I don't have a hard-on anymore: what to do when you can't get a hard-on?

I don't have a hard-on anymore: what to do when you can't get a hard-on?

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is to ask himself this question: Why am I not getting a hard one anymore. If during your sex life, you have difficulty getting an erection, see it is impossible for you to get a hard-on, this could jeopardize your relationship as a couple. But also make you lose all self-confidence.

Erectile dysfunction affects many more men than you might think. Especially after a certain age. And there are many causes that can explain this temporary problem. But also several solutions that will be available to you to remedy this.

We take stock in this article to help you see things more clearly. And regain a fulfilling sex life.

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I no longer have a hard-on: what are the possible causes?

If you ever realize, "I don't have a hard-on anymore," your first reaction may be to panic. Yet, the best thing to do is to understand the reason behind it. In order to find the treatment that will be the most appropriate.

Psychological causes

You may no longer be able to get a hard -on for psychological reasons. Indeed, factors such as stress, depression, or problems within your couple can create a blockage. Which will mechanically translate into impotence.

This is due to the production of dopamine by your brain, which will significantly decrease if you suffer from depression. Except this substance is necessary to bend.

Generally speaking, the stress you can bring home from work will have a direct impact on your sex life. To have an erection, you indeed need to be relaxed (source).

So be careful to get out of it as quickly as possible to avoid getting into a vicious circle.

A hormonal problem

The problem can also be physical and come from an imbalance in your hormonal system. The answer to your question "Why I don't have a hard-on anymore" will therefore be explained by a testosterone level that is too low.

This hormone will influence your sexual desire, and therefore your ability to have an erection or even to ejaculate.

A decrease in your testosterone level can be explained very simply. Indeed, it will gradually decrease as you age. However, other causes may come into play if you are still in your prime.

Like the lack of regular physical activity. But also certain diseases or taking steroids.

In this case, you can start by resuming sports (such as bodybuilding). But also eat more foods containing zinc. Some dietary supplements will also help you boost your testosterone levels.

Be aware that there are also very effective boosters like Testo Ultra that quickly increase your testosterone level.

A bad lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can also force you to realize, " I don't have a hard-on anymore."

Among the factors that can lead to impotence, there is indeed the fact of being overweight. Your extra pounds can indeed prevent you from having an erection. Again, the resumption of sport and changes in your diet will often be necessary for everything to return to normal.

Specifically, do cardiovascular exercise and strength training. It's a good way to boost your testosterone levels. And to keep them high over the long term.

But other bad habits can get the better of your sexual performance. Like drinking too much alcohol. Or smoke regularly. Both of these substances are harmful to your erection. Moreover, the cigarette would be involved in nearly a quarter of cases of erectile dysfunction. A good reason to motivate you to quit smoking.

A good habit that could help you overcome this is surprisingly drinking coffee. A recent study has indeed highlighted the links between drinking two to three coffees a day, and a decrease in erectile dysfunction.

Indeed, coffee helps to relax your arteries and the muscles of your sex. This will make it easier for blood to flow to your penis. And you will no longer have erection problems.

A physiological disorder or the taking of its treatment

Certain diseases, and the associated treatments, can also explain why you cannot get a hard-on. This is the case, for example, of diabetes. By disrupting your endocrine system, diabetes can indeed increase the risk of impotence.

In this case, the best solution will be to speak directly with your doctor, so that he can advise you on other treatments.

A vitamin D deficiency can also explain why you say to yourself: I don't have a hard-on anymore. A recent study showed that a lack of vitamin D tends to shorten the duration of your erection.

See to prevent you from having one. To fill up on vitamin D, the best solution is to take advantage of sunny days. And to consume more regularly eggs, natural fruit juices. Or fatty fish.

Some treatments also have the side effect of causing erectile dysfunction. This is the case with treatments for depression (which disrupt your blood circulation).

In such situations, do not take the initiative to stop your treatment. This poses serious risks to your health. Instead, talk to your doctor, who can suggest alternatives.

A problem in your sex life / your relationship

You may also have difficulty getting a hard on because you are stimulated less often. Indeed, if your sexual relations are less and less frequent, or you have fallen into a routine with your partner, you can try to understand: why am I no longer having a hard-on?

The best solution will therefore be to start sleeping more regularly. Be careful, we are talking about sexual relations. And no masturbation. Because the latter can be counterproductive, especially if you indulge in solitary pleasures more than twice a week. Masturbating too much could lead to premature ejaculations. And fertility issues.

Also consider spicing up your sex life. Change erotic scenarios, try new positions, and escape. This will help you overcome this momentary problem.

What solutions are available to you?

Fortunately, there are different solutions that will allow you to regain a strong and lasting erection and get rid of your soft erection. They will largely depend on the origin of this erectile disorder. And in the vast majority of cases, the oral and topical treatments you can use will only be available by prescription.

In any case, the advice and warning of a health professional will be essential to determine with certainty the origin of your problem. And help you avoid the potential side effects and contraindications that these solutions represent.

In any case, the best thing to do is to tackle the problem head-on. Solving the problem if you realize "I don't have a hard-on anymore" is essential to regaining a fulfilling sex life. And find the complicity within your couple.

But also to regain your self-confidence. Because not being able to get a hard-on can hold you back in all aspects of your life. Both social and professional.

Start by communicating

The first thing to do if you can no longer get a hard-on is to talk about it with your partner. In any case, it will be difficult for you to hide the situation from him. And rather to be an ostrich, talk about it with her in order to find a solution at the time (you can give her pleasure without an erection). But also in the long term.

If the problem is psychological, you can turn to a sex therapist who will help you find a balance. Start by going it alone, then offer your partner to join you. This little inconvenience can ultimately turn out to be beneficial for your couple.

Oral treatments

The first solution that may be available to you if you have erection problems may be to take an oral treatment.

There are over-the-counter solutions. Very popular with men who are reluctant to make an appointment with a doctor to talk about your male impotence issues. Free to access on the Internet, pills like Testo Ultra or Male Extra will allow you to boost your libido. But also to have longer reports.

Other medical solutions such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra will also help you get an erection (provided you are sexually stimulated). Effective in just a few, their effects can last up to 36 hours. Their main effect is to dilate your blood vessels. And thus to promote the flow of blood to your penis.

However, beware of their potential side effects. And contraindications.

Local treatments

In the event that these solutions do not work, or in more serious situations, you will have to opt for local treatment.

You can choose an erectile pump. It allows you to manually inflate your penis and is effective in just a few minutes before having sex (source). If it is effective, it requires a certain complicity with your partner (because you will not be able to hide it from him).

You can also opt for injections. They come in the form of syringes to inject an active agent that will be effective in a few minutes. And will allow you to no longer have to ask yourself: why am I no longer having a hard-on? Taken over the long term, they will allow you to have a more vigorous erection.

Natural solutions

There are also natural solutions to remedy your erection problems. We have seen that a more balanced diet and regular physical activity will be beneficial.

Doing meditation or yoga will also help you relax. And therefore to find a much better sexual vigor. Ditto for breathing exercises (especially during sex), which help to have a strong and lasting erection.

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