Penis Pump: How does it work?

Penis Pump: How does it work?

The penis pump is a medical device used to create a temporary erection by suction effect. How does this type of device work? Is it effective and for which pathology or which erection disorder? In this article, we explain to you how a penis pump works and what its effects are. We also explain the side effects and how to choose a penis pump model.

1 The penis pump, what is it?
2 How to use a penis pump?
3 Which penis pump to buy?
4 Which penis pump can we recommend?
5 Side effects and contraindications of the penis pump
6 To conclude on penis pumps

The penis pump, what is it?

The penis pump is a medical device designed to provide an erection of the penis in an ephemeral way. Quite affordable, this type of instrument can prove to be an interesting alternative to viagra, surgery or other medical treatments for erectile dysfunction.

This type of device has many names such as Vacuum, vacuum pump or even penis pump and was developed by Doctor Vincent Marie Mondat in 1829.


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How does a vacuum pump work?

The penile pump works thanks to the suction effect. The man inserts his penis into the vacuum and once the penis is firmly in place, he begins to pump to empty the air within the tube (source). This suction increases the flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa of the penis to make it erect. Hold the penis pump on your penis for two to three minutes.

Penis pumps use the suction effect. The progressive pumping causes an air vacuum in the tube. This depression will thus generate an aspiration of blood. For the mechanism to work well, it is imperative that the seal is ensured at the junction between the pump and the base of the penis.

What are the effects of a penis pump?

A penis pump has several effects depending on the needs and goals of each man.

– It will in particular allow to cause an erection and to maintain it for a maximum of 30 minutes (source). – Following prostate surgery or radiotherapy following prostate cancer, the use of a penis pump also helps preserve erectile function (source). – In addition, the regular use of a penis pump allows you to better control your ejaculation. Indeed, regular use will recognize the signs that precede excitement and thus slow down the movements as you approach the point of no return.

A penis pump, on the other hand, will not increase penis size or penis girth. Read our dedicated article to find suitable solutions to enlarge your penis.

Who is the penis pump intended for?

The penis pump is intended for men with erection problems (source). The penis pump can also be useful for individuals suffering from Peyronie's disease also known as the pathology of the twisted penis (source).

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use this device without medical advice, especially if you are subject to a chronic illness or have performed one or more penile surgeries in the past.

How to use a penis pump?

As explained above, it is imperative to know how to use a penis pump correctly in order to avoid potential risks. Some penis pumps are more sophisticated than others, but the basic principle remains the same. You will then need:

Place your penis inside the tube – Press the tube firmly on the base of your penis to create a seal Pump the air contained within the tube manually or electrically to create a vacuum effect. Once erect after 2-3 minutes, remove the penis pump.Place a constriction ring or cockring around the base of the penis to keep it erect longer.

Precautions to take before using a vacuum pump

To avoid risks as much as possible when using a penis pump, it is advisable to:

Shave pubic hair. This will prevent your hair from getting caught in the tube. Also, it will improve the seal against your skin. – Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Indeed, this makes it possible to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the device. – Do not leave the constriction ring on your penis for more than 30 minutes. This could cause harm because the purpose of the ring is to keep your penis erect by blocking blood flow outside your penis. It is therefore essential not to leave it too long to avoid additional problems. – Use lubricant. In order to create an airtight seal, it can be used to apply lubricant to the shaft and base of your penis. In addition, the lubricant will make it easier to start and stop the pump. Some penis pumps do not require lubricant. This is the case with hydraulic pumps.

Which penis pump to buy?

Before buying a penis pump, it is important to choose a suitable model and a safe and efficient brand.

The different types of vacuum pump

There are different penis pump models, the 3 biggest types of penis pumps are:

Indeed, you will have to be extremely careful about its use. If you apply too much pressure, you risk damaging your penis. Otherwise, if the pressure is not sufficient, the device will have no effect on the erectile quality of your penis.

The electric sex pump This type of penis pump works with an electric system. Simply press a button on the control for the instrument to create a vacuum within the tube. With this type of device, you can preset the pressure within the tube. This allows, among other things, to avoid excessive or insufficient pressure on your penis.

The hydraulic penis pump The interest of a hydraulic sex pump is that the device can be used in the shower or in your bath. The water present will make it possible to avoid the potential risks associated with the suction effect. In fact, the water will make it possible to avoid excessively strong and painful aspirations but also make it possible to evenly distribute the aspirations produced by the device.

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