How To Shave The Penis?

How To Shave The Penis?

Shaving the private parts has long been a concern reserved for women. But today, more and more men are wondering how to shave their penis.

Indeed, when you're not used to it, shaving your genitals is a risky exercise. Especially since the penis is a sensitive area and it is very irrigated. The slightest cut can cause severe bleeding and in some cases infection. It is therefore important to take certain precautions into account.

1 How to properly shave pubic hair for men?
2 Our precautions for a good shave
3 Is it good to shave pubic hair for men?
4 What are the alternatives to shaving the penis?

How to properly shave pubic hair for men?

If you're wondering how to properly shave your penis, the answer is quick: with experience. Despite all our valuable advice, expect a few ingrown hairs or cuts. But with practice you can shave easily and very quickly.

Shaving the pubic area should be done with special care, as the skin around the genitals may be more sensitive than other areas. According to a study, people who shave their pubis have an 80% chance of experiencing itching as a side effect.

How to shave your penis in 5 steps?

#1. Prepare the area to be shaved. Those who wonder how to shave the penis have surely understood: it is not enough to reproduce your shaving habits on your private parts. The pubis and the scrotum require a little preliminary preparation. First, clear the brush with an electric lawnmower or a pair of scissors. The closer you cut the hair to the skin, the easier the shave will be. However, be careful not to injure yourself. A 2017 study found that more than 25% of people who shaved their pubic hair got injured (source).

According to a study, most pubic hair shaving injuries in men involve the scrotum.

#2. Take a hot bath or shower. This step is optional, it allows you to soften your stubborn hairs a little, which will make it easier to shave. Your skin will also tend to be less irritated.

#3. Apply shaving foam to your pubis, the base of your penis, and your scrotum. Some men prefer to use shaving oil so they don't lose sight of the area to be shaved. This is equal and the shave will be just as effective, regardless of the product chosen. On the other hand, I strongly advise against dry shaving. Not even with soap and water. You risk cutting yourself and getting lots of ingrown hairs.

#4. Shave. Shave down at your pubis and up at the testicle area. Take care to stretch your skin well.

#5. Apply aftershave lotion or moisturizer to your pubic area. Be careful, if the product in question contains alcohol, you may feel some tingling.

Attention! If you use hair removal creams, be careful and stop using them if you experience any side effects. According to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Office of Cosmetics and Colors, people have reported burning, blistering, rashes, and peeling skin from using hair removal products (source).

Our precautions for a good shave

Shaving the penis is therefore not very complicated. But the step of preparing the area to be waxed is decisive. Some precautions should also be taken.

For example, if you use the same razor blade several times, don't forget to disinfect it with a little alcohol. After each use, dry your razor properly to prevent corrosion and the development of bacteria. If you cut yourself, disinfect immediately and avoid unprotected sex. You increase the risk of STDs (source) or another infection (source). According to a 2017 study, people who have shaved their pubic hair are more likely to get an STI at some point in their lives, compared to people who don't. You may notice a few small hard bumps on the shaved area. These are ingrown hairs. Make sure they don't get infected. If necessary, consult a professional.

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