Loss Of Erection: What Are The Causes?

Loss Of Erection: What Are The Causes?

Many of us define erectile dysfunction as the inability to get an erection. Nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to feel "up to it." However, the real problem for many men is not getting an erection, but rather not losing one's erection. Consider carefully this worded definition for erectile dysfunction:

“The inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfying sexual intercourse in the absence of an ejaculation disorder, such as premature ejaculation. »

Many men with erection problems find that they can get an erection (one way or another), but they quickly lose it. This causes them to have a certain level of panic preventing them from being able to get an erection in the first place. It also causes total confusion. “How can I get an erection and then lose it so quickly? »

Look at these desperate messages posted on forums where affected men express utter confusion and despair over the situation:

“Over the past two years, I've noticed that even with Cialis I still can't maintain an erection. At first I noticed it was fast, dynamic sex with 20mg… It can sometimes have a desensitizing effect on my penis.”

“For a few years, I had trouble keeping an erection. It has gotten worse over the past year. I was taking moderate doses of Viagra with "some" success and over time it didn't do anything. I would get an erection, then I would lose it. »

“Every morning I get up and can get an erection with no problem…and I feel really horny after taking some herbs. I think stubbornness helps… now I can maintain an erection longer with mild stimulation. But if I stop, my penis will lose its hardness, albeit partially, quite quickly. Not immediately…”

“So the last thing I experienced was erectile dysfunction. I was having a special little moment with my wife, and I lost my erection. It was really an overwhelming feeling, but I tried to forget it. »

I could add more examples from the forum, but you get the idea: this is a very common problem among men. So what causes rapid loss of erection? Of course, there can be more than one reason, but we'll list some of the most common reasons below:

Venous leakage : This is any vascular problem, which accelerates the loss of blood from the penis during an erection. This creates a state where blood comes out of the penis as fast as it goes in, it's the equivalent of a boat taking on water too quickly and it can't be pumped out. There are many things that can lead to venous leakage, a topic we'll cover in more detail below. You can also read more about it by following my link on venous outflow. However, the key concept is the blood flow in the penis, logically the veins that manage the outflow of blood are supposed to "pinch". If this pinching does not occur, blood literally flows in and out of the penis.

NOTE: Always consult a doctor to confirm that you are indeed suffering from erectile dysfunction as there are often medical issues that cause this dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels. So what is the main cause? Number 1? It's something you wouldn't guess: low testosterone… It turns out that testosterone is absolutely essential for the internal tissues of the penis. When the penis loses these proper levels of testosterone, the nerves and connective tissue literally begin to 'wither away' and 'atrophy'. We could compare this condition to a garden losing its water supply. A loss of morning erections. Anything that negatively affects morning erections can come from a venous leak. This is related to oxygenation. Morning erections provide good oxygenation and nutrient supply to the inner parts of the penis and without them the penis literally starts to die from the inside. 4. Smooth muscle problems. Smooth muscle relaxation and tone is critical for maintaining an erection and anything affecting this musculature can potentially lead to venous leakage.

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