Penis Enlargement: Is It Safe?

Penis Enlargement: Is It Safe?

Many men wonder if penis enlargement is safe. Well, the answer depends on the chosen technique. Some methods carry more risks and others are 100% reliable. Obviously some techniques are also more effective than others.

Surgical procedures that increase penis size are arguably the riskiest option. Surgeons must cut several ligaments of the penis in order to perform this type of operation. One of these ligaments connects the penis to the pelvic bone, and when severed the penis assumes a more erect position, making it appear larger. Surgeons can also cut the nerve that holds part of the penis inside the body. Does this technique allow sex to gain a few centimeters? Yes. Does it involve risks? Yes, especially if you do not correctly perform the postoperative exercises that the doctor will recommend. It is also possible that the severed ligament will shorten as it heals and the patient may also have to undergo an amputation in the event of an infection.

Other solutions include medications and patches. The latter contain plants and natural ingredients that improve blood circulation in the penis, which helps to increase its size. Most men do not have optimal blood flow to their penis during erection, which means that their penis does not reach its maximum erect size. Medications and patches do not directly change the size of the penis, they only allow it to reach its maximum size. These treatments are generally reliable, but the herbs can sometimes cause allergic reactions in some men. We therefore recommend that you check the list of ingredients contained in these treatments before using them. Another downside is that these treatments need to be used for several days for them to start working, and you will need to use them regularly to benefit from their long-lasting effects.

Exercises that enlarge the penis can also help you improve your penis size, but you will also need to perform them regularly. These will also require more effort from you than a drug treatment, but they offer a major advantage: they are completely free.

If you really want to improve your penis size without putting a lot of effort, without taking risks and without spending a lot of money, we advise you to use sizegenetics. It is a penis extender. This device stretches the penis by creating tiny cracks in the skin. This process is completely painless and encourages the body to fill in these cracks by creating additional skin cells. For a short period of time, these cells accumulate and therefore really increase the size of the penis. This technique does not involve any risk, you will just have to devote time to it.

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