Overweight And Erectile Disorder: What To Do To Remedy It?

Overweight And Erectile Disorder: What To Do To Remedy It?

Currently nearly 79% of men with erectile dysfunction are overweight. In the long term, this phenomenon could cause great anxiety in the person. However, it is quite possible to solve this scourge which concerns hundreds of thousands of French people.

Why does obesity make you impotent?

To understand it, you have to know how erection works. In order for a man to have an intense erection, it is imperative that the blood can circulate well to the cavernous body of the penis. And when you are overweight, blood circulation can be disturbed by the fats that accumulate in the veins.

As a clinical sign, the subject may have a sudden loss of erection during intercourse. And over time, he will start having difficulty getting a full erection. At the same time, his libido will decrease which will lead to a considerable drop in sexual appetite.

Viagra as a solution?

When you suffer from obesity, it is never to be ruled out that you may have cardiovascular problems. In the event of erectile dysfunction, therefore, if one consumes viagra in the hope of having a better erection again, the consequences could be catastrophic. Indeed, we expose ourselves to a great risk of having a heart attack which can lead to death. Moreover this chemical substance does not offer a solution on the long term, in fact, one must take some with each report/ratio. Even if you have a healthy heart, the periodic consumption of this type of medicine could cause irreversible damage to the body.

The solutions to solve this erectile dysfunction

In order to solve an erectile problem related to overweight, it is important to attack the heart of the problem and opt for a solution that focuses on the long term.

– Eating healthy and balanced: to overcome worries related to overweight, you must try to eat a balanced diet and exclude bad fats and foods with a high glycemic index from your dishes. As recommended meals, one can eat foods rich in protein such as fish and lean meats. Also, in order to eliminate fats and toxins in the blood, it is also recommended to drink a drainer like green tea which is a very powerful natural antioxidant. – Take pills based on natural products: natural pills based on ginseng, pomegranate and guarana can greatly help improve blood flow in the penis and increase libido. Without any side effects, as a supplement, they can also increase penis size and girth. – Practicing physical activities: Apart from food and the consumption of food supplements, sport also helps to have a more toned and more robust body. Being able to stimulate male hormones at the same time, it can contribute to the resolution of erectile dysfunction.

What to do if you don't get any results?

If from these tips you still have erectile dysfunction, the ideal would be to contact a doctor. Indeed, the disorder in question could be linked to other factors or a disease such as diabetes.

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