Penis Massage: The Penile Member Can Also Be Massaged

Penis Massage: The Penile Member Can Also Be Massaged

It's a fact, man has a special relationship with his penis. He talks to him, controls his growth, worries at the slightest change and sometimes even gives him a pet name. However, 45% of men are unhappy with the size of their penis.

It is a complex which therefore affects almost half of men and which very often also affects their sex life. In this regard, you are aware that there is a whole range of solutions : pharmaceutical or based on natural ingredients, in capsules or in ointment, scam or effective… There is something for everyone.

However, there is also a natural and completely free way to promote an increase in penis size: penis massage. Together we will review some massage methods and you will learn some tricks that you can easily implement at home. Massaging your penis every day, is it a solution that works?

1 Why massaging your penis can increase its size
2 Some tips to consider before you start
3 Jelqing
4 The complete penis massage
5 Stretching
6 Penis massage: recommended routine for more efficiency

Why massaging your penis can increase its size

The size of the penis depends partly on the production of hormones, but also on its physical constitution. Indeed, when your sex hardens in erection, the size increases significantly. On average, the penis goes from 9.16 cm at rest to 13.2 cm when erect.

This elongation is caused by the dilation of the blood vessels that are in your penis. Excitement increases blood flow, the vessels fill with blood, and the penis swells. On the other hand, the elasticity of the skin makes it possible not to obstruct this elongation.

Promote vasodilation

So you understand that to enlarge the size of the penis, it is important to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels. Thus, the influx of blood into your penis will be more important and your penis will be able to grow.

In general, massages help to promote blood circulation. It will simply depend on where the massage is applied as well as the technique used (source).

The penis consists of two cavernous bodies and a spongy body. The corpora cavernosa resemble sponges that contract to prevent blood from passing through. When they relax, the blood enters the penis causing erection and therefore lengthening of the penis.

On the other hand, the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum are made up of muscle fibers and vascular reservoirs. In other words, your penis is filled with small vessels that are just waiting for a good penis massage to be able to expand properly.

Skin elasticity

If the skin did not stretch when the penis goes erect… You can imagine the result. But nature is well made and your penis is made up of a skin specially designed for this purpose: the foreskin.

The skin is an organ that ages easily. Over time, it loses its elasticity. To remedy this, or at least to delay its aging, there are several tips.

One of them consists of stimulating the skin via a massage which will stimulate blood microcirculation. In this way, the skin remains supple and it is even possible to increase its elastic capacity.

By performing a penis massage, you will therefore also promote the lengthening of your foreskin and thus your penis.

A few tips to consider before you start

Long-term treatment

Penis massage is a long-term technique. Allow at least 1 month before you can claim the length gain. However, you may notice an increase in libido quite quickly.

Indeed, penis massage promotes blood circulation, which promotes erection and which in turn can promote sexual desire. The first clue that you are performing penis massage correctly may therefore be an increase in libido.

On the other hand, penis massage is a technique that requires rigor and consistency. You certainly suspect that a few sessions from time to time will not be enough. You should practice penis massage at least every 2 days.

If you do not practice it for several days in a row, you will have to start all over again. Of course, don't overdo it to the point of hurting yourself. It is better to have several small, gentle sessions during the day than one too demanding one.

Combine penis massage with treatment

Penis massage is often performed in combination with a natural treatment. You certainly know that there are dietary supplements to increase the size of the penis. These treatments generally contain natural ingredients that promote vasodilation.

By combining one of its dietary supplements with your massage sessions, you are definitely putting the odds in your favor. And this, without endangering your health with aggressive treatments.

Semi-erect penis massage

The penis massage is not performed on an erect penis. The goal is to stimulate blood flow and not ejaculation. However, your penis should not be in a flaccid state either. He must be halfway between the two, in a kind of soft erection. This is what makes the exercise sometimes complicated. You may need some time to get used to it.

Do not hesitate to take a break if the excitement prevails and also remember to breathe deeply in order to calm your heart rate. Also, try not to mix your massage sessions with masturbation: there is a time for everything.

Although the exercises resemble masturbation and you may be tempted to end the session by masturbating, in the long run you may decrease the massage time in favor of masturbation.

The hot towel trick

As I told you, the goal of penis massage is to promote vasodilation. Know that heat is one of the common means used to dilate the vessels. You can therefore, before your penis massage session, apply a hot towel to your penis. Don't burn yourself, wet the towel at a reasonable temperature. If you can, do your massage under a hot shower or better, in a bath.

Don’t forget the lubricant

It is sometimes used for traditional massage and it is essential in the case of penis massage: the lubricant. There is a whole range of gel and cream. Some have a warming effect under the effect of friction, others are based on vasodilator oils. Choose the one that suits you best . Otherwise, you can simply use a body cream . The important thing is that your penis are lubricated. Indeed you will avoid injuries, but you also increase the effectiveness of the massage.

The Jelqing

The Jelqing is undoubtedly the most popular Massage in the world . If this Persian technique seems simple to achieve, it is actually required a little practice (source).

Indeed the movements to be performed are very similar to masturbation. Moreover Jelqing in Persia means masturbation. Initially, your jelqing sessions may be short or choppy. This is normal, but persist, you will gradually get used to it.

The right gesture

Once your penis reaches a partial erection, position your index finger and thumb in an O shape at the base of your sex. It is important that you start the massage well at the base of the penis, pressed against the pubic bone. Apply light pressure and increase there until you feel the rush of blood under your fingers. However, this pressure should neither be embarrassing nor hurt you.

