Painful Erection: Causes And Treatments

Painful Erection: Causes And Treatments

An erection is a certain mark of virility in men. It is also the basis of sexual pleasure. However, a painful erection can occur, either at the fateful moment of physical intercourse, or outside of sexual intercourse. Troubled and frightened, men are often at odds with this kind of situation, and are afraid of their partner's lazzi. Reasons for which, it happens that they do not speak about it and that they keep their suffering, whereas this kind of pain can be the symptoms of a pathology which it is necessary to look after. It doesn't have to be any disease because the pain can be caused by contact with the partner, or by something else. If the evil persists, or returns oftentimes, it is advisable to consult a specialist. It is possible to consult a urologist, just as it is possible to see a sexologist who has the same temperaments as the urology expert.

Manifestation of pain

The onset of pain may vary from subject to subject. The pain felt can concern the external part of the organ, just as the suffering can come from the inside. It may start with a feeling of discomfort, or tingling, and may spread and gradually get worse. In other cases, she attacks abruptly.

Causes of painful erection

A painful erection is not a disease in itself, rather it is a warning sign. However, it is possible that it is the result of a shock suffered during sex. The causes of painful erection are therefore numerous. A violent sexual intercourse exposes the man to the fracture of the cavernous bodies of the penis which causes great pain at the time of erection. Urinary tract stones and tumors, parasomnia, hypospadias, phimosis, rupture of foreskin frenulum, allergy and infections like Mondor's disease and Peyronie's disease cause painful erection.

The painful erection may be the first symptoms of Peyronie's disease. If it is really a question of this pathology, the evil tends to fade gradually, which misleads the subject because he will think that it was just temporary. On the other hand, the more the pain disappears, the more difficult it will be to obtain an erection. This pathology often manifests itself from the age of 40.

Parasomnia is manifested by an erection during REM sleep. The hardening of the organ, accompanied by pain, often awakens the subject. Such a disturbance considerably harms the health and daily life of individuals with this pathology.

The corpora cavernosa are the parts in which the rush of blood rises and settles when a man gets erect. When the limb is abused so much, or it has been subjected to a shock or a sudden movement, the fracture of this body can occur. To overcome this situation, the urologist needs to do sutures.

How to treat it?

Only a specialist, or failing that a general practitioner, is able to prescribe the treatments adapted to each case. Indeed, given the various reasons that can cause this pain, the treatment to be recommended must treat the source to eradicate the evil. So, this is the cause that must be taken care of. This can be surgery, medication, or something else. Some cases may be urgent, such as priapism and trauma to the penis, for example. So many reasons why the subjects concerned should no longer ask themselves the question "how to treat it" because the only action to be taken is to consult a doctor without delay, a urologist, or a sexologist preferably.

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