Performer 8 Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Performer 8 Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

This pine bark extract has two main functions: improving the pleasure felt and boosting erectile abilities. A Placebo study showed a very marked improvement in ¼ of men.

Maca Root extract This root influences both energy, which will be necessary for proper sexual performance, and libido, with increased desire. In Peru, this ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction.

Grape seed extract Raisin seed will help to make the blood flow more fluid and it will increase the volume of blood sent to the cavernous bodies of the penis. This logically leads to more imposing erections, which will be easier to obtain (source)

What are the effects of Performer 8?

The Performer 8 takes its name from the 8 benefits it provides. It is known that erectile dysfunction affects both the body and the mental aspect of an individual and this natural dietary supplement works to improve both aspects, for complete effects. We detail the virtues of the Performer 8 and how it works.

erection booster

The main action of the Performer 8 is to promote erections. This food supplement will therefore allow you to have a hard-on properly, by acting both on the desire and on the blood circulation. When these two elements come together, a man can have erections much more easily.

Increases libido

The desire to make love can decrease over time (even disappear in cases of anaphrodisia) and the Performer 8 will help you maintain your sexual desire or regain it, thanks to its aphrodisiac ingredients.

Increases sperm volume

The pleasure during orgasm and the quantity of sperm are closely linked because the more you ejaculate abundantly, the greater the pleasure felt will be. The Performer 8 impacts the quality of the spermatozoa, their quantity and therefore leads to better quality sperm.

Provides energy

What a male sometimes lacks to perform in bed or simply to want sex is energy. Fatigue is one of the major vectors of erectile dysfunction and this dietary supplement will provide the nutrients and vitamins needed to boost vigor.

Prevents premature ejaculation

The Performer 8 leads to more self-control, with an impact on the mind and on the feeling of pleasure. Enough to maintain an erection longer, and achieve better control of your pleasure so that both partners are completely satisfied with the report.

Boost the ego

You should know that some men completely lose confidence in themselves when they suffer from erectile dysfunction and this leads to serious consequences: depression, loss of self-esteem, loss of communication with the opposite sex, etc. By boosting erectile abilities, the Performer 8 also boosts the ego and males who use it are quick to regain self-confidence.

Increase testosterone

The hormone of virility, as Testosterone is called, is essential in the proper functioning of a man's erectile abilities. This natural product will help promote the production of Testosterone, which will have an overall influence on the body. More desire, more power, more sperm…

Helps reduce stress

Stress and anxiety can make you enter a vicious circle, because you could be stressed, which leads to erectile dysfunction… which will in turn make you anxious. To cope with this, the Performer 8 and its healthy composition plays on moods and stress, which it helps to reduce. A relaxed man will be more apt to have sex when he wants to.


The Performer 8 is taken every day, at the rate of 3 capsules daily. Just swallow them with a large glass of water, during a meal, to benefit from its action. Depending on your build, your age and the nature of your disorders, the effects will be felt more or less quickly.

Generally speaking, users seem to feel them within the first few days / first 2 weeks.

Side effects and contraindications

There are no side effects with the Performer 8, which uses a 100% natural composition. A good point, which will appeal to those who want to face their erectile problems without resorting to medication.

It should be noted that medical advice is recommended, if you are following an additional medical treatment that you would like to add a cure of Performer 8.

What is the price of Performer 8?

Each box of Performer 8 contains 90 capsules, the equivalent of a 1 month treatment. The product is offered in several packaging with, for packs of several bottles, more advantageous prices and bonuses. We detail this:


– A bottle of 90 capsules: €74.99 – A pack with 2 bottles + 1 free bottle: €29.99 (a saving of €94.98)- The pack of 3 bottles + 3 bottles offered + ebooks for a complete physical fitness program: €194.99 (a saving of €254.95)

Promo code

The manufacturer of Performer 8 does not offer Promo Codes outside of its official website, in order to control the distribution of its flagship product. However, you can benefit from promotions by watching for occasional reductions on the site.

Right now, you can receive up to 3 free bottles for 3 months of treatment offered!

Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee

The performer 8 comes with a Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee, which allows you to return the product and obtain a full refund if you are not satisfied with it. As the manufacturer mentions on its site, only 2% of consumers would not be sensitive to the effects of the ingredients of Performer 8.


Shipping is free worldwide.

If you are being delivered to Europe, the delivery time will be between 10 and 15 days.

Performer 8: customer reviews and user testimonials

For a full review of Performer 8, let's see what users think who have trusted the product to remedy their erectile dysfunction. The testimonials that can be found everywhere on the net are often very positive and report encouraging results. Here are a few.

We find for example TW, who tells us about the problems that her couple experienced some time ago and which affected the relationship with her husband. He was always tired, I felt like it… And after several attempts at ineffective pills and 3 months of abstinence, I said to myself that something absolutely had to be found. That's when I came across the Performer 8 and thought “why not…”. It took a week for my husband to regain his sexual desire and to make love to me!

Manu says he started a fitness treatment that did him good, physically and mentally, but it was impossible to regain my libido. It gnawed at me! With Performer 8, my erections came back because the formula is well dosed, and that from the first weeks. No side effects, so highly recommend.

Patrick says he thought age and routine got the better of my libido. But that he had let himself be tempted – to see – by this Performer 8. What a surprise! My urge for sex has returned, and I'm getting erections with an ease I haven't experienced in quite a while. In addition, it is natural and there are no bad tastes. I recommend it to all men who encounter this type of difficulty.

Jon boasts about the scientific data linked to the composition of Performer 8 and he explains: I have been taking Performer 8 for 2 months and the difference is obvious. With my almost 50 years, I regained my morning erections and I am in good shape all day. Really, it's a product that surprised me

Our final opinion on Performer 8

To conclude this opinion on Performer 8, we salute the naturalness of the product and its multiple effects, which make it possible to face the various problems encountered by a man suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Its highly dosed formula provides quick results without side effects, and this supplement is easy to consume every day. It acts on the body and on the mind and helps boost energy, the ability to have a hard-on and the ego, for a very conclusive final result. It is enough to read the testimonials of users to understand that this Performer 8 is appreciated by those who trust it.

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