Liquid Semen: What Are The Causes And Diagnoses?

Liquid Semen: What Are The Causes And Diagnoses?

As men, we prefer our semen to be thick and healthy, full of vitality and with some consistency.

Of course, you don't want the semen to be so thick, so lumpy, and so yellow that it can't project at all.

But we certainly want to avoid having liquid semen flowing out when we ejaculate.

This kind of semen unfortunately means that you have a little problem that you will have to work on.

Why is my sperm liquid?

Before you answer your question, rest assured, it is entirely possible to improve your sperm quality and return to the good old days of having thick, healthy white sperm spurting out powerfully from you but we urge you to consult your doctor for professional advice and who can even refer you to specialists.

What Causes Liquid or Watery Semen?

There are several possible causes for liquid semen. Most of the time are treatable or preventable.

1. Low sperm count.

One of the most common causes of liquid semen is low sperm count. This is also called oligospermia. If your sperm count is low, it means that the sperm count in your semen is lower than normal (Less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is considered lower than normal).

Causes of low sperm count:

– Hormonal disorders, such as hyperthyroidism and hypogonadism – Infections – Drug use – Excessive alcohol consumption – Tobacco use – Obesity – Certain medications

2.Frequent ejaculation

Frequent ejaculation can also cause runny or watery semen. If you masturbate several times a day, the quality of semen after the first ejaculation may become thin and watery. It may take several hours or more for your body to produce normal, healthy semen volume.

3. Zinc deficiency

Another possible cause of liquid semen is zinc deficiency. Studies have shown that men with sufficient zinc levels or zinc-deficient men who take zinc sulfate supplements can better resist the effects of anti-sperm antibodies. These antibodies are produced by the immune system, which mistakenly treats sperm as a foreign body.

Some food sources of zinc:

– Oysters – Red meats, poultry and shellfish- Nuts, seeds and whole grains – Beans – Yogurt and other dairy products

4. Pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-seminal fluid)

Very clear semen may simply be the pre-seminal fluid that occurs during foreplay. It usually contains a small amount of sperm.

What to do in case of liquid or fluid semen?

Lifestyle changes

In some cases, lifestyle changes can help you increase sperm count and improve sperm quality.

Some positive changes:

– – Stop smoking. – If you are overweight, lose weight. – Reduce your alcohol consumption. – Play sports

Your doctor may also recommend that you temporarily stop having sex to reduce the frequency of ejaculation. This helps to see if it will change the consistency of your semen.

When to consult a doctor?

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