Penis Enlargement: Complete Guide To A Bigger Penis

Penis Enlargement: Complete Guide To A Bigger Penis

The subject of " penis enlargement " often clutters our inboxes with spam, late-night infomercials, and advertisements on the backs of men's magazines. But behind all the hype is some truth, and with a little effort, you can control your penis size.

Keep reading to learn everything you never wanted to know about penis enlargement. Can I really enlarge my penis? If so, what enlargement methods work best? How do they work? How can you start increasing your height right now? And much more!

The essentials

Penis enlargement: Yes, if you really want to increase your size, it is possible. Like all body modifications, like weight training, it takes work and time to see the results you expect.

The most popular enlargement methods: The main ways to get your penis enlargement are: (1) penis exercises and exercise equipment (2) penis pills, supplements and lotions herbs that have vasodilating and testosterone-boosting effects. (3) penis enlargement surgery.

Penis exercises: These exercises are most often recommended because of the insufficiency side effects that can sometimes be experienced with pills, supplements, or surgery. Sometimes all methods are combined to achieve greater results such as taking supplements during exercise.

Penis Size & Magnification: The average penis size is between "5" and "6" in length and "5" in girth. Most men who practice "penis enlargement" are above this average.

Is penis enlargement possible?

It is clear that yes, penis enlargement is entirely possible and absolutely real. This does not mean that it is easy to put into practice, automatic or without risk. However, it is quite possible.

Despite the lack of formal research, tens of thousands of men have actually practiced this permanent enlargement. Just like bodybuilding, the results are real, measurable, so for permanent results, all you need is:

– Time. – Perseverance. – A coherent effort.

How does penis enlargement work?

Penis enlargement exercises are based on the same principle as building muscle in other parts of your body. When the tissues of the corpus spongiosum and the corpus cavernosum of the penis (see the interior structure of the penis image below) are subjected to stretching, micro tears occur. This then makes it easier for new cells to grow to repair those cracks, just as it happens when you build muscle tissue in other places in your body.

Picture the penis as if it were a brick wall. If you build your wall leaving gaps, your wall will be higher than if you had positioned the bricks tight against each other. New cell growth works the same way in your body, filling in empty spaces with new cells.

There are countless examples of the body's amazing ability to stretch and grow. Indigenous customs consist of inserting larger and larger plates in the lips or ears or neck rings used by women of the Padang tribe in Burma. Your penis is no different. This new cell growth allows the increase in length and girth of the penis.

How can I enlarge my penis?

The different enlargement methods

When it comes to enlargement, you have various options. Some are more effective than others. Some are more drastic than others. The method you choose will depend on how long you have to complete your goals, and which particular method you are most comfortable with.

penis enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are natural methods to enlarge the penis, and what is really effective. Due to the inconvenience or lesser results sometimes seen with surgery and supplements, these penis exercises combined with exercise equipment, are our most recommended methods for penis enlargement.

Often the other methods are combined with exercise sessions such as taking supplements while performing these exercises to maximize your enlargement results. Ultimately, however, the surest, most reliable, and permanent way to achieve this growth is to focus on these exercises.

How do penis enlargement exercises work?

These exercises involve contracting muscles to strengthen them (Kegels), stretching, or forcing nutrient-rich blood into the penis (jelqs), to stimulate its growth.

Here's the best part:

Penis enlargement exercises do not require any specific equipment other than you, your hands, time and a suitable place to practice (yes, the work toilet is to be avoided).

The most popular types of penis enlargement exercises

Penis exercises are offered in a variety of ways. The most common techniques are:

[check list]

1. 1. – Jelqing – Kegels – Compression – Stretching


Jelqing :

Jelqing is a basic exercise, which uses a milking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while stretching it, to increase size. It is a simple but effective four-step exercise, performed when the penis is at 50-75% erection level (higher erection levels can be used by several experienced adepts).

These four steps are:

1. Make the OK sign with your index finger and your thumb, around the base of your penis.

1. With light pressure, slowly move your grip to the tip of the penis.

1. Stop just before the glans.

1. Repeat the exercise.


Originally designed for women, Kegel exercises are a great way for men to strengthen their pubic-coccygeal muscles. These are the skeletal muscles needed to support your erection angle as well as orgasm control.

Also, Kegeling increases blood flow to the penis to enlarge it. These exercises can be performed almost anywhere.

For the Kegel:

1. Locate your pelvic floor muscles. 2. Contract your muscles. 3. Hold this contraction. 4. Release and repeat.

Learn more about how to perform the Kegel and its benefits, in our article “Kegels for Men”.

Compression :

These exercises use compression that acts on the tissues of the penis, promoting new cell growth and enlargement of the latter. Compression exercises are particularly good for increasing girth.

The compressor is one of the most advanced exercises in compression and is excellent for increasing girth. This is a two-handed exercise. Here are the steps to perform the compressor exercise:

1. Give the OK sign with your palm facing down, around the base of your penis.

1. Place the other hand, doing the OK sign, on the area where the glans joins the shaft. Do not put direct pressure on the glans.

1. Slowly bring both hands together, compressing the shaft of the penis.

1. While the tree is compressed, bend the tree back and forth, putting tension along these areas to increase growth.

Stretching :

By stretching the penis, the tissue undergoes micro tears, resulting in the growth of new tissue which fills the space created by the tears, the overall size of the penis increases. Stretching exercises are especially useful if your goal is to increase the length of your penis.

However, you should not stretch it too violently as this may cause pain. Be sure to gradually increase the intensity of the stretch during your exercise session. Stretching can be done in different ways:

– Straight therefore in opposition to the body: This stretch is perfect for a normal length exercise.

– Left or Right: Stretching to the left or right is helpful when correcting a penis curve.

