Improve Your Sexual Performance Through Your Diet

Improve Your Sexual Performance Through Your Diet

A proverb states that it is possible to seduce men by preparing good food for them and this saying is generally true. Just prepare a delicious, healthy meal for someone to show them how much you care.

But the influence of food is not limited to the emotional level, the foods we eat can also improve our state of health, our physical appearance and help us to feel more in shape. And finally, here is another very useful information: our diet can also improve our sexual performance.

Men regard sexual problems as failures, but these difficulties are usually linked to underlying health problems. Blood circulation disorders, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies are some of the factors that can affect your libido.

In this type of situation, the foods you eat can help you solve these problems. Men can greatly improve their sexual performance by focusing on specific foods.

Special Sex Menu: Foods to eat to optimize sexual performance

Contrary to what one might think, this menu does not include any rich or heavy dishes, but rather light and healthy foods. It is important to focus on foods that boost libido. This menu has been designed to allow you to enjoy a sensual evening, instead of just sitting in front of the television after eating too much.

Salad as a starter

If you don't like salad too much, it's time to change your habits. This food is rich in nitrates. The bacteria that are located on your tongue convert these nitrates into nitrites, which in turn convert into active nitric oxide inside the digestive tract. This molecule dilates your arteries and optimizes blood circulation. And it turns out that the quality of blood circulation directly affects that of erections as well as their duration.

Chilli as a condiment

If you find the salad too bland, we advise you to add a little chilli. This food will enhance the taste of your dish while improving your sex life. All peppers contain a molecule that adds a spicy flavor to food and makes sex hot. This molecule improves blood circulation and vascularization while stimulating the production of testosterone. Here's an interesting fact: men who have high testosterone levels generally like spicy food.

Main course oysters

Yes, oysters are considered delicious aphrodisiacs, and this reputation seems to be justified despite the limited number of studies conducted on this subject. These shellfish, usually eaten raw with a little lemon or Tabasco, are rich in essential minerals that regulate testosterone production in the body. This light and nourishing food is perfect for romantic meals.

Pomegranate for dessert

Pomegranate is known to improve heart health. This fruit improves the state of the cardiovascular system and reduces blood pressure, but it also has other virtues. Pomegranate also optimizes the quality of erections, so it is considered a natural alternative to Viagra. A study has shown that regular consumption of pomegranate juice eliminates 30% of the plaques that accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, visibly reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. These factors all affect the quality of blood circulation and therefore also that of erections. Pomegranate provides other benefits as well. Another study indicates that regular consumption of pomegranate juice can increase testosterone levels (essential sex hormone) by about 24%.

All of these foods are healthy and delicious, so you can follow these tips without fear. Prepare a candlelight dinner tonight and let the magic happen.

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