Low Libido Treatments

Low Libido Treatments

At some point, men may face the problem of low libido. It is a decrease in sexual desire that can become problematic within a couple. Its cause can be hormonal, psychological, physical or due to drug treatment. Below are different treatments according to each cause in order to regain a healthy libido.

Hormonal therapy

If low libido is due to low hormone levels, including low testosterone levels in the body, hormone therapy should be considered. But it is not recommended to take such an initiative without consulting a specialist. A blood sample is also necessary to know the level of testosterone of the person in order to be able to determine thereafter, the necessary level to be administered. The therapy consists of a testosterone-based treatment sold in pharmacies. It can be a stamp (patch) or a gel, which are to be applied once a day to the areas to be treated (abdomen, back, thighs) or an intramuscular injection of a testosterone-based preparation such as testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate oil within 3-4 weeks. The injection requires the intervention of a doctor, but it is also possible to do it yourself thanks to the new generation of this product in a syringe intended for auto-infection. Its use is effective, but requires careful consideration before making a decision, as it is a lifelong treatment. Once administered, this product inhibits the natural testosterone manufacturing process. Like any other medicinal preparation, it can cause some undesirable effects, in particular the appearance of acne, a reduction in the production of sperm, water retention and stimulation of the volume of the prostate.

Homeopathic treatments

Whatever the cause that causes low libido, homeopathy is one of the most effective and least risky treatments. Its use is very practical and does not require medical advice. You can buy it without a prescription, but if the slightest doubt arises, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist before making your purchase. Generally, doctors always administer the following prescriptions for a declining libido: a dose of Lycopodium 15CH for one week, alternating with a dose of Kalium carbonicum 9CH until an improvement is observed. Note that this treatment is renewable without risk. You can also use a dose of Onosmodium virginianum 9 CH (10 granules) if it is a simple lack of sexual appetite or a dose of Graphites 15 CH for real sexual repulsion.

Drugs and low libido

Each drug has its own side effects and can impact libido. When the breakdown of desire occurs during medical treatment, the drug may be the cause. It is therefore advisable to stop the treatment and immediately consult your doctor for his opinion, and if possible, ask for another medicine that can replace the first. If some drugs slow down sexual desire, others can boost it like aphrodisiacs and desire pills.

Changing habits and lifestyle

If the low libido is due to a psychological disorder, hormone therapy and medication won't really help. Just a small change in lifestyle can make everything better.

Exercises to boost libido

Physical exercises are an extremely effective solution for a low libido. However, it will not be just any sport, but those which contribute to good mood, endurance and which really make you sweat, such as aerobics, cardio-training, weight training and morning jogging. Sport increases body temperature and adrenaline. This causes the rise of testosterone and the improvement of desire. The rising body heat promotes the rise of desire, especially if the partner is present.

Reduce stress: the desire is in the head

Stress plays a very important role in desire. Studies have shown that someone who is overly stressed often experiences a flat libido. She thinks only of her financial or professional problems, and has no time to indulge herself. The stimulation of desire begins with the 5 senses, passes through the brain which promotes excitement, before arriving at the penis. When a person is overwhelmed with problems, he no longer has time to see or feel the pretty things around him that bring pleasure. The brain fails to transmit the message to the penis. It is true that completely evacuating your stress is impossible, but managing it well so that it decreases is very well doable. Thus, it is advisable to take the time to let off steam and have fun by putting aside the problems: going out to clubs, playing sports, listening to music or simply reading or watching gags.

Dialogue and activities: getting closer to your partner

Communication is the basis of any relationship. Partners who talk openly about everything and who understand each other often have a healthier sex life. A simple discussion can solve a low libido problem. You have to talk openly with your partner without offending her if it turns out that she is the source of the problem, or if it is another fantasy. The goal being to find a solution, talk about your fantasy or your sexual preference. However, things should not be forced. To get closer, determine the blocking factor, then schedule an activity that you can do together: an evening in a hotel room or simply a romantic dinner! By doing so, you can achieve a boost in libido.

Indulge in hotter sex games

A routine in sex life can cause low libido in men, especially when the positions are always the same. It is therefore necessary to add spice to promote cravings and treat low levels of desire. For example, trying different positions, using gadgets, aphrodisiacs, having sex in other places at different times.

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