PhenQ Review: Presentation Of The Composition, Feedback, Dosage

PhenQ Review: Presentation Of The Composition, Feedback, Dosage

PhenQ is a slimming dietary supplement that promises you to lose weight more easily. There are more and more similar products being released (like its little brother phen375), so we decided to look into PhenQ.

What is its composition? What are the effects? Are there any risks to its use? We address all of these issues today.

What is PhenQ?

The main promise of PhenQ is to boost your weight loss and help obese people regain their normal weight.

Unlike other slimming active ingredients available on the market, it has the particularity of combining three main effects to guarantee results: burning fat, reducing appetite and increasing your energy.

You will find a complete and detailed PhenQ review in this article.

The composition of PhenQ

PhenQ contains pharmaceutical ingredients that have been laboratory tested and adhere to very strict public standards. Among the list of ingredients of PhenQ is mainly natural, we find in particular:

Pepper extract (capsicum) which simulates the body so that it burns fat. (source) – Piperine (from black pepper) which makes it easier to lose weight by accelerating thermogenesis (the principle by which body temperature increases to transform fat into energy). – Caffeine, which has stimulating and diuretic properties. (source) – L-carnitine which plays a crucial role in basic metabolism. (source)

Where to get PhenQ?

The best way to get PhenQ is to head straight to the manufacturer's official website. A box of 60 pills will cost you less than 70 euros, and you will receive your package 5 days after placing your order. Good news, shipping costs are free.

What is the dosage of PhenQ?

To follow a course of PhenQ, it is recommended to take two tablets a day (a box therefore lasts for a month). It is advisable to take them during meals (morning and evening) and with a glass of water.

Note that for the product to be effective, it is best to combine your cure with a healthy diet and regular sports activity.

Be careful because it is not recommended to take PhenQ if you are pregnant or under 18 years old. Also beware of people suffering from diabetes, depression, endocrine disorders, or kidney disease.

PhenQ review: our feedback after a two-month test

PhenQ was a real revelation, because after a two month treatment, we noticed a loss of 8 kilos. Our slimming goal was very simply achieved and without having the feeling of depriving ourselves.

Another positive effect: reduced appetite. We were able to see a drafting of the portions at each meal, without having the feeling of starving.

Depending on individual needs, a tablet or two (maximum) per day can vary to help achieve the desired weight loss. After two months, we were able to find an ideal weight, something more difficult with a classic diet.

Among the many benefits of PhenQ, this dietary supplement has been able to give more energy. A major asset during a diet, since the latter can lead to a lot of fatigue and a drop in mood.

The two weak points of this food supplement: the slightly unpleasant taste and its higher price than some of its competitors.

Finally, it is important to note that you will have to experiment a little with the product and its effects in order to adjust your dosage, without exceeding two tablets per day. To avoid having your eyes open all night, a good thing to do is to take your second tablet before 3 p.m.

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