male impotence and depression

male impotence and depression

The importance of the relationship between morale and health is often overlooked, even though it is fundamental. In the case of libido, there is evidence that in 90 percent of men with chronic depression, impotence also occurs.

I-Depressive states and erectile dysfunction: a “snowball” effect

According to several statistical studies, we know that depression, a real disease even if it is not always diagnosed, affects approximately one in ten men, and nearly one in five women at some time or the other of their life. If the statistics seem to indicate that the female sex is more sensitive to depressive states than men, it is perhaps also that the latter, because of a certain modesty and prejudices about virility, talk about it less.

However, we are witnessing a real "snowball" effect: if the depressive state actually leads to a certain form of helplessness, this helplessness itself, often badly experienced because it is a source of embarrassment and shame, risks further accentuating depression by lowering self-esteem. However, the more depression sets in, the more difficult the libido becomes. Locked in a circle of silence, many men cannot get out of it and prefer to repress the problem rather than confront it. Which is particularly damaging, because there are solutions that can work wonders…

II- Do not hesitate to contact professionals

Even if the course is sometimes difficult to pass, once you go to a specialist, or even if you go to your doctor, you can have access to effective solutions. Moreover, the simple fact of taking steps makes it possible to take the problem into account, which already creates a renewed energy.

Indeed, by accepting the possibility of an improvement, you already place yourself in a more combative state of mind, which will help you later. A suitable treatment is thus a plus that can restore your confidence, thus prolonging the beneficial effect that was already taking place when you decided to act.

In case your shyness is a hindrance, it may be wise to opt for self- medication, provided you find out beforehand about the medications you are going to use. Prefer especially light products, even plants, because a significant part of the treatment is based on a psychological process close to the placebo effect. An active substance is often used as a triggering phenomenon, but it is by deciding to act that you can regain your self-confidence and therefore begin a process leading you truly towards remission.

So the first thing to do is to act. Don't let yourself be locked into the vicious circle of depression causing impotence, impotence itself reinforcing depression, and so on… By going to a specialist, you will have the opportunity to benefit from real expertise. If necessary, start a treatment on your own based on light and safe products: this can create a trigger that promotes healing. Be that as it may, don't accept any fate, because there are remedies, and the first of them is to regain your self-confidence!

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