Mucuna Puriens: Optimizing Your Sexual Performance

Mucuna Puriens: Optimizing Your Sexual Performance

What is this ingredient called Mucuna Pruriens and why is it often included in the composition of dietary supplements designed to optimize men's sexual performance? It is a tropical vine whose seeds provide all the medical benefits that have been mentioned in this article.

It is also called Cow'Hage and Purple Bean and it contains the precursor neurotransmitter L-Dopa and stimulates the production of dopamine. Mucuna Pruriens has also been found to have a positive effect on mood and provide many other benefits.

The Effects of L-Dopa on Testosterone Levels

Scientific studies that were conducted by the Environmental Health Science Laboratory of Sumitomo Chemical Co. in Osaka, Japan, have proven that long-lasting treatment with L-Dopa can stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone in male rats. Why is this information important? Scientists have found that the secretion of these hormones can stimulate testosterone production.

L-Dopa also reduces excessive levels of prolactin in the body which can decrease sexual desire. This neurotransmitter therefore stimulates the production of testosterone while increasing the libido of men and women.

The L-Dopa in Mucuna Puriens also helps to significantly reduce the recovery time that is usually needed after sex if the herb is digested several hours beforehand. This will allow both partners to wait less time before having a second sexual intercourse.

Dopamine is an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of the brain. A deficiency of dopamine, can cause contractions and tremors in the muscles of the body, these two factors have a direct influence on sexual performance. The human brain is arguably the most important sex organ and it's harder to have sex when your body isn't completely relaxed.

Does Mucuna Pruriens really affect penis size?

The production of Dopamine that can be stimulated by Mucuna Pruriens offers several major benefits. It improves the libido, decreases the essential recovery period for men after sexual intercourse and it also stimulates the production of growth hormone.

If we go into detail, this means that the increase in libido optimizes the blood flow to the penis in order to supply it with a greater quantity of nutrients. This process called hyper-engorgement can improve penis size in a natural way.

The secretion of additional growth hormones can positively affect the size of the penis and it will optimize the results obtained using exercises or devices specially designed for penis enlargement. Obviously, these results will vary depending on individuals, their diets and a number of other factors.

Does Mucuna Pruriens really provide so many benefits?

Yes! This ingredient is really effective, which is why it is included in many dietary supplements specially designed for men. Its positive effects on male and female libido have been scientifically proven.

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