Reflex Erection: The Process of Reflex Erection

Reflex Erection: The Process of Reflex Erection

Erection is a natural and physiological phenomenon by which the penis hardens and expands by the influx of an abundant quantity of blood into the cavernous area of ​​the penis. There are three types of erection: nocturnal erection, psychogenic erection and reflex erection. The latter is known as a hardening and enlargement of the penis without it having been triggered by the normal functioning of the erection.

The process of reflex erection

Normally, a man has an erection when he has been sexually stimulated through the sensory stimulus including smell, sight, hearing, or through physical contact. The degree of excitement, and therefore of the erection, varies from one man to another. Some men get aroused by simple physical contact or by just letting their imagination run wild. In the case of reflex erection, we are in the presence of what is called involuntary erection, the reasons for which we cannot really know. The reflex erection occurs outside of any desire, by stimulation of the genitals. It can happen at any time of the day, because it should be known that it can take place whether or not there is contact with the penis. This kind of erection is more often detected in adolescents, but can also occur in adulthood. Regardless of any desire, desire or the fact that one is embarrassed, the erection occurs just by reflex.

The different causes of reflex erection

Reflex erection can be inconvenient, as it is likely to occur in broad daylight. However, it is a normal occurrence for all men in their prime. From what was said above, reflex erection is more common in young people. The reason for this is that in adolescence, the absence or insufficiency of sexual intercourse is very common. Other than that, one could also say that reflex erection can be a sign of sexual difficulty or a sexual problem. Reflex erection is not a serious problem that could affect sex life. However, certain complications may appear when an erection occurs outside of any erotic context, as is the case in particular with the possibility of premature ejaculation or erectile difficulty. But regardless, the erection reflex should subside over time. In case of persistence, it is necessary to consult a sexologist.

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