Male Impotence at 50

Male Impotence at 50

One of the things we fear at the age of 50

At a certain given age in life, we begin to have health problems either because of old age or because of our diet or for one reason or another. However, sexuality is a subject that is still taboo for some people. Among the problems in terms of sexuality, we often have premature ejaculation problems, erection problems or even urinary problems. It is therefore obvious that these problems concern men especially from the age of 40. According to studies carried out in this direction, one in three people suffers from sexual impotence at the age of 40 and one in two people at the age of 50. Often, a confusion is made between sexual impotence which is a difficulty in maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation which is the fact of ejaculating very quickly. Moreover, male impotence is often confused with sterility.

Now the question arises how to solve this problem. Several methods are proposed, namely pills, traditional treatments, aphrodisiacs or even physical exercises. It is important to know the causes of male impotence before you can put in place a strategy to regain full power. Among the causes of sexual impotence are anxiety, stress, marital problems, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. To these are added, industrial and chemical products because they contain substances that inhibit sex hormones. Far still, these industrial foods sometimes contain benzene (creates disturbances in the hormonal cycle) as research has shown. It is important to note also obesity which also causes sexual impotence because of the fat which impacts the quality of the erection. Accidents having affected the spinal cord, cardiovascular problems are also factors to be taken into consideration.

It is urgent to take this problem seriously because a priori having no consequences on health, can affect your life as a couple. Your partner will be fed up after a while because she is no longer satisfied in bed. But don't panic, there are ways to regain your virility. For this purpose, we can mention the case of exercises that allow the man to stand in positions that increase the intensity of the erection thanks to a better circulation of blood through the veins. This method is much more recommended because it is natural and has no side effects. Then, there are, as mentioned above, natural treatments based on plants of African or Asian origin. The advantage of these plants is that they provide substances that allow the kidneys to be more and more solid and thus the formation of a good structure of the muscles and tissues of the penis. In addition, some people turn to aphrodisiacs or tablets which are only very short-term issues. On the other hand, the first two solutions which aim to restore sexual potency, that is to say, to be cured of this problem and to find a smile again.

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