Penis Massage: How To Massage Your Penis?

Penis Massage: How To Massage Your Penis?

Penis massage is a sexual stimulation technique that involves stimulating the penis with the fingers or hands. This technique can be used to increase sexual pleasure, increase libido, but it can also be used to improve erection quality and increase penis girth.

To start, it is advisable to stay away from all products that require some experience such as extenders and penis pumps and to use natural lubricants or oils. If you are really unhappy with your height, first consult a doctor for a professional opinion.

What are the benefits of a penis massage?

Believe it or not, penis massage can be extremely beneficial for your sex life and overall health. You can do this alone or with the help of your partner.

Let's discuss why you should get a penis massage.

Penile massages increase libido

A penis massage can improve male libido. It arouses in a man the desire for sexual intercourse and satisfaction.

Penis massages improve blood circulation

Penile massage is an ancient technique used to improve blood circulation to the penis. The benefits of penile massage have been demonstrated by several scientific studies. Penile massage stimulates the muscles and tissues, which promotes blood circulation and helps relax the muscles of the penis.

Penis massage strengthens weak erections

A penis massage successfully helps to produce penile vibratory stimulation. What is that? It makes the penis more receptive to sensations. This biological process also manages erectile dysfunction in men, improving their reproductive function.

What are the natural techniques to massage your penis?

You can start with natural techniques like an oil massage which might make your penis look slightly bigger. Don't underestimate massage. When you do it regularly, you can enjoy several benefits and improve your sexual performance.

Your confidence level will increase, erections might improve, and your penis girth might also expand.

Here are some simple methods to massage your penis


Using your thumb and index finger, form a ring around the base of your penis. Gently push your fingers up to the head of the penis massaging it gently. Use coconut oil or olive oil for this massage.

Do this for 15 to 20 minutes every day before bathing. Be very careful and gentle with your penis. Don't do it in a hurry. After a few days you can see a slight difference.

Auto-erotic technique

Grasp the penis with the fingers and move them to the glans and release. Your goal is to move blood to the glans with this massage. Do several repetitions for 10 minutes.

Milking technique

Just like milking a cow, massage your penis from bottom to top. You can use your thumb and forefinger to gently press down on the bottom of the penis as if trying to increase blood flow. Remember to apply oil to your penis before milking.

Some videos to massage your penis

Video 1 to massage his penis: v=bYpebB6t7TA Video 2 To massage your penis:


Don't worry too much about techniques. The main goal is to give your penis some attention every day before bathing. The daily massage will serve two purposes. It stimulates blood circulation to your penis and can make your penis slightly bigger than before. After a certain age, if your penis doesn't have regular activity, it may feel a centimeter smaller. But regular massage might make it look slightly bigger and firmer thanks to better blood circulation.

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