Penis Size, Women's Preference

Penis Size, Women's Preference

For a long time, penis size was exclusively a man's affair before women took a stand on the subject. The ideal size of the penis in France varies from one woman to another, but a study has shown that the majority of women prefer that the size of the penis of their man exceeds the average.

What would be the ideal penis size according to women

Each woman has her own conception of the ideal size of the penis, but one thing is certain, the size of this reproductive organ attracts the attention of both men and women. For a normal size, the penis measures around 9 to 9.5 cm when flaccid, and 12 to 14 cm when erect. The French have an average penis size of 8.5 when flaccid and 12.5 cm when erect. Until today, no woman has been able to accurately determine the ideal penis size, but a study has shown that out of a few women, 33.8% would like a much longer and bigger member, c i.e. measuring more than 15.5 cm when erect. The remaining 60% did not comment on the subject, but 6.3% on the other hand, admitted to liking a smaller penis. From this study therefore, and in general, women have a clear preference for men with long sex, but this requirement does not take precedence, leaving room for other physical criteria. So the question of preference for a bigger and longer penis is a plus. Most of the time, it is women with vaginal orgasms who are looking for a longer member..

The reason for choosing a longer penis

The dictate of thinness is not valid when it comes to the size of her man's penis. So far, women have not provided any direct affirmation as to the real reason for choosing a larger penis, but taking into account this same study, the demand for a larger penis has been proven. We see that women are more attracted to men with larger penises. It is therefore a purely physical attraction, but which would be linked to stimulation. In addition to this statement, some members of the fairer sex reveal that a man with a large penis is more apt to allow the woman to have multiple orgasms, therefore to achieve a multitude of pleasures. The anatomy of the female genital organ shows nerves all around the inner wall and deep in the vagina. As a result, the woman reaches orgasm with difficulty compared to the man. This is also the reason why the representatives of the female sex looking for a perfect orgasm want a long, thick and powerful penis, because for them it is the best solution to remedy a problem of enjoyment.

The demands of women influence men

A large sized penis is undoubtedly preferable to a medium sized member. Due to this requirement, men thus want to please their partners by seeking to enlarge their penis by all means, but also for their personal satisfaction. Several options can be considered to increase the size of the penis in length as in width, but the result is very often mediocre and slow. Anyway, for those who desire a bigger size, the natural method is the best option. The exercise involves holding the penis erect for as long as possible so that there is maximum blood flow to the cavernous areas of the penis. For this purpose, the penis increases in length and girth. The result is reliable after a few months of work without any side effects, nor a price to pay. Another method is to combine the exercises with pills of natural composition to lengthen the penis by 3-5 cm. Other techniques such as stretching the penis or surgery can give convincing results in this area, but for reasons of safety and a satisfactory effect, you must always rely on a natural technique that produces its effects after some time. time.

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