Penomet Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Penomet Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Penomet is a penis pump that allows the suction effect to create an erection. We wanted to know more about this device: how it works, its safety, its efficiency, the type of materials used and its price. Thus, here we offer you a comprehensive Penomet review.

You will see as our analysis progresses that our opinion of Penomet is relatively positive, but certain details should be brought to your attention before opting for this type of device.

1 Our opinion on Penomet in brief
2 Overview of the Penomet penis pump
3 Design and operation of Penomet
4 How to use the Penomet penis pump?
5 What results can be achieved?
6 Side effects and contraindications
7 Price and purchase of Penomet
8 Testimonials and Customer Reviews of Penomet
9 Penomet reviews: our final opinion on this penis pump

Our opinion on Penomet in brief

Our opinion on Penomet is positive for the following reasons:

– Safe and CE and SGS certified device – Easy and comfortable to use – Affordable price – Efficient customer service

Introducing the Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet is a penis pump offered by the company of the same name created in 1999 and based in Reykjavík, Iceland. The principle of this penile pump is mechanical, that is to say that you will have to pump by performing back and forth movements to obtain the desired results. If this operation can have certain advantages, you will have to take many precautions in order to exert neither too much nor too little pressure on your penis. If you prefer an electric hydraulic model, you can consult our opinion on Bathmate.

Thus, the objective of this penis pump is to promote blood flow to the penis to thus generate an erection in the event of erectile dysfunction. We will come back to the mechanism by which the penis pump promotes erections later in this Penomet review.

Design and operation of Penomet

To understand how Penomet works, it is important to know how an erection works. In short, during an erection, the cavernous tissues relax in order to allow the blood vessels to accommodate a greater quantity of blood. In a normal situation, it is sex hormones such as testosterone and neurotransmitters such as serotonin that play an important role in this system (source). Nevertheless, it is possible to mechanically induce the erectile process. It can be useful for people suffering from impotence.

Penomet is a penis pump that can cause an erection mechanically. For this, it is necessary to fill it with water, insert your penis inside and the penis pump will create a vacuum around the penis to cause a suction effect. This mechanism will thus make it possible to widen the blood vessels of the penis and thus cause an influx of blood in the male sex.

To do this, Penomet consists of 2 parts:

Removable pressure gaiter : there are several gaiters that vary in hardness. It is this part that will pump the water in order to create a vacuum around the penis. – The Penomet cylinder : this is the tube in which the penis is inserted.

The interest of this system is to be able to use it in the bath or in the shower. Indeed, this hydraulic sex pump must be filled with water beforehand before starting to operate the mechanism. This has the following advantages, among others:

Lubricants are not necessary as water will fulfill this role. This reduces the risk of injury from suction. The device will be more pleasant to use.

To learn more, watch this video:

How to use the Penomet penis pump?

As explained earlier, Penomet is a hydraulic sex pump that can be used in water or outdoors. To avoid as much as possible the potential side effects due to its use, it is strongly advised to carefully follow the instructions for use. Nonetheless, here is a brief tutorial for using the Penomet penis pump.

Concretely, you just have to fill your Penomet pump with water, preferably lukewarm, in order to increase the dilation of the blood vessels. Then, introduce your penis (still flaccid) into the cylinder of the pump.

Make sure the rubber tip is snug against your pubis. In this regard, you may need to shave. Then start pumping until you feel pressure, which should be noticeable but never painful. Release the pump and stay like this for a few minutes. Pump again if necessary.

After just a few minutes, you will see your penis erect and swell. If you wish, you can end your session with a few penis massages. This could optimize the effect of your pump. In addition, the brand provides you with a training program in order to obtain more convincing results.

Thus, this program will be given to you when you place your order, but you should already know that it is recommended to use the pump 5 times a week, for 15 minutes a day. On the other hand, the brand invites you to acquire several power sheaths, in order to work the penis more intensely.

What results can we get?

