in English that explains how to massage your testicles:

How do I know if I have performed my testicle massage correctly?

To know if you have been effective, you can observe your testicles: they are firmer and tend to go down. This is a good thing, because it means that the blood has clotted well and that the massage exercise is effective. On the contrary, if your testicles are all soft and not very stimulated, it means that you haven't spent enough time there.

The frequency of this exercise

You can perform this exercise on a daily basis, so as to increase your fertility, and your general body health. The testicles communicate with the body and the brain. Thus, you will be in a better mood and your blood will fluctuate more abundantly. You will be more fertile and more comfortable with your sexual relations.

Massage of the testicles for stimulation before intercourse

Sensitive sensors, Krause's corpuscles within the testicles, are erogenous and stimulate arousal before the act. It is interesting to practice this massage with your sexual partner for pleasure. For this type of massage, it is good to practice it for 10 minutes before the act, without considering it as preliminary, but rather as sensitive excitation of sexuality. You can use lubricant as previously described. This massage helps to increase the libido and push to act since the excitement is at its maximum. It is not a technique to lead to coitus as quickly as possible, but on the contrary to gently discover the pleasure of the act. Talk to your partner if he or she does not necessarily massage your testicles. It can make the act more pleasurable and make your erection last longer. Both partners will then be amply satisfied with the result obtained.

If you have difficulty getting erections, you can perform this massage two to three times a day. Do this before bed because the testicles produce the most hormones when your body and brain are resting.

Remember the most important thing: caution. The testicles should be gently massaged, and if you overdo it, you can cause serious health problems for your reproductive organ.

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