Penis Extender: Operation And Use & Reviews

Penis Extender: Operation And Use & Reviews

A penis extender is a device intended to increase the length and girth of the penis. Generally, the device increases the length more than the circumference. The device consists of a ring, two rods, and a rubber support for the glands.

Although it's a relatively simple device, it might be able to help increase height for those who use it regularly.

How does this penis extender work?

The use of this object is relatively basic. In fact, it's so simple you'd probably think it didn't work. But even despite its simplicity, the results can be very noticeable.

Basically, the glans penis is stretched from the base of the pubic region. The rubber part holds the glans in place. Screws connected to the rubber backing keep the glans extended.

Why does the penis extender work?

At the heart of this device is the continuous effect that traction exerts on the cells of the body. Penis, like any other organ in the human body is made up of cells.

As the extender pulls the penis, the continued tension allows the cells to start dividing. As one cell splits into two, the penis now has more tissue. As a result, the penis becomes longer and slightly thicker.

What are suspensory ligaments and how are they affected by a penis extender?

The penis isn't the only aspect of male physiology that can be affected by the penis extender. The suspensory ligament is also modified by the device but not to the same degree as the penis.

For those unfamiliar with male physiology, the suspensory ligament connects the penis to the pubic bone. There is a part of the penis hidden inside the human body, and when the ligaments are stretched, the so-called internal penis slowly comes out of the body.

In truth, the actual penis length increased by stretching the ligaments is minimal, but the added length gain will certainly be appreciated by most men.

Are there other possible uses for a penis extender?

Yes, a penis extender can also be used to treat Peyronie's disease, which is curvature of the penis. Using the device could help straighten the curves.

Originally, the concept of an extender was initially designed only to help straighten the penis. Discoveries of its lengthening benefits led to this use.

It has also been said that using one of these extenders helps in making erections firmer.

How much length can be gained by using an extender?

Height increase varies depending on personal genetics. In addition, the proper use of the device matters. To see the best results, the traction device should be worn for many months, as it takes some time for the cells to start dividing.

The time investment is worth it. Some can gain up to 3 centimeters.

Why do some men stop using the device after they have made huge gains?

Basically, the growth eventually stops. Therefore, it is no longer of any use, it is now necessary to accept its new size.

So when the use of the device starts again, the penis will react and grow again.

Is it possible to get hurt using a penis extender?

Those who do not know how to use the device in a proper way run the risk of injury. Men often tend to keep the device too long.

Some even make the tragic mistake of sleeping with an extender. Manufacturers of these devices often advise wearing the device for short periods of time, to release the penis from the device and allow circulation again, and then resume use of the device.

How long per day should it be worn?

The cumulative amount of time the device is worn (excluding breaks) can vary from 30 min to 2 hours. There are men who can even wear longer. There is no point in wearing the device for 24 hours.

What is the best penis extender on the market?

Based on customer reviews, SizeGentics tops the polls as one of Europe's best-selling extenders.

What benefits can you get with SizeGenetics?

The various advantages of this product that its users will benefit from are:

Clinical Study: SizeGenetics is clinically proven by medical experts, unlike other products on the market. You can use it anywhere and anytime because it is 100% safe and effective.

Increases penis size: SizeGenetics is a powerful and effective product that makes your penis grow by 2-3 cm. You can become more sexually confident and experience more pleasurable and intense orgasms.

2800gm Tension: SizeGenetics increases blood flow to the penis because it exerts 2800g pressure. It will improve your sexual performance.

Comfort: This device is made with user comfort in mind. This device will prevent irritation or pain by giving you good feelings.

Satisfied Customers: SizeGenetics does not promise impossible results. With the help of this product, you will experience remarkable changes after regular use.

Increased sexual desire: SizeGenetics helps to increase sexual desire while improving the size of your penis. Once these results are obtained, you will see noticeable changes in sexual performance.

100% Money Back Product: If you don't like SizeGenetics, you can return it and get a full refund within 6 months of your purchase. A guarantee that you will not find us elsewhere just to show you the effectiveness of this product.

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