According to its manufacturer, the Penomet penis pump has several effects:

– Promotes erection – Prevents ejaculation problems – May help straighten twisted penis in the case of Peyronie's disease.

Many men wonder if the results you get with a penis pump are permanent. The answer is no. Indeed, it is important to remember that the effects of the penis pump are ephemeral and only last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Similarly, scientific studies are dubious about the effectiveness of the penis pump to increase penis size. Thus, it may be advisable to move towards another non-invasive treatment to enlarge your penis.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite appearances, using a penis pump is not that trivial. Thus, it is advisable to take some precautions for use. First of all, it is imperative to get yourself a good quality penis pump. Then, you also have to be careful how you use it.

Never exceed 15 minutes at a time and remove the device immediately if pain occurs. You may also observe small red spots on your penis. This means that you are applying too much pressure (source). In the case of the Penomet, whose pressure exerted depends on the sheath used, this means that you have to change it and move to a smaller sheath.

There are contraindications to the use of a penis pump. Indeed, it is strongly discouraged to use this type of device if you suffer from sickle cell anemia or other blood disorders that may affect the use of the penis pump. This could then cause increased bleeding. It is also not recommended to use the device if you are taking blood thinners which could have the same effect (source).

Therefore, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor before opting for this type of treatment. Indeed, this type of device remains a medical device which may present certain risks depending on the health history of the subject.

Price and purchase of Penomet

Here is the information to know about the terms of purchase and prices of Penomet.

Prices and models offered

Penomet offers three packs that are offered for sale:

1. Premium (€227): a Penomet pump, 4 pressure hoses and 1 strap for the shower. 2. Extra (€157): a Penomet pump and 3 pressure hoses. 3. Standard (€97): a Penomet pump and 1 pressure hose.

Benefits of Buying Penomet

To obtain Penomet, it is strongly recommended to go directly through the official website of the supplier. Indeed, in this way, you will avoid counterfeits whose materials and finishes may be of poor quality. Also, by going directly through the official site you will benefit from:

– A digital program to optimize the effects of your pump. – A complete and printed user manual. – A 3-year warranty. – A 60-day money -back guarantee.

Our Opinion on Penomet Customer Service

Customer service is quite efficient and responds relatively quickly. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is possible to contact them only by telephone at the following number: +1 646 813 9645. Also, if you have any doubts, know that there is a FAQ present on the official site and which answers to all frequently asked questions.

Testimonials and customer reviews of Penomet

In order to offer you a complete opinion about Penomet, we have gathered some feedback from men who have used this penis pump. These testimonials come from the official page of the manufacturer. They are all verified.

I've used other pumps before and they've been a little too small in circumference or way too big and hard to get good suction. With the Penomet it fits perfectly and I get good suction. It's my first days of using the Penomet, but I already see a positive effect on my penis size. Also, after use, my penis feels bigger than ever! It's been a great purchase so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more positive results with regular use. I wish I had discovered the Penomet earlier because I can only imagine how great it would be right now!

Seral, UK (verified review, found on Penomet website)

I love Penomet! It worked very well from the very beginning. The results are immediately remarkable. Thicker, harder and longer erections! With the exercises you can find online, the results are permanent! I would have recommended it to my friends. I will continue to use it as the results speak for themselves!!!

Andrew, USA.

Penomet review: our final opinion on this penis pump

Our opinion about the Penomet penis pump is quite positive. Indeed, this hydraulic device makes it possible to fulfill the primary functions of a penis pump. Thus, this device makes it possible to cause an erection. According to the manufacturer, this device would also make it possible to fight against ejaculation disorders and straighten the penis in the case of Lapeyronie's disease.

It should be remembered that it is essential to use the device correctly or risk having complications. Thus, a medical consultation could be appreciated in order to make sure that you do not risk any dangers to use this device.

Finally, don't forget that the scientific community is still skeptical about the effectiveness of penis pumps in increasing penis size. So, know that there are other solutions to have a big penis.

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