Painful Ejaculation: 10 Reasons You Should See A Doctor Immediately

Painful Ejaculation: 10 Reasons You Should See A Doctor Immediately

Painful ejaculations can greatly affect men's sex life and morale, because after all sex should only bring pleasure and well-being. This is unfortunately a fairly common problem that can affect many men over the course of their lives. The men who suffer from it generally do not dare to approach this subject with a doctor, a simple consultation can however help them to solve this problem and to limit the development of a more serious pathology. Painful ejaculations often indicate an underlying problem, so they should prompt consultation for a general assessment. Consult our article to inform you about the causes of this problem and the advice that can help you preserve your penis and reduce the frequency of your medical consultations.

Painful ejaculation: 10 possible causes

Different factors can cause pain during male orgasm; these include in particular:

1. Nerve damage inside the penis

2. Clogged ejaculatory duct

3. Urethritis: inflammation or infection of the urethra

4. A sexually transmitted infection

5. Prostatitis: inflammation or infection of the prostate

6. Physical pain caused by a psychological problem

7. Orchitis: inflammation or infection of one or both testicles

8. Prostate Cancer

9. Use of antidepressants

10. Epididymitis: Inflammation or infection of the epididymis or the tube that contains semen and is located inside the testicles.

What treatments are used for painful ejaculation?

Painful ejaculations can be caused by many factors, so doctors offer different treatments to solve this problem. To begin with, men affected by these disorders must imperatively undergo a medical examination. This pathology cannot be treated effectively using only the data available on the internet and self-medication. The lack of medical treatment can even have serious consequences for your health. The doctor can carry out several examinations to identify the cause of the pain: analysis of a sample of semen, urine, urine collected post-ejaculation, sample taken inside the urethra or cystoscopy carried out in order to examine inside the bladder. When the cause of the pain has been identified, the doctor can prescribe a specific treatment. Medications or antibiotics will likely be prescribed if an infection occurs. The doctor may also recommend antiviral or anti-inflammatory treatments. If he does not identify any physical cause, he will advise the patient to consult a mental health professional in order to treat the psychological disorders that can cause this type of pain. Non-drug treatments include relaxation techniques, guided visualization, or other behavioral techniques that have been specifically designed to treat these disorders.

Quality of life

It is imperative that you consult and follow an effective medical treatment if you suffer from painful ejaculations because this problem can seriously affect your quality of life. These pains can cause men to avoid sex, they can also cause relationship problems, anxiety, depressive disorders, self-esteem issues and performance anxiety that may persist after recovery. We recommend that you seek medical attention quickly in the event of pain, as these disorders will cause more serious problems in the future if not treated quickly.

How to Maintain the Condition and Health of the Penis?

It is not always enough to take care of your health to avoid infections. Men can, however, take certain precautions to avoid this type of pain and its occurrence in the future. They must above all ensure that they have impeccable hygiene by washing their penis daily. Men who are not circumcised must regularly retract their glans in order to clean it properly, because the foreskin is home to many bacteria that can cause infections. If they wish, they can also use a high-quality vitamin-rich cream to nourish their penis skin and protect it from infection. The use of a cream containing Vitamin A eliminates many bacteria and therefore prevents infections and the appearance of ejaculatory pain. You just need to apply this type of product daily to preserve your penis and avoid pain!

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