– Downwards or upwards: Stretching downwards or upwards exerts tension on the upper or lower part of the shaft respectively.

– Or a combination of all of the above: Combine stretch directions to maximize the areas targeted by your workout and stretch.

Devices to enlarge the penis:

Technology exists to make our lives easier, and penis enlargement is no exception. Mechanical penis enlargement devices can be used to replace manual exercises or in conjunction with them.

How do penis enlargement devices work?

Instead of manually practicing the effort required to cause penis growth, penis enlargement devices do it for you. The advantage of using a device is the increased intensity level of pressure applied. Similar to how you use a gym weight to increase your strength, penis expanders, pumps, and weights can provide a workout with high intensity.

The most popular penis enlargement devices

These devices are most often grouped into three categories:

Extenders : mechanically stretch the penis. Weights: use gravity to aid in stretching. Pumps : use vacuum suction to stretch the tissues and to force blood into the tissues of the penis

Penis extenders:

Expanders are simple devices, traction devices. Although there are a variety of models, the principle of each of them remains the same. Penis extensions increase the tension on the shaft of the penis, creating micro-tears in the cells, which when they rebuild, increase the size of the penis. Think of that brick wall. Don't let the looks of some of them scare you off, the best devices fit comfortably and can even be worn under your clothes all day long.

the most popular penis extender is:

– SizeGenetics: click here for more information

Hangers & Penis Enlargement Weights:

Hangers and penis weights are also pull-type devices. However, the device itself does not create traction, the traction is created by weights that are hooked onto the device attached to the penis and which uses gravity. Penis enlargement is created by the same physiological process as the extender. Hang yourself from a tree long enough, and your arms will be longer. Hang weight on your penis long enough, and… do the math.

The most popular hangers and weights are:

– The LG Hanger – PE Weights

Penis Enlargement Pumps:

Penis pumps use vacuum suction and result in penis enlargement. As with extenders, there are a large number of models of penis pumps on the market. However, they are all some form of cylinder that sits over the penis and a back and forth motion creates a vacuum in the tube.

This movement draws blood into the penis, engorges it with blood. Penis pumps can also be used with a ring for men who have erectile difficulties. One of the most popular pumps is the Bathmate, it can be used both in and out of the tub or shower. The best penis enlargement pumps are:

– The Bathmate: Follow this link for more information.

Penis enlargement pills and lotions

Herbal remedies for penis enlargement currently on the market are available in various forms. They can be in the form of a supplement, orally, or in the form of a cream or lotion, applied directly to the penis.

How do penis enlargement supplements work?

Health professionals have long known the value of herbal remedies, and so it is no wonder that there are various herbs that can be used for penis enlargement. Some herbs temporarily stimulate blood flow, which is important for penis growth.

The trickiest thing is determining which plants have real value. There are plenty of "cures" on the internet that don't work and have unwanted side effects or may pose real health risks. Finding products with safe and reputable ingredients to effectively help you enlarge your penis is essential.

The most popular penis enlargement supplements are

The most popular herbal remedies usually include one or more of the following:

the best pill remains:

MaleExtra : 100% natural and based on grenadine, it improves penis enlargement, promotes hardness, allows for more intense orgasms, and generates an increase in libido. (our article on male extra)

penis enlargement surgery

Surgery is the most drastic method for enlarging your penis. However, this method of enlargement is permanent and immediate. These increases are generally most noticeable at rest, so be sure you understand that the increases quoted may reflect growth at rest and not erection.

How does penis enlargement surgery work?

Penis enlargement surgery involves medical modifications to the penis. For this lengthening, the ligament attaching the penis to the inner bone is severed, allowing the inner penis to slide forward. For its enlargement, fat is injected under the skin of the penis o. The glans is also increased, by injection of fat, it is increased proportionally depending on the surgery performed.

The risks of penis enlargement surgery are:

– Loss of erection angle. – Erectile dysfunction. – nerve damage. – Many other potential complications that can lead to death.

The most popular types of penis enlargement surgery

There are three primary surgeries used for penis enlargement:

1. Severing the ligament. 2. The dermal implant. 3. Glans enlargement.

Decide what is right for you

Deciding which penis enlargement method is best for you depends on your personal factors such as the amount of time and dedication you are willing to spend on your enlargement endeavors, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and your risk versus outcome assessment for methods like surgery.

What are the benefits of penis enlargement?

The need to buy more spacious pants. Seriously though, the benefits are bigger than you think. There are obvious physical benefits to having a bigger penis, there are also psychological benefits. Here are the pros and cons of penis enlargement:

The benefits of penis enlargement:

– The increase in the size of the penis in length and width.

– Increasing stamina in the bedroom, for those who use penis exercises.

– Increased self-confidence.

– Improved penis health, for those who use penis exercises.

The disadvantages of penis enlargement:

– Most of the methods are not instantaneous, they take time to work.

– The use of enlargement exercises and devices requires constant commitment.

– Some methods can be expensive, enlargement devices can cost the price of hundreds of devices

There can be potentially serious and important complications, in the case of penis surgery

The verdict:

If you want to reap the physical and psychological benefits of having a bigger penis, it will take time and dedication. Just as there is no magic wand to getting your entire body in good shape, the same is true for enlarging your penis. Although surgery is possible, the risks associated with this method of enlargement far outweigh the benefits for most men. Committing to regular and consistent exercise sessions to safely increase your exercise intensity and progress is the most effective way to achieve risk-free results.

How can I get help for penis enlargement?

Many men find that there is simply too much information out there to put together an effective penis enlargement program. Much like hiring a personal trainer, a penis enlargement trainer can help you expand your sessions and encourage you to stay on track.

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