Misconceptions About Large Penis

Misconceptions About Large Penis

Penis anxiety is endemic in our culture. Ask a guy you know his height pretty well and see how many you'll say he's average, or even shorter.

The idea of ​​being told you have a small penis is an absolute affront to a man's masculinity. But does the size of it really matter in the bedroom?

Studies have shown that size does not correlate with a better relationship or more sexual satisfaction from partners. It could make your partner feel grateful and make you feel more confident. But it could also lead to overconfidence, which means you don't listen to your partner, and in this case, satisfaction decreases. A survey in Kenya found that women were more likely to cheat on their husbands if their penis was too big, because it was too painful, so they felt no sexual pleasure or satisfaction. Although many men in our culture and some women called "size queens" are obsessed with large penises, most women find it overkill. And it's not always comfortable or even pleasant. Men's Health columnist Nicole Béland said, “Yes, we care about the size of a man's penis. But when it comes to sexual satisfaction, that's pretty far down on our priority list."

A recent study from the Australian National University recently stated that women like big penises. But what the media failed to report is that the study also found that women prefer penises that are in the average to slightly larger than average range. A woman's attraction decreases after a certain size.

Women prefer this average to large size in proportion to a man's body. They preferred slightly larger men with a corresponding height. This goes with the generally accepted, but not scientifically accepted view that proportionality is attractive, as much as body symmetry. Although pornography has come to glorify large penises, pornography is certainly not representative of real life. In fact, many young men who grow up with Internet porn have a lot of misconceptions about the sexuality of these videos.

Instead of letting porn and people influence you, why not investigate what you and your partner prefer? It should be a wonderful trip rather than an activity that makes you anxious. Some women find that men with large penises don't live up to their expectations. Sex isn't just about penetration. Only a quarter of women can orgasm during regular sex. Most need digital or oral stimulation to achieve orgasm. What's more, there are techniques for satisfying a woman that you can use regardless of your size. To really be the best lover, it's not the equipment that counts. It is to be relaxed, confident, positive, giving, sensitive, open and generous with your partner.

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