Is the penis a muscle and can you muscle your penis?

Is the penis a muscle and can you muscle your penis?

Many men wonder if it is possible to strengthen his penis. But is the penis a muscle? The answer is no, sex is not of muscular origin. However, it is possible to strengthen your penis with a few exercises.

The penis is not a muscle

The penis is not a muscle and it is not possible to strengthen it strictly speaking. However, it is possible to strengthen erections. To better understand how this is possible, it is important to go back to the anatomy of the phallus and how erection works.

penis anatomy

The penis or the penis is a sexual organ which is composed of 3 cylinders surrounded by the tunica albuginea:

1 spongy body: it will surround the urethra and regulate its diameter by contracting or not to let urine or semen pass. – 2 cavernous bodies: they will contract to prevent the blood from passing. In this situation the penis will be in a flaccid state. When these bodies are relaxed, there will be blood flow and the penis will be erect.

How does an erection work?

The male penis can change in size, not because it is a muscle, but because it is an erectile organ. Indeed, the body of your penis is composed of cavernous parts that will fill with blood when you are sexually stimulated.

This is done via the hormones secreted by your brain which will stimulate your blood circulation (source). Thus, the functioning of an erection is not muscle in the penis but blood.

Thus, it is the influx of blood to the level of the penis that will allow you to stiffen your penis and therefore prepare you for sexual intercourse and penetration (source).

The muscles of the perineum

The penis is not the only organ that comes into play during an erection. Indeed, the perineum also holds an essential place and plays on the hardening of your sex.

This sits below your penis and holds two muscles: bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus. These muscles will compress and relax the erectile bodies and thus participate in erectile function. But also to ejaculation and thus the expulsion of sperm (source).

Why strengthen your penis?

Your penis is not a muscle, you will not be able to muscle it. On the other hand, you can strengthen the muscles of your perineum in order to stimulate erection and delay your ejaculation.

To do this, you will have to start by identifying them. There are two very simple tests to locate your perineal muscles. The first is to hold yourself back when you urinate.

When the jet begins to come out, stop it immediately. You will then clearly see the muscles that come into play to achieve this. These are those of your perineum.

The second way to identify the muscles of your perineum requires you to be erect. Preferably when you masturbate. Once your cock is hard, try to get it moving.

You will see muscles contract in your penis. These are the ones you will be able to strengthen.

How to strengthen your penis?

If your penis is not a muscle, your perineum is of muscular origin. Thus, muscle building will strengthen your penis. The exercises offered will allow you to promote erection and delay ejaculation as much as possible.

Be careful though, these exercises will not allow you to enlarge your penis. Their only function is to improve your blood circulation, and therefore the flow of blood to your corpora cavernosa. If you want to strengthen your pelvic muscles, we advise you to perform the Kegel exercise which is the most suitable (source).

If you have trouble holding back your ejaculation, or feel that you ejaculate too soon, these exercises will allow you to better control it. But also to intensify the pleasure you will feel during penetration. Be careful, the more you practice these exercises regularly, the more the results will be visible.

First exercise to strengthen your perineum

This first exercise should help you better control the muscles of your perineum. With a little practice, you can move on to the second, which is slightly more technical. To start, you can do several sets every morning, and before going to bed.

The principle is very simple. But it requires above all that you have well located the muscles of your perineum. Because it will only be necessary to contract these, and not other muscles of your body.

Concretely, this exercise consists of contracting, then quickly releasing the muscles of your perineum. Do this 10 times, trying to be as fast as possible. Once you get a good rhythm, you can move on to sets of 20, 30.

However, be careful not to overdo it at the risk of injuring yourself.

Second exercise to strengthen your penis

This second exercise is generally easier to perform once you have mastered the first. Indeed, the principle is the exact opposite of the one we have just presented to you. This time, rather than quickly releasing your perineal muscles, you will have to continue to contract as long as possible.

Novices usually achieve this for 3-5 seconds. But with a little practice, you will be able to contract them for 10 seconds before releasing.

Repeat this exercise on sets of 10. This will allow you to strengthen your perineum and thus strengthen your penis to help delay ejaculation.

This second exercise can also be practiced in full penetration. It's the best way to hold back your ejaculation, when you feel like you're about to cum.

Practice beforehand while you masturbate. In order to better determine the fateful moment at which you must contract the muscles of your perineum. The more you practice these exercises, the better you will become at controlling yourself in bed.

To conclude, building up your penis is strictly speaking not possible. However, it is possible to strengthen your penis by strengthening your perineum.

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