Information About The Average Penis Size Around The World

Information About The Average Penis Size Around The World

A lot of studies and surveys have been done to get more information regarding average penis size. This size varies according to the men but also according to their country of origin. It would be really difficult to define a single average size for men all over the world. This data varies by country, so it is easier to provide a national average.

A large number of experts do not give any credence to the sizes indicated by most of the studies and reports that have been published on this subject. In order to reevaluate these sizes, they conducted a survey and studied the results obtained in their laboratory to obtain precise figures. To achieve this, the experts had to collect data in different countries in order to define a precise national average.

The statistics obtained must be carefully analyzed to obtain an exact result. During this study, the experts collected data from all over the world and they also studied the reports that were published by different specialists in each country concerned. Some experts have even used the data available on the internet to check the reliability of their information.

A survey was carried out in 15 different countries to collect the necessary data. The experts who carried it out say that this task proved to be rather complex due to two major difficulties: data of this type is not available in all countries of the world and some people refused to take part in their study.. In some cases, men just didn't want to bring up this topic.

You can check the results of many surveys on the web, you will also find maps that show the average size of the penis in different countries of the world. Here is a list of average penis sizes around the world:

Canada: 13.97cm

Chili: 14.48 cm

China: 10.93 cm

Colombia: 17.02 cm

Czechoslovakia: 16.01 cm

Australia: – 13.21 cm

Belgium: 16, 26 cm

Brazil: 15.75cm

Denmark: 15.24 cm

Ethiopia: 14.48 cm

Equator – 6.9 inches – 17.53 cm

Egypt: 15.75 cm

England: 13.97cm

France: 16cm

Germany: 14.48cm

Indonesia: 11.69 cm

Ireland: 12.7 cm

Ghana: 17.02cm

Greece: 14.74cm

India: 10, 16 cm

Palestine: 14.48cm

Italy: 15.75cm

Morocco: 14.99 cm

Netherlands: 14.99 cm

Russia: 13.21cm

Japan: 13.21 cm

Lebanon: 16.77 cm

Mexico: 15.75 cm

Norway: 16.77 cm

South Korea: 9.66cm

Spain: 13.97cm

Scotland: 14.74 cm

Surinam: 13.21 cm

Venezuela: 17.02cm

South Africa -: 15.24cm

USA: 12.96cm

Zaire/Congo: 18.04 cm

Suede: 14.74 cm

Turkey: 13.97 cm

The study we cited also indicates that when a country is not on this list, it means that the average penis size of men in that country is generally slightly smaller than that indicated for countries located in the same area. The sizes given above were obtained by studying the answers given by adult men. If your penis size does not correspond to those indicated, we recommend that you find out about the average penis size that corresponds to your country of birth, as these results may vary from case to case.

This somewhat controversial study may help you look at your situation from another angle. Whatever your opinion on the size of your penis, you have the possibility of improving it by using one of the various methods which have been specially designed for this purpose.

Many stimulating methods allow you to encourage your partner during your sexual intercourse. We recommend that you stimulate his erogenous zones to stir up his desire. You must be gentle when petting her. If you make too sudden movements to caress her sex while you penetrate her from behind, it may displease her. You can also manipulate her hair when she rides you. In particular, we advise you to grab a lock of her hair and pull it gently. You will tell her that you want her to intensify her efforts to stimulate your desire and help you reach orgasm.

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