Male impotence after prostate surgery

Male impotence after prostate surgery

You are about to undergo prostate surgery. It stresses you out, but the most distressing thing for you is to be prone to erection problems after the operation. Do not panic, we will clear up male impotence after prostate surgery in this article.

prostate surgery

Prostate cancer is very common in men. It is easy to cure, if detected in time. The disease results in an increase in the size of the prostate. To treat it, we proceed to a prostatectomy, this consists of a surgical removal of the prostate, seminal vesicles and differential bulbs. The side effects of this ablation are incontinence of urine and more particularly paralysis of the erection, partial or total. This operation has a link with male impotence, because it is difficult not to touch the erector nerves during the operation since they pass close to the prostate. Note that the operation has no direct effect on sexual desire, but it is not uncommon for the subject to have a decrease in desire and a decrease in the desire to have sexual intercourse.

Male impotence after prostatectomy

If prostate cancer is spotted in time, the risk of impotence is low. So a patient with benign prostate cancer has a high chance of keeping his erection as before. But, you have to wait a few months after the removal before you regain your libido. However, on some people, it can last 2 or 3 years. In this case, doctors may recommend additional treatments. So that the patient can regain his libido before, it is possible to do erectile rehabilitation. It consists of causing erections regularly through supplements such as extra male, injections and suppositories, vacuum pumps or penile implants. If possible, the patient should try to resume sexual activity quickly as soon as the pain disappears. The ideal is to start 4 to 6 weeks after the intervention. Recovery also depends on the preservation of one of the two neurovascular strips during surgery.

Factors that increase the risk of impotence after prostate cancer

People who did not experience erectile problems before surgery may very well regain their erections from before. Age is a major factor in male impotence following prostatectomy. The older the man to be operated on for prostate cancer, the more likely he is to regain his erectile function. Note also the frequency of sexual intercourse and erections. If they are not very significant before the operation, the risk of erectile dysfunction is increased. Most patients regain quality erections 3 years after the operation.

Prepare for possible sexual dysfunction

To better manage stress and anxiety before a prostatectomy, the sick subject must prepare mentally for the risk of erectile dysfunction. Surgeons have an obligation to tell the patient exactly about the possible risks after the operation. They must also specify the treatments necessary to remedy the side effects of the operation and the possibility of support.

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