My sperm is frothy, is it a problem and what can I do?

My sperm is frothy, is it a problem and what can I do?

Semen is not only the fluid that sustains life, it is also an indicator of our sexual health. Although there is no such thing as normal sperm, it is important to know the characteristics of quality sperm. Among these criteria, there is of course the quantity, but also the color, the taste of the sperm as well as its consistency.

Indeed, some observe a thick sperm and for others, it is rather gelatinous. There are even some who have a cold semen. As you can see, there are many doubts about the appearance of sperm. Among them there are also those who have foamy semen and wonder why. This last scenario is the subject of our article.

1 The appearance of healthy sperm
2 My semen is foamy: is it serious?
3 How to find normal sperm?

The appearance of healthy sperm

Before looking more specifically at the issue of sparkling semen, let's briefly recall what so-called normal semen looks like. As you probably know, the latter is produced in the testicles, it contains three main ingredients:

1. Sperm, of course. They are made in the testicles and are just over 100 million per milliliter. 2. Seminal fluid which comes from the seminal glands as well as various sex glands. 3. And another fluid produced by the prostate.

The purpose of these fluids is to keep the sperm alive. This is why they are rich in essential nutrients such as fructose, zinc, magnesium, iron and various vitamins. The mixture of these two liquids constitutes about 80% of the total volume of semen and they are what gives it its appearance. (source) Thus, semen is generally liquid without being totally fluid and thick without being gelatinous. It is rather white, sometimes yellow sperm is possible, but it is not serious.

As for its texture, it is normally quite smooth, although many men observe a few lumps. Again, this is not a sign of poor health and nothing to worry about. When it comes to foamy semen, we'll see that there's also nothing to worry about.

Finally, many men are generally worried about the amount of semen. Be aware that this is relative depending on the men and varies between 1.5 and 4.5 ml. If you want to increase the volume of your sperm, you can consult our article on abundant ejaculation, you will find lots of tips there.

My semen is foamy: is it serious?

If you observe like small air bubbles in your semen, it is not serious at all. It simply means that some air has filtered out during ejaculation. As a reminder, ejaculation takes place in 2 phases:

1. The emission phase : all the liquids and components of semen are concentrated at the level of the urethra. It is said that the man takes charge. 2. The expulsion phase : the sperm is expelled in several jerks, generally spaced 0.8 seconds apart. It passes through the same conduit used by urine, the urethral meatus.

If you observe frothy semen, it may mean that it has mixed with air present in the urethral meatus during the second phase. (source) Which would explain the formation of small bubbles and give a frothy appearance, like sparkling. In addition, know that the sperm is ejaculated at a speed of 45 km / h. Foamy semen can therefore also be explained by this speed of expulsion. Anyway there is no reason to worry. The air in your semen will not affect its quality.

How to find normal sperm?

As I told you, foamy semen is not a worrying anomaly. However, you certainly want to find smooth semen without air bubbles. For that, there is only one solution: to renew your sperm in order to expel all the air which is possibly in your conduits. Masturbate daily for several days in a row to stimulate sperm production and speed up the process. Normally you should observe less and less frothy semen over ejaculations.

If you don't see any change, review your lifestyle. For sperm to be of good quality, it is important to adopt good habits:

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Your semen is also made up of water and so it is imperative that you are properly hydrated (source). – Have a healthy and varied diet. Your body draws nutrients from your diet. If you eat fatty, salty and sweet foods, he does not have much at his disposal to produce quality sperm (source). – Play sports. The practice of a regular sports activity promotes the production of testosterone. As a reminder, testosterone is at the origin of sperm production (source).

If, however, your semen retains its bubbly appearance, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. He will be able to advise you. He will also be able to prescribe a spermogram, that is to say an in-depth examination of the sperm.

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