Increase Male Libido: Solutions To Boost Male Desire

Increase Male Libido: Solutions To Boost Male Desire

We recently discussed the causes and consequences of low libido in men. The causes can be psychological, hormonal or medical. There are therefore different possible solutions to increase libido and treat the loss of male desire.

Are there more natural methods? What habits to change to regain male sexual desire? Today we are looking at solutions to increase libido and regain a satisfactory testosterone level.

Solutions to increase libido in men

The causes of low libido can be multiple and different from one man to another. Indeed, whether on the psychological, medical or hormonal level, everything is intimately linked, which means that one problem can lead to another.

Every situation is different. Some men will experience their loss of desire as normal, while some will see their libido as a significant obstacle in their life as a man.

Changing habits

Sometimes it is enough to change just a few habits to see your sexual desire become more developed than ever. In more pronounced cases, therapeutic or medical treatment will then be prescribed.

Review your lifestyle

The hygiene of life has a huge impact on our health in general, and all the more so on sexuality. This is why it is strongly recommended to review your lifestyle before turning to treatments to increase libido (source).

– We then favor naps and restorative nights. Treating sleep disorders will increase his testosterone level again, if it is at half mast. – We reduce our consumption of alcohol and drugs.Both considered to be major factors in lowering testosterone levels. – We are turning to a healthier and more balanced diet. Indeed, too fatty dishes limit the production of testosterone by the body. – We opt for regular physical activity to fight against obesity and too pronounced a sedentary lifestyle which tend to reduce testosterone levels.

As you will have understood, it is necessary to know your testosterone level to identify if you are deficient and put in place the right solutions to regain your libido.

Better manage your stress

Stress being one of the main factors of low libido, taking time for yourself then becomes a necessity. Knowing how to take breaks allows you to release tensions both psychologically and physically.

Remember that before taking care of others, it is important to know how to take care of yourself. Thus, by feeling more relaxed, less taken up by work and daily worries, you will see your sexual desire rise quickly (source).

Spice up your married life

Being in a relationship and being subject to loss of male desire can become a real source of suffering for both partners. Even men indeed need to be stimulated to maintain their desire.

This is why both partners must show originality and audacity to break the sexual routine that could hold the male libido.

Why not opt ​​for role-playing games, messages, naughty accessories or new positions to allow you to rekindle the flame of sexual desire?

Natural methods to increase male libido

Natural methods are increasingly at the heart of sexuality and health issues in general. Here are some more natural solutions to try to boost your libido:

Damiana herbal tea (Turnera diffusa) : particularly effective in case of stress and severe fatigue, it is also well known for its aphrodisiac properties.Siam wood essential oil : it is mainly recommended to boost male libido. Indeed, it stimulates the production of testosterone and is therefore to be banned for women. – Ylang-ylang essential oil : thanks to its relaxing and hypotensive benefits, it will know how to relax and stimulate your libido at the same time.Acupuncture can also be ideal : some acupuncture points are indeed directly linked to the libido, for example, just under the ankles, or the 5JMO point located 2 inches below the navel.

Acupuncture is officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) following controlled clinical research (source). Indeed, scientific studies have notably revealed convincing results concerning the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. (source)

However, about essential oils and plants, there is currently no study demonstrating the real effectiveness on health.

In addition, it is important to follow the recommendations for the use of all natural supplements. Sometimes they may not be recommended for pregnant women or the elderly. This is why it is advisable to consult a health professional for follow-up and specific supervision of natural methods.


Some supplements are specially dedicated to treat the loss of desire in men. Mainly composed of natural ingredients, they will stimulate the body and provide the vitality it needs.

Ginseng supplements are particularly known to be very aphrodisiacs. Ginseng is particularly effective in boosting the immune system. Finally, it has an action on the quality of the hormones produced, and therefore that of testosterone.Testo Ultra is reputed to be suitable for all men experiencing erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. It also has the ability to strengthen the erection, prolong it and intensify orgasms.Viasil is a supplement allowing to be more efficient sexually. It brings at the same time a better self-confidence as well as a stronger sexual desire.

Hormone therapy

We talked about it in the article dedicated to andropause that to increase testosterone levels and therefore increase libido, hormone treatment was possible under certain conditions. (source)

To do this, many methods are available:

Intramuscular injections of testosterone that your doctor will inject you every two to three weeks.The testosterone patches that you will change every day.Testosterone gels that you will apply every day.

Nevertheless, hormone therapy is not a solution to be taken lightly and complications are possible. (sources) This is why strict and recurring monitoring must be established to supervise the treatment as well as possible and prevent any anomalies.

Work on the psychological aspect

If the cause of the low libido is not the result of a hormonal or medical problem, then the psychological track is taken into consideration.

Undergo individual therapy

The loss of desire can also be a consequence linked to a deeper problem. Indeed, it is likely that the psychological aspect could have developed anaphrodisia, or otherwise called absence of desire following a post-traumatic event.

In this case, it is advisable to follow individual therapy with a psychologist or a sexologist to decipher the origins of the disorder, and thus unlock the obstacles to sexual desire.

Go to couples therapy

In addition to individual therapy, following a couple's therapy could also help to increase the libido in a constant way. Indeed, it is not always easy to express your doubts, your frustrations or even your desires to your partner.

Being able to communicate in a favorable environment and supervised by a sexologist will reassure each other and detect the phases of improvement to regain your libido.


We cannot repeat it enough, but sexuality is an integral part of the development of any person. This is why it is important to consult and talk to your doctor if you experience loss of libido and this is a real source of suffering for you and your partner.

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