L-Arginine, The Amino Acid That Boosts Libido And Offers Many Benefits

L-Arginine, The Amino Acid That Boosts Libido And Offers Many Benefits

L-Arginine is one of the most studied substances among all supplements used to boost libido. It is an essential amino acid (the body cannot therefore produce it). This substance acts on both men and women and can be used without any risk.

Intimate relationships and sex are sensitive subjects, especially for people who have problems in this area. However, research shows that approximately one third of men and slightly less than half of women suffer from a sexual disorder.

This term refers to conditions that prevent men and women from fully enjoying their sex lives. In women, this problem usually causes a decrease in sexual desire (libido) as well as difficulty reaching orgasm, or even a complete lack of sexual pleasure. Men who are affected by it suffer from a disorder that bears the scientific name of erectile dysfunction, this problem is commonly called impotence.

The body uses L-Arginine to make nitric oxide (NO). During the 90s, some research showed that the ON optimizes the sexual activities of men and women, this substance also protects the blood vessels. In case of L Arginine deficiency, the body fails to manufacture ON and this problem causes erectile dysfunction.

Effects of L-Arginine

Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by blood circulation disorders. L-Arginine stimulates circulation to increase blood flow inside the genitals by relaxing the smooth muscle fibers found in the walls of blood vessels. This process allows them to dilate and increase blood flow inside the penis and therefore improve the size, frequency and quality of erections.

According to Doctor Jonathan Wright, expert in Nutrition, ON is synthesized thanks to an enzyme which bears the name of ON synthase (ONS). The nerves and muscle tissues that lie inside and near the penis contain significant amounts of ONS. This enzyme separates nitrogen atoms from L-Arginine molecules, and associates them with oxygen atoms (O) to make NO.

L-Arginine also works on women

Optimizing blood circulation makes the vagina and clitoris more sensitive to sexual stimuli, allowing women to reach orgasm more easily. Studies related to the effects of L-Arginine on female sexuality are less comprehensive than those related to erectile dysfunction. However, there are several studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this substance in this area. These studies have notably proven that L-Arginine can improve the sexual stimulation of postmenopausal women.

And the effects of this amino acid are not limited only to this. A second research which was carried out on various types of women made it possible to obtain the following results: 7 participants out of 10 confirmed that food supplements based on L-Arginine improved their sexual life after 4 weeks of treatment by stimulating their libido, by increasing the sensitivity of their clitoris as well as the frequency of their orgasms and their sexual intercourse. This study demonstrates that these supplements also treated their vaginal dryness issues.

Boosting libido, improving stamina

Both men and women confirm that L-Arginine effectively boosts their sexual desire and some people claim that this supplement prolongs the duration of their intercourse and increases the intensity of their orgasms. Some studies also seem to indicate that L-Arginine is effective in treating male fertility issues because it increases sperm count while stimulating them.

Clinical study

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of L-Arginine. A randomized, double-blind, randomized study checked ON levels in several men who took a course of L-Arginine or took a placebo for six weeks. The results of these tests showed that L-Arginine had visibly improved the sexual performance of 31% of the men who used it during their cure.

Before the cure, the researchers found that these men had particularly reduced nitric oxide levels. And these rates had doubled at the end of the cure thanks to L-Arginine.

However, it is necessary to take into account the various factors that can cause sexual disorders, these include aging, diabetes and certain endocrine diseases.

L-Arginine can therefore help men who suffer from sexual disorders that are caused by lower than average ON levels. This was demonstrated in a study that was conducted to verify the effectiveness of L-Arginine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by different factors. The results of this study showed that this supplement was useful for only 17% of the participants.

It is of course obvious that the increase in the level of nitric oxide allows to improve the erectile function of men who suffer from sexual disorders which are caused by an underlying pathology.

L-Arginine offers many benefits that are not limited to the treatment of sexual disorders.

Arginine is an essential amino acid that regulates muscle development, strengthens the immune system, regulates blood pressure, improves cognitive abilities and optimizes tissue repair.

This amino acid provides nitric oxide to the body and its effects on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system have been demonstrated by numerous studies.

In summary, L-Arginine is an essential amino acid for the smooth running of many biological processes. This stuff:

– Regulates the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) – Optimizes blood circulation – Increases growth hormone levels – Strengthens immunity – Accelerates wound healing – Participates in the development of bones and tendons – Regulates the development of muscles while eliminating fat – Can treat male fertility disorders by increasing the number of sperm and stimulating them – Limits the formation of blood clots and reduces the risk of stroke – Regulates blood pressure – Treats angina chest by improving blood circulation – Can optimize the effects of rehabilitation after a heart attack – Can prevent or slow the development of cardiovascular pathologies – Slows the development of tumors

Dosage and Precautions

L-Arginine has been shown to boost libido and sexual performance when taken approximately 45 minutes before intercourse. This amino acid has only a reduced number of side effects.

The only one that needs mentioning is for people with herpes: L-Arginine may make herpes attacks worse, but some research indicates otherwise and shows that this amino acid can treat herpes attacks. herpes because it strengthens the immune system.

Dietary supplements that contain L-Arginine are recommended for people who want to improve the quality of their sexual intercourse and their health in general. Unlike Viagra, this reliable and effective supplement is completely natural. It works on both women and men and it is also much more affordable.

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