Making Love Is Good For Your Health: The 10 Benefits Of Sex!

Making Love Is Good For Your Health: The 10 Benefits Of Sex!

Sex is good for health. Indeed, many studies have highlighted the benefits of making love on the physical and mental well-being of individuals. So, here are the 10 evidences of the benefits of sex.

1 1. Sex is good for morale
2 2. Having sex reduces stress
3 3. Sex burns calories
4 4. Sex could promote restful sleep
5 5. Sex would be good for the memory
6 6. Sex could boost the immune system
7 7. Making love would be good for the heart
8 8. Sex as an antidepressant?
9 9. Making love could prevent the onset of prostate cancer
10 10. Sex would reduce chronic pain and migraines
11 How to enjoy the benefits of sex? Dating sites without a future

1. Sex is good for morale

Sex is good for mental health. Indeed, several studies have shown that sexual relations can improve partner satisfaction (source). Conversely, masturbation does not seem to have a positive effect on morale (source). The biological mechanisms that can explain the action of sex on mental health are still unclear.

The hypothesis most approved by the scientific community would be that sex helps to stimulate the cerebral air called hypothalamus via the LH hormone (source). This section of the brain is directly linked to the production of sex hormones, in particular testosterone. However, testosterone seems to play a role in improving mood and morale (source).

However, this hypothesis has raised doubts for some years. Indeed, several teams have injected exogenous testosterone in male patients to observe its effect on the morale and mood of patients. The results showed no significant effects of testosterone on patients' mental well-being or cognition (source).

Of course, these results do not invalidate the previous hypothesis because many other factors may be involved. Nevertheless, this research shows that there is not yet a scientific consensus in the mechanism by which sex plays on the health of individuals.

While it's still unclear why having sex is good for mental health, researchers seem to agree on which psychological aspects are improved through sex. Among them (source):

– Making love could increase confidence and self-esteem. – Sex would improve satisfaction. – Sexual relations may increase the ability to perceive, manage and express emotions. – Sex could make it possible to resolve emotional conflicts in a more mature and easier way.

2. Sex reduces stress

In continuity, the health benefits of making love are largely linked to psychic abilities. Indeed, sex seems to play on the stress of individuals (source). A study on rats highlighted the benefits of sex on anxiety and stress. Indeed, the researchers noticed that after the sexual intercourse, the rats were more resistant to stressful signals than the rats who had not had sexual activity (source). According to this same study, sexual activity would release corticotrophins that can act on the anxiety of individuals.

Conversely, stress also seems to have an effect on sexual relations (source). Indeed, anxious behavior could generate an erection problem as well as libido disorders.

3. Sex burns calories

The benefits of making love also seem to affect the physical form of individuals. Indeed, sex is a physical activity that would burn about 100 Kcal or 4.2 Kcal per minute for men and 70 Kcal or 3.1 Kcal per minute for women (source). Thus, this physical exercise could make it possible to lose weight (source).

4. Sex may promote restful sleep

Sex is good for your health, in particular because of its potential action on the quality of sleep (source). Indeed, intimate relationships seem to stimulate the production of oxytocin. This neurohormone is commonly called the “social hormone” and interacts with the hypothalamus which largely controls sleep cycles (source).

Today, only one study has highlighted the direct link between oxytocin and sleep. In this research, the study team injected rats with multiple doses of oxytocin. The results of the experiment would suggest that the rate of the social hormone is directly correlated to the quality of sleep (source). Thus, the less oxytocin is present, the more sleep disturbances could appear.

Because of the capacity of sexual relations to act on the production of oxytocin, it could be that making love is beneficial for the quality of sleep. Nevertheless, studies on this subject are still very elusive and none have highlighted the direct relationship between sleep and sex.

5. Sex would be good for the memory

Oxytocin also plays a role in memory and learning as well as in collective memory (source). Thus, an increase in the concentration of oxytocin in the central nervous system via sexual relations could have a positive effect on memory. However, this correlation does not yet make the scientific consensus.

Nevertheless, several studies go in this direction and have shown that sex could improve the condition of patients with dementia, in particular Alzheimer's (source, source). Indeed, making love seems to have a neuro-protective effect and thus slow down the degeneration of neurons in neurodegenerative diseases (source).

6. Sex could boost the immune system

Making love seems to help strengthen the immune system. Indeed, a study measured the level of immunoglobulin in a hundred students. The results suggest that individuals who have little sexual intercourse have less immunoglobin A (IgA) in their saliva (source). However, IgA are secondary immune cells that play a role in the prevention of diseases and rheumatism.

7. Making love would be good for the heart

Several studies have linked sex and cardiac pathologies. Indeed, love would seem to allow (source, source):

Lower blood pressure Improve heart function Reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies and hypertension.

8. Sex as an antidepressant?

Making love could act as an antidepressant in people who are anxious or suffering from depression. Indeed, love and sex-related excitement stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin in the central nervous system (source). However, depression is directly correlated with a deficiency in serotonin (source). As a result, some researchers would suggest that sex can act as an antidepressant and help fight against mood disorders and depression (source).

9. Sex could prevent prostate cancer

Men who frequent sex may have less chance of contracting prostate cancer (source). It seems that this phenomenon comes from ejaculation. Indeed, a study suggests that men who ejaculate between 4 and 7 times a week have a 36% lower chance of developing prostate cancer (source).

10. Sex would reduce chronic pain and migraines

Making love would have benefits on headaches and chronic pain. A study of 1000 men and women showed that 60% of people with chronic migraines notice an improvement after sex (source). It would also seem that making love can alleviate chronic pain in women (source).

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