Muira Puama: Introducing the Bark of Bois Bandé

Muira Puama: Introducing the Bark of Bois Bandé

Muira Puama: presentation of the bark of banded wood

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Used by the indigenous peoples of Brazil since the dawn of time, the Muira Puama arouses the curiosity of the scientific community. And more particularly that of the French doctor sexologist Jacques Waynberg. The studies he has conducted on its effects on the libido have almost resulted in an authorization for sale.

The Amazonian shrub known as banded wood could therefore have been a serious natural alternative to Viagra. But faced with the lack of evidence, opinions about the effectiveness of Muira Puama are mixed.

1 Muira Puama, what is it?
2 The aphrodisiac properties of Muira Puama
3 How to take Muira Puama?
4 Contraindications and side effects of Muira Puama

Muira Puama, what is it?

Muira Puama is the name given by the aborigines of Amazonia. In French, it could be translated as wood of sexual potency. This speaks to us more than its botanical name Ptychopetalum olacoide. But it is also found under the name of banded wood.

Botanical description of Muira Puama

I think you will have understood it, the Muira Puama grows in South America, in the Amazon, in Brazil. This tree with a gray trunk can measure up to 15 meters in height. Its leaves are green / dark brown and its small flowers are white / yellow. It belongs to the Olacaceae family which itself includes more than 250 different species divided into 25 genera (source).

Botanists who have studied the Muira Puama used by indigenous peoples have had great difficulty in identifying it precisely. And if we add to this the inaccuracies brought by the trade names – such as that of bois bande – it becomes very difficult to be certain of the species that we have in our hands (source).

This is also why reliable information is sorely lacking about it. Curiously, there are no photos of the Muira Puama tree on the internet. Only of its leaves, flowers and some bark extract zooms. On the other hand, images of bottles of food supplements formulated with Muira Puama abound… Here is a tree victim of its own success.

What do we know about him?

There are still many unanswered questions about the Muira Puama. Despite the interest it arouses among researchers, such as the famous American Institute of Health which published a study on Muira Puama, opinions are diverse. It is listed in the pharmacopoeia of the United Kingdom to combat erectile dysfunction, as well as that of Brazil. But the rest of the world is still puzzled.

It was during the 1920s that the Muira Puama was put into the hands of the European scientific community. Some in vitro experiments have made it possible to isolate some of its components in order to be able to test its effects more precisely. If its mode of action could be apprehended, there is no written trace of the observations made.

On this subject, I spoke to you earlier about Jacques Waynberg. This doctor researcher was at the time convinced of the aphrodisiac powers of Muira Puama and carried out a study with 262 subjects suffering from sexual dysfunction. Again, the observations made have not been published, although rumors have it that the results were very encouraging.

It will be necessary to wait until the 2000s for the experience to be renewed. This time it concerns 202 women suffering from frigidity who were prescribed a natural treatment formulated from extracts of Muira Puama. But again, the findings have not been made public…

Finally, all that we know for sure is that the aborigines of Amazonia have been using it for centuries to fight against impotence and lack of sexual vigor (source). So why not give this mysterious tree the benefit of the doubt?

The aphrodisiac properties of Muira Puama

When we are interested in natural Viagra alternatives, we often come across the expressions aphrodisiac virtues, or aphrodisiac powers. We understand that this implies the stimulation of the libido, the renewed interest in sex and an increased sexual desire.

But concretely, what does that mean? What I mean by this: what happens to the body when you consume a so-called aphrodisiac food? In reality, aphrodisiacs act on the different aspects that influence our sexual desire. To know :

The quality of blood circulation. As you know, the penis – and the clitoris – are erectile organs, which means that their stimulation depends on blood supply. Roughly speaking, aphrodisiacs, including Muira Puama, increase blood flow thanks to their vasodilator effect (source). – Stress reduction. What is the main enemy of an active libido? Stress, of course. How many times have work problems kept you from enjoying your partner's body? It is, moreover, the great evil of our century. Fortunately most aphrodisiacs act on our nervous system which releases endorphins to reduce stress and anxiety (source). – Finally, they are rich in antioxidants. Like ellagic acid, these formidable guardians of health give you the necessary pep for long nights of madness.

If the Muira Puama actually has aphrodisiac virtues, then here are the effects it will have on your body. As you can see, this has nothing to do with Viagra whose effects are felt after only 30 minutes. Here it would be more of a background treatment, to be carried out over the long term. The advantage is that its benefits will be permanent.

How to take Muira Puama?

If you've decided to ignore the lack of scientific evidence and try the effects of Muira Puama anyway, you're far from alone.

Just take a look on the internet to be convinced: there are hundreds of brands that offer food supplements formulated from Muira Puama. Whether for men or women for that matter. We tend to forget it but the lack of sexual desire also concerns these ladies. And female aphrodisiacs work the same way.

You can also get tea as well as dry leaves of Muira Puama to consume it as an aphrodisiac drink. But I suggest you opt for a supplement instead because you can combine its stimulating power with that of other powerful aphrodisiacs. It is not uncommon to find it alongside ginseng, ginkgo biloba, arginine, vitamins and zinc.

Generally, this type of cure is for the long term, the aphrodisiac effect is rarely immediate. In any case, be sure to follow the dosage indicated by the manufacturer.

What results can you expect with Muira Puama?

It's a difficult task to tell you what results you will get with this sexual enhancer. The opinion of the scientific community is mixed about the effectiveness of Muira Puama, so imagine that uncertainty reigns. Even if, according to the manufacturers of these supplements based on Muira Puama, there is no doubt: the results are almost miraculous.

Anyway, one thing is certain: if you want to see the difference in your sex life, you will have to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. Start by eliminating – or at least eliminating – all your vices: cigarettes, alcohol and junk food.

And then, put in place a few reflexes such as hydrating yourself well, playing sports, consuming more fruits, vegetables and fish. Once you have succeeded in changing these different aspects of your daily life, you can, in addition to consuming Muira Puama, add certain aphrodisiac foods to your diet.

For example, oysters are excellent for stimulating male desire, the zinc they contain indeed promotes the production of testosterone. The aphrodisiac ginger effectively activates blood circulation.

The same goes for chili peppers, garlic and pepper. It even seems that cider vinegar helps to get a hard-on more easily. In short, you will have understood it, there are lots of grandmother's recipes at your fingertips if you want to optimize the effects of Muira Puama.

Contraindications and side effects of Muira Puama

The Muira Puama has been the subject of some scientific studies but as I told you, no results have been published about it so far. As a result, no side effects were reported.

But that doesn't mean that taking Muira Puama isn't dangerous. There are few risks, I agree, but be sure to respect the indicated dosage.

If you suffer from a chronic disease or you are under medical treatment, I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor before taking Muira Puama.

Side contraindications, it is the same: we are sorely lacking in scientific data. The usual precaution is therefore in order.

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