Penis Ring: How Does A Cockring Work And How Effective Is It?

Penis Ring: How Does A Cockring Work And How Effective Is It?

A cock ring is a rubber, silicone or metal ring placed at the base of the penis to maintain an erection and delay ejaculation. Generally considered to be part of sex toys, the penis ring is a device that allows you to maintain a strong erection for longer.

We explain how it works, the different models and how to use it.

1 What is a penis ring?
2 The different types of penis rings
3 How does a cock ring work?
4 Potential risks of using a cock ring
5 Erectile dysfunction and the penis ring

What is a penis ring?

Also called a cock ring, the penis ring is an object intended for sexual intercourse with the aim of increasing pleasure, but also of maintaining an erection.

Its use dates back to Antiquity when the emperors used a cord (instead of a ring) to improve their sexual performance and to be able to satisfy all the women who followed one another in their bed.

With the progress and the evolution of mentalities, the penis ring has earned its place among the most used sexual objects since some even allow to stimulate the erogenous zones of the woman or the anus of the man. A two-in-one object very popular with couples.

The different types of penis rings

Depending on your needs and desires, there are two types of penis rings:

Penis ring that delays ejaculation : the main purpose of this is to maintain and strengthen an erection, not to create one. – Penis ring that increases pleasure : this one is intended for pure and hard pleasure. Ideal for a couple relationship, the vibrating penis ring stimulates your partner's clitoris. Men are not left out since there is also a penis ring equipped with an anal plug to stimulate the anus.

How does a cock ring work?

The operation of a cock ring is relatively simple and mechanical.

– The ring is held at the base of the penis and will block the blood within the corpora cavernosa. – The blood is blocked and cannot flow again. The erection is therefore maintained.

However, studies regarding penis rings have yet to be confirmed. While some claim that the penis ring can prevent male sexual impotence, others say that there is no significant evidence to confirm the effectiveness of this type of device. (source)

It is therefore necessary to make your own experience and use a penis ring that meets your needs exactly. Its objective being to maintain erection and delay ejaculation, it is mainly used as a sex toy to improve sexual intercourse. It is therefore not necessarily a medical device strictly speaking.

How to use a penis ring?

Putting on a cock ring is not very complicated, it is a question of fixing the ring at the base of the penis, once erect. Thanks to its blood flow blocking action, the ring will take care of maintaining the erection during sexual intercourse.

It is advisable not to prolong its use after 20 minutes. Indeed, blocking the blood in the corpora cavernosa can lead to risks of blood circulation.

How to choose a cock ring?

In addition to the type of penis ring model, it is important to choose your cock ring carefully to avoid any inconvenience. Depending on the material chosen, the more rigid it is, the more important it will be to measure the size of your penis correctly to choose the most suitable penis ring.

It will be necessary to privilege the penis rings whose material is at the same time durable, non-toxic and reassuring. It is therefore advisable to opt for a penis ring made of silicone or hypoallergenic rubber (TPR/TPE) in order to avoid the risk of allergic reactions if you or your partner are allergic to latex. When it comes to texture, the smoother the cock ring, the easier it will be to put on and take off.

Potential risks of using a cock ring

Although the penis ring is a sexual object and not a medical device, this does not prevent it from possessing potential risks associated with its use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also suggests including a warning label to remind you of the risks of using a sex toy like a penis ring. (source)

– It is not suitable if you suffer from blood clotting problems. – Depending on the material, the penis ring may not be recommended if you are allergic to latex. – There is a risk of hematoma following the bursting of the veins if use is prolonged beyond 20 minutes. (source) – The penis ring can be a transmitter of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) if it is poorly cleaned after use. (source)- If the cock ring size is too small for your penis, there are chances of penis strangulation. This is a medical emergency that is still rare but important enough to be reported. (source)

Erectile dysfunction and the penis ring

The use of a penis ring will not treat erectile dysfunction, it will just prolong erection and delay ejaculation. Indeed, if you are prone to erectile dysfunction for any reason, the cock ring is not necessarily the most suitable solution.

For this, it will be more advisable to turn to the use of a penis pump which will create an erection temporarily. Finally there are also other drug solutions to fight against erectile dysfunction.

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