Male Impotence at 30

Male Impotence at 30

Male impotence is translated as an inability to have a satisfactory erection. In this case, the penis is not rigid enough to ensure normal penetration. Sexual impotence is different from sexual breakdown which is only punctual and only occasional. Male impotence is therefore a chronic disease that can occur in all men. Their causes can be numerous and often of organic origin. The causes can be illnesses, alcoholism, smoking, taking certain medications and many more. When you face this type of disease, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Because it should be known that this disease being chronic can often hide other types of infections which are even more serious than with the appearance.

Once impotence is declared in a man, it becomes impossible for him to have erections, regardless of the weather, night or day. It is from this day that he is said to be impotent. According to statistics, one in five men suffers from this chronic disease. Most of the time, it increases with age, ie 30% of men over 70 are affected by the disease. And with regard to young people from 20 to 30 years old. Impotence is often a condition associated with low libido in men.

Sexual impotence in 30 year old men can have many causes. As far as psychological causes are concerned, impotence in men can arise following bereavement, depression, couple problems, or even following too intense and too repetitive fatigue. It can also occur as a result of strong anxiety. But in general, impotence is a disease that occurs gradually through age and that little by little. As we are talking here about a certain disease, impotence can then be the source of several pathologies, so it must be taken into account as soon as the first signs appear. It can be a hormonal disease, diabetes, a heart problem or a genital disease without forgetting the various affections.

Male impotence is therefore a serious disease that can prevent a man's sex life from flourishing normally. It can affect married men and even single people. Most of the time, being impotent causes weakness in their masculinity. They therefore begin to lose confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

Faced with these chronic disorders, appropriate treatments are available and available to men who suffer from this disease. Among the best known, you have psychotherapy or dialogue as a couple. There is also the taking of the blue pill but in this case, it is important to take the advice of a doctor.

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