Locker Room Syndrome: How To Overcome This Complex In Collective Showers?

Locker Room Syndrome: How To Overcome This Complex In Collective Showers?

The size of the penis makes ink flow on the internet. Never the dimensions of a part of the body will have been as important as that of the male sex. It must be said that the man carries on these genital attributes an important weight: that of his virility. The amalgam between a large penis and increased virility is the evil of the males of our air.

Blame it on the porn industries or the delusions of grandeur that characterizes modern man, who knows. In any case the fact is that the vast majority of men, whether they admit it or not, have already measured the size of their penis in order to compare themselves to the standards established by various studies. But sometimes that simple comparison triggers a body perception disorder, known as locker room syndrome.

1 What is the locker room syndrome?
2 The solutions to overcome this penis size complex
3 Conclusion on the locker room syndrome

Locker room syndrome, what is it?

It is a psychological disorder known scientifically as genital dysmorphophobia (source). It is an abnormal perception of the body, centered on the penis. This is perceived as abnormally too small, despite measurements most often within the standards.

We know it today as the locker room syndrome because it is in similar situations that the complexed man will feel particularly uncomfortable.

The man who suffers from the locker room syndrome is convinced that his penis is smaller than that of the others and that this can be seen or known. Thus the subject will avoid all the circumstances in which he will have to undress, even partially.

Note that the man who suffers from the locker room syndrome does not necessarily have a small penis or even a micropenis. It is a psychological disorder that distorts reality, it also generally appears in men with average sized penises.

The causes of locker room syndrome

The factors that cause genital dysmorphia are not yet precisely known. Indeed, as for the majority of neurological disorders, the locker room syndrome can come from a combination of various events and can change according to the patient (source, source).

It could be negative experiences about your appearance, a family history of having the disorder, or even brain abnormalities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of factors that can trigger genital dysmorphia in men:

Age : the majority of individuals with this disorder contracted it during adolescence (source). – Heredity : it could be that certain genes favor the appearance of the disorder. This explains why in several cases, the syndrome is found in several members of the same family (source). – Negative life experiences : such as harassment, neglect or abuse during childhood (source) – Character traits : certain aspects of the personality can influence the appearance of genital dysmorphia such as the perfectionism (source). – Pressure from society : appearance has become very important and the criteria of beauty or virility can promote the appearance of locker room syndrome, particularly because of pornographic films (source). – Neurological disorders : certain mental health problems such as anxiety or depression can promote the onset of dysmorphic disorder (source).

Symptoms and consequences associated with locker room syndrome

The locker room syndrome is then accompanied by behavioral symptoms where the boy will focus on the size of his penis and be extremely concerned about it. Here is a list of the consequences associated with genital dysmorphia:

Paranoia : the man convinces himself that he has a real problem and that others attach importance to this defect (source). – Susceptibility : the boy may believe that others make fun of and talk negatively about his appearance (source). – Anxiety and social phobia : the subject will then avoid putting himself in social situations and withdraw into himself (source). – Loss of confidence : the adult or adolescent may try to compensate for this defect with a style, seek to be permanently reassured and seek to modify his appearance and the size of his penis (source). – Physical consequences : It is also possible that the man develops psychosomatic physical symptoms such as erectile dysfunction as well as libido disorders (source).

When and why to consult a doctor?

Locker room syndrome is considered by the scientific community to be a neurological disorder and can have serious consequences on your health such as:

Anxiety DepressionSuicidal thoughts and behavior (source).

It is important to understand that the vast majority of men who develop this syndrome have a completely normal penis size and this complex must be treated as soon as possible to avoid developing more serious disorders like those exposed above.

So, do not hesitate to consult a health professional or a psychologist if you think you have this pathology.

The solutions to overcome this penis size complex

If you are complexed by the size of your penis, there are several ways to remedy this problem and enlarge the size of his penis. Of course, we strongly advise you to start by talking to a health professional.

Increase penis size naturally

One of the ways to overcome the grandeur complex is to simply attend to it rather than worry about it! Even with the best arguments, most men remain convinced that their penis is too small.

It is indeed difficult to get rid of the locker room syndrome because it does not result from logical thinking. Like any phobia, locker room syndrome is often uncontrollable.

One of the solutions that we offer to these patients is to move towards a natural treatment that will promote penis growth. The idea is quite simply that the patient observes for himself that his penis is larger.

Of course, it is recommended to use a quality natural product, such as a food supplement.

Penis surgery (penoplasty)

Aside from natural solutions to increase the size of the penis to fight against locker room syndrome, you can also opt for a penoplasty. That is, penis surgery.

Be careful, this operation must be carefully thought out and you will need to know the risks and consequences of this method before opting for surgery (source). Indeed, going through the operation box can be effective but this technique is very invasive, painful and expensive.

To gain in length, the surgeon will cut the superior ligament connecting the penis and the pubis. This can save you about 2 cm. However, this operation will not change the size of the erect penis but only at rest.

Also, during erections, your penis may be tilted about 20 degrees downward. This morphological change does not seem to affect the quality of sexual intercourse or erections.

To gain thickness, the plastic surgeon can offer you two options:

Circumcision : if your penis is not yet circumcised, the doctor will remove the foreskin. This will make your penis look thicker. – Fat injection : the other option will be to inject fat taken from your thighs. This can save you up to 6 millimeters in diameter.

How to gain self-confidence? Therapy and sophrology

There are other methods to have a big penis. However, while effective, they will be wasted if you don't work on your self-confidence. For this, there are different solutions.

Cognitive therapies can bring good results and help you overcome locker room syndrome (source). For this, do not hesitate to speak to a psychologist or a health professional who will be able to guide you in your approach.

You can also opt for sophrology. This pseudo-science is not reimbursed by social security but can help you by acting on anxiety. Indeed, during these sessions, the therapist will aim to relax you and reduce the excessive stress you have.

If you have a partner, take the opportunity to talk to her about it, she will be able to reassure you and help you regain your self-confidence. Moreover, the simple fact of talking about your locker room syndrome will help you to target the problem, to put words to your discomfort. It is certainly the first step towards healing.

The other way to build self-confidence is to face your fear. Be careful, you have to do it gradually, there is no question of a striptease in front of a hundred people.

For example, let's say you're changing in a locker room and someone comes in. Do not hurry, on the contrary, take your time and breathe. At first you will find it difficult to reassure yourself, that's for sure, but if you are tenacious, you will see that little by little you will manage to relax until you can accept the gaze of others.

Conclusion on the locker room syndrome

To conclude, the locker room syndrome is a mental disorder that can be solved in several ways. We strongly advise you to start talking to a health professional who will be able to guide and advise you according to your case.

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