Once the initial pressure is well dosed, start to gently go up along your sex. You need to maintain this pressure and gradually increase it. This movement should be done slowly, it should take you more than 3 seconds. Stop just at the base of the glans. Then repeat the process several times in a row.

The results

If you practice this penis massage every other day for several minutes, you will see results after the first month. Jelqing can increase the length of the penis but also its girth. According to some sites, you can favor the enlargement of one or the other. Indeed it will depend on the erectile state to which you apply the massage.

If you massage your penis into an erection over 50% of its capacity, then you are promoting elongation. On the other hand, if your penis is less than half of its erectile capacity, then you will gain in girth. However most likely your erection will increase during exercise. So you will work on both levels at the same time.

Remember that Jelqing is a penis massage also used in cases of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, it is particularly recommended for men suffering from impotence or premature ejaculation. It is therefore very likely that you will also notice more frequent, harder and longer erections.

The complete penis massage

The second penis massage I'm going to tell you about concerns your penis, but also your testicles and pubis. For its part, Jelqing focuses on the penis while the penis massage that I offer takes into account your sex as a whole. Indeed, this way, you will also promote the irrigation of blood to your penis.

A two-phase penis massage

You can start this penis massage in a flaccid state. For the first phase of the movements, it is not necessary for your penis to be semi-erect. You will start by stimulating blood supply from the pubis to your penis. To do this, place both hands on either side of your pubis, just below your groin. Apply quite a lot of pressure with the side of your hands.

Perform downward movements several times in a row. Once this is done, place your thumbs in the center of the pubis and do the same: downward movements. Normally at this stage, your penis should become semi-erect. If this is not the case, you can continue the movements for a few more minutes.

Now let's move on to the testicles. In reality, you are not going to massage your testicles directly, but their contour. The idea is always the same: to promote the flow of blood to the penis. With your fingers, massage the contour of your testicles, always making upward movements. Do this for a few minutes before moving on.

The compression

After massaging your pubis and testicles, let's move on to the massage of the penis itself. At this point, you have two options. You can alternate them for more success. The first option is to place your penis between the palms of your two hands, and move from the base to the glans.

The second option is similar to Jelqing, but with two hands at once. Place your fingers in an O shape. Position one hand at the base of your penis, the other just below the glans. Bring your two hands together by pressing on the trunk of your sex. This will compress the penis and cause micro-bulges. By repairing themselves, they will promote the enlargement of your penis.

In preparatory massage

This technique is ideal at the beginning of the session. Indeed, by massaging the pubis and the testicles first, you prepare the ground for a deeper penis massage. As you can perform this massage in a flaccid state, it serves as a conditioner and causes the semi-erection you need for the future.


As after a good sports session, stretching or stretching is ideal to end your penis massage session. This technique promotes the elongation of the tissues that make up the penis. You work here on the elasticity of the skin, but also the structural elongation of the penis.

Gain in elongation

As with a traditional stretching session, the watchword is: slowly but surely. Indeed, it is a question of going there quietly, while demanding a little. To practice stretching correctly it is very important that you listen to your body. If you force too much, you risk causing lesions and injuring yourself. On the other hand, if you don't stretch your penis enough, it won't work.

To gain in elongation you will have to stretch your penis enough to cause micro-tears. It is when these tears come together again that you gain penis length. However, don't be abrupt, these micro tears are not noticeable. Above all, do not pull on your penis until you feel a tear. You risk causing a breakdown. It is very painful.

Alternate stretching

As with all other exercises, you don't have to be fully erect to perform this penis massage. Enter your sex just below the glans. Don't overtighten. Begin by pulling lightly in a short, repeated fashion. For example, you can shoot three times in a row and then release. Gradually increase the gesture: pull 4 times then release, pull 5 times then release.

Then little by little, pull a little harder. Alternate between strong and soft. Finally, stretch several times in a row to the maximum (without exceeding your limits) and stay in this position. Repeat at least three times.

Some advocate stretching in circular motions. It would be particularly recommended to correct a possible curve on your penis. You can indeed shoot from different angles and not stick to the perpendicular. This way, you can cause micro-tears on the side of your penis. This helps to lengthen your penis.

Elongation at rest

This technique is used by some Chinese monks. Traditionally, these monks used weights on the sex at rest in order to strengthen the reproductive organ. I recommend the Western version, much softer. It consists of pulling – gently – on your penis, this time in a flaccid state. Again you can cause micro tears so be careful. But you will also work on the elasticity of the skin.

Penis massage: recommended routine for more efficiency

In order to put absolutely all the chances on your side, I suggest you follow this routine. It is based on all the exercises detailed above, in an order that will promote their effectiveness. The average duration of the routine is 30 minutes, you can do it twice a week for at least a month. (source)

1. Lengthening at rest: To start the session, nothing like a few stretches at rest. This gently prepares your tissues to receive the penis massage.

2.Massage of the pubis and testicles: To improve the flow of blood to the penis. And cause a semi-erection.

3. Jelqing: To promote vasodilation in the penis. If you manage to stay semi-erect, you can add compression.

4. Stretching: To end gently and cause micro-tears that will promote penis enlargement.

If you want even more efficiency, you can add Kegel exercises to this routine. With these techniques combined with penis massage, you should see results on your libido after a few weeks and extra centimeters after a month (source).

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