Male Menopause: Myth Or Real Sexual Problem?

Male Menopause: Myth Or Real Sexual Problem?

The male menopause raises many debates because the reality and the frequency of this phenomenon have not been clearly defined. Female menopause is a well-known phenomenon, many studies have been devoted to this specific phase of women's lives. The latter accept it because they know that it is an “inevitable change”. But what about men? Does the production of male hormones decline like those of women at some point in their lives? In fact, men who take care of their sex and their health sometimes notice the appearance of certain signs that confirm the existence of male menopause.

Does male menopause really exist?

The controversies linked to the existence of male menopause focus mainly on the changes that affect the production of hormones. Scientific research has shown that the production of hormones decreases during the life of men. It is, however, a gradual change that can even take place over several decades. Moreover, if these changes cause the appearance of certain symptoms, they are less debilitating than those which affect women and they do not all appear at the same time. And finally, reduced male hormone levels do not necessarily cause fertility problems.

This particular phase of men's life is therefore very different from female menopause. In their case, the production of female hormones is suddenly interrupted and this phenomenon causes symptoms which can all appear at the same time. This process takes place quickly, over a few years. It causes symptoms that can greatly affect the daily life of women. Postmenopausal women can no longer have children because they become sterile when their body completely stops producing hormones.

Therefore, when asked about male menopause, the answer includes two elements: Yes, this phenomenon exists because it causes symptoms that affect many men. But no, it is not comparable to female menopause, because its consequences are not so significant.

Treatment of symptoms

This phase, however, causes a large number of symptoms that can be unpleasant or disturbing for men. One of the most annoying consequences of reduced male hormone levels is a drop in libido. Men who once had a fulfilling sex life are sometimes surprised to find that they no longer feel sexual desire, that this activity no longer interests them, or that they no longer manage to have regular sexual intercourse.

These disorders are usually related to the natural aging process. The production of male hormones decreases over time until this phenomenon causes various symptoms. The main consequence of this process is a decrease in male libido, but it also causes other problems that include weight gain, irritability, fatigue, insecurity, depression and even episodes of mental confusion.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions to treat these disorders. Men need to take care of their health by trying to lose weight, exercising regularly, prioritizing healthy foods, learning to better manage stress, and getting enough sleep. It is also possible to undergo hormone treatment if this period seriously affects the quality of life of the men concerned